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  1. @stallionsden, you saved ma buttocks with this tip. I was juuuust considering rebuilding my POI's from scratch. X-D Thanks a bunch!
  2. Hey guys, Long time no see. Quick question. I know a lot's changed since I was active in 7 Days. I was looking at the Modlet install method and it states, and maybe i'm reading this wrong, that the modlet has to be installed client side as well. If memory serves, back in the day we just installed the prefabs to the /prefabs folder on the server and updated the rwgmixer on the server to include the new prefabs as well. The files were downloaded to the client, and all was done. Is this not the case anymore? If i want something like that were clients don't have to do a mod install do I need to do Nigrogen's installation method? Sorry, really out of touch with all this these days. lol. Long story short: Looking to set up a server and avoid having clients do any installs manually.
  3. Honestly it's largely different now and this really should get an update. Do some searching on YouTube for creating POI's and such. There's some good videos out there and a whole tutorial. Also look up Pille's editor as he's got a great tool for creating and editing POI's.
  4. So I downloaded the ServerMod from GitHub (zip file download) and loaded it up on my bluefang server. Server kept restarting and the output log gave the following error: The file 'C:/<pathedited>/7DaysToDieServer_Data/level0' is corrupted! Remove it and launch unity again! [Position out of bounds!] (Filename: Line: 223) UnloadTime: 0.812937 ms HDR Render Texture not supported, disabling HDR on reflection probe. (Filename: Line: 257) Platform assembly: C:\<pathedited>\7DaysToDieServer_Data\Managed\SDX.Payload.dll (this message is harmless) Platform assembly: C:\<pathedited>\7DaysToDieServer_Data\Managed\SDX.Core.dll (this message is harmless) SDX: SDX detected base game directory as: C:\<pathedited>\ (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/UnityEngineDebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 37) SDX: Could not find sdx config file: ''. Using default settings (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/UnityEngineDebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 37) SDX: Mod Engine Started. So I'm taking the contents of the "7DaysToDieServer_Data" folder and uploading it directly to my server. Only the files, not the sub folders. I noticed that the files in this folder aren't a part of the ServerMod download from Git. I assume they're generated. Didn't work... Here's my output log. https://www.dropbox.com/s/de66i869v9octwh/output_log_starvation.txt?dl=0 ---- UPDATE: FIXED? ---- Kind of figured it out. After several reinstalls on my hosted server, multiple trimming out installed files (deleting folders, folder contents, etc), it seems like even after updating to A16.4, with Verify Files enabled, some files aren't compatible with the mod. Whatever the case, after wiping the server, all installed files, and then reinstalling on the server, I was able to get the server started. Haven't started playing yet. That'll come later tonight. But at least I'm past this point. Hosting Provider: Bluefang Solutions
  5. I'm finally getting my server setup, and after searching the forum post, probably failing to find a prior question, I wanted to ask... Is there a recommended ServerConfig.xml setup?
  6. oh I'm so glad I waited to try and set up my server for starvation. Looks like A16.4 is gonna be the one that sticks around for a while and seems to have some nice fixes. Thanks for all your work guys!
  7. I poked around for a server installation/config portion of this and I didn't find it. I don't suppose this could be added somewhere around the original post or am I just that blind? :-/ --- EDIT --- Never mind. I'm that blind...
  8. Firstly, apologies for my ignorance in this question and if it's been asked. But will the mod launcher install this to a hosting service like Bluefang via FTP and can Starvation run on a hosting service like this? The RAM requirements, those are client side requirements or server side? Again, apologies if I've missed this already being asked and answered.
  9. Sorry, haven't been in here for a bit. You're dedicated server should be setup as a multiplayer server, typically password protected. Then you connect to it like any other server in the list of servers, in game. One thing to note:. You can't be running a single player game (New Game) and the dedicated server. If you want to do that, you'll need to alter the port your dedicated server uses and that's something you'll want to Google up on how to do. Best of luck.
  10. Yeah! I called you that! And I'll do it again! Means yer a really swell guy with a neato editor fyi... Awww... I'm not a total troll.
  11. Thanks man! It's these little nuggets like density that sharpen it all up.
  12. Pft three. You, Laz, and Pille all leave me way behind. :-p
  13. That'd work. I was just thinking to enable/disable fields based on an advance or simple mode option. That way you could tag fields in the app with an Advanced key value and could pretty easily (least in C#), loop through controls on the form and set Enabled = true if tag = advanced key value. Er... Specifically if modeSelected = Advanced then .. {do...loop} But a simple "I can't screw this up" mode and an advanced mode could add to adoptibility and allow people to tweak stuff that you may be unsure about yourself.
  14. Can I make a suggestion on this? As that's going to be notably advanced functionality, can you have a settings option that enables the altered behavior? I'm just thinking of all the people who come into your editor and the level of experience people will have. Group 1: Mag... Let's say he's just the advanced bracket (I have no idea what density actually does tbh). Group 2: Ya got people like me. Tinkered enough to make prefabs, but don't know the real nuts and bolts. Group 3: Then you got people who are just starting out and are literally just drawing. My guess is people are largely going to fall into groups 2 and 3. Who likely depend on "good" values being maintained. So just suggesting that a settings option be implemented for things like this, an "Advanced Editor" setting for example, that allows people like Mag to do the cool stuff he does... @Mag... Whaaa? fix the gap between buildings??? Whaaaa? I want it. I want to know how that works. What is density. Spread the edumacation love man!
  15. It is pretty funny though. Something Guppycur taught me was to use Pille's editor to make an air only prefab for clearing. Just start a new prefab, give it that size you'd want to use to clear an area and save it as a prefab. 40x40x20air as the prefab name for example. I use a 100x100x40air prefab on my dedi server for clearing. Guppy likes to clear in danty little areas. It's cute. ;-p
  16. Jackelmyer

    True Survival

    Hey Spider. I know you're busy tracking bugs and polishing stuff. So not trying to press ya. I'd really like to try your mod out though with the minor fix to Sleeper Volumes, I was planning on waiting for an A16.3 update to your mod. All I'm really asking is if you're waiting for an A16.4 update to bring your mod up to a higher supported version?
  17. lol. That's a weird one. You might want try making a secondary copy of 7D2D and mod it with the link below. Then just load your prefab in the edit tool. Much simpler method of prefabbing in a standalone (non-server) environment. No blocks to clear. Hit Esc, and on the right click the Prefab button and the... Erm.. Show Ground check box. Forgot the actual name of the check box. This is going to go into my next prefab guide, for the simplest way to get started prefabbing. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?47459-Unlocking-In-Game-Prefab-Editor-(Terrain-Tools)-dll-mod
  18. Jackelmyer

    True Survival

    I was just looking through the posts on here and his recommended and required server settings are posted. Link provided below. I'm holding off and crossing my fingers for an A16.3 update. Every time I hop in this thread and look around I get more and more interested. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?38584-True-Survival-JZMOD&p=705160&viewfull=1#post705160
  19. Can you please add to the modding list: The ability to pass source information from what buffed a player? Specifically... *SteamID *ZombieID/Name *Blockid/name Also, The ability to pass damage source variables to the target being buffed? *Player1 has a custom variable "IAmInThisMode". Player1 applies a buff to Player2. Player2's buff is provided the variable "IAmInThisMode" and can buffif "@IAmInThisMode equal 8" Maybe an @ prefix symbol can be replaced with a SteamID, ZombieID, or BlockId for dictionary lookup. Next... The ability to apply buff to a person shooting a gun. Example: Action1 has a BuffSelf element that, when shooting, applies a Buff to the user of the gun being fired.
  20. Duuude... A15+ has been damn kind to this prefab. NICE!
  21. YAY! STICKY! Thanks... uh... Roland? hm.
  22. lol. <3 Fair enough. I'm crossing ma fingers!
  23. Pille. I love ya man. But imma nudge you again on the texture position labels. ❤️ North, South, East, West, Top, Bottom. Don't even need the compass. 😜 I want to do an intermediate video tutorial, buuuut... This. lol. <3
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