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  1. I've not updated this list in a long time only because there are more important issues that need to be resolved before things are implemented, I hope. The game for many communities, like mine, is very unstable and many issues. It could be a number of things but once The Fun Pimps start work on adding more custom items I will go through this section but for the meantime I wont be updating this list. There are things in this list that have been requested for a long time and sadly not in the game as other things take priority.
  2. Sent an updated list to have it added but for the time being here it is. Transportation Mount Horse *Attackable by Zombies, Dogs and Bears **Can be healed with med kits ***Must be kept fed, watered and Healed. - Ability to find (or buy) a horse in the wild or buy one from a vendor of some sort. - - Wild one will require capture and training over time gains speed. - - Purchased version would require minimal training but is not as fast as a Wild one. Pack Mules *Attackable by Zombies, Dogs and Bears **Can be healed with med kits ***Must be kept fed, watered and Healed.
  3. That would be up to The Fun Pimps to decide how they wanted to implement it if they choose to or not. There are a few mod packs out there that offer you the fishing ability but those are for the modded servers. Oh really? I was unaware of this. I added it cause I seen it in a few topics that I was looking over.
  4. Currently working on a list of some of the higher demanding Pimp Dreams that gamers would like to see introduced into the game that can be looked at by The Fun Pimps. Please keep in mind that I went to some of the higher replied threads. I did not look on every page and I did not look on every topic. If you think something should be added, It's best to make a topic for that suggestion, get the backing from the community then I can edit the list. Please let's not try to clutter this list with suggestions and let's keep it for the "List that gets submitted). If the community backs your topic
  5. Teleporting one can be tricky. Command: tele NAME NAME or Command: tele NAME LOCATION (See the use of PLAYERENTITYID) - This one works if the name of the players being Teleported or Teleported to does not contain spaces. If the name contains spaces then use Command: tele PLAYERENTITYID PLAYERENTITYID Command: spawnentity PLAYERENTITYID ITEMENTITYID or Command: se PLAYERENTITYID ITEMENTITYID - Example: If I wanted to spawn a Zombie on myself I would find my PlayerEntityID (176) and Let us use Feral Zombie for instance Example Command: spawnentity 176 3
  6. Ahh ok. Well then I guess the folks on our server will get mass amounts of hordes cause I used it about 12 times. lol That'll teach to ever complain there are no zombies.
  7. I'm sure this has been answered already but does spawnwanderinghorde not work or does it spawn a horde just at random locations?
  8. Kage

    Server Tools

    So as of now there is no way to include a stack size limit? For example, anything under 1000 wood is ok. Anything over a single stack size of 1,000 is the dupe bug for wood. Like having a stack of 28,000 wood. If not I would like to suggest allowing us to add items with a stack size limit before it kicks in and maybe even a time delay (adjustable) after the warning and before it removes you from the server.
  9. Kage

    Server Tools

    Ok so the test went like this... Had a guy test the feature <Tool Name="AnnounceInvalidItemStack" Enable="True" /> Nothing happened just like you said. So I enabled <Tool Name="InvalidItemKicker" Enable="True" Ban="False" /> Then all hell broke loose on the server. I added wood to the InvalidItemKicker and next thing you know, everybody got spammed CHEAT DETECTED and booted instantly from the server. I was prepaired for this so I had a saved copy of the server tools with itemkicked disabled so I just uploaded that and deleted the itemkicker configure so everybody was
  10. Kage

    Server Tools

    Oh ok let me get one of our regulars to be a test dummy to see if they are warned before I enable the invaliditems and by that I'm assuming you mean; <Tool Name="InvalidItemKicker" Enable="False" Ban="False" /> Of course changing it to True if that is what you mean.
  11. Kage

    Server Tools

    I just put this on my two servers today and already loving the chat logger. One of the main reasons I added it was just for that purpose. However, I had to enabled /home through your tools because it was over riding CBSM which isn't a big issue. Once I got that working everybody was happy. Now I've also enabled, <Tool Name="SetHome" Enable="True" DelayBetweenSetHomeUses="15" /> <Tool Name="AnnounceInvalidItemStack" Enable="True" /> <Tool Name="ChatLogger" Enable="True" /> I have purposely abused the forge and campfire dupe and have duped over
  12. Kage

    Server Tools

    I've been following your topic for awhile now, I've yet to put on my servers as I'm waiting for a web interface that I can run from my own server but I must say, you've done a very good job thus far. I just wanted to encourage you to keep up the great work and looking forward to what you come up with down the road.
  13. Kage

    Server Tools

    Did you by chance ever get around to adding a web user interface yet?
  14. Kage

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Really no complaints thus far from anybody. Everybody seems to be enjoying themselves so I'm not going to mess with it until I get complaints regarding it. Thank you for such an awesome pack.
  15. Kage

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Oh crap.. Ok well, oops. Thanks for clearing that up. I just assumed that by "Updated to work with Alpha 13" that the server files needed to be updated. I will move the icons to my personal computer.
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