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  1. When I look in the "Region" folder inside the "Saves" folder, is there a way to tell where the regions are? For example, I see r.-1, 2.7rg and r.-2, -1.7rg, etc. Is there a way to tell which region is which, which region I am in so I can delete all the others? Thanks.
  2. I have a local saved game that I want to reset the map chunks so they refresh and update with the new stuff in 19.1. How do I go about resetting them? I.e where is the saved file and how do I know which one my base is saved in (don't want to reset that one) Thanks!!!
  3. Can you explain how you go about using that command? Can I use that to give others on the serve the XP? Thanks.
  4. Before the latest patch, I was level 14. After the patch, in the same game, I am level 1. Did this happen to anyone else? Any way to fix this? Thanks.
  5. Armor9

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    Thanks, that worked.
  6. Armor9

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    Thank you for making this, not a fan of the original HUD. Two questions: #1 - I am running a local server for me and my son, what folder do I install this in? #2 - Is there a way to put numbers on the tool bar to quickly see what is in which slot. When you are in a fight, sometimes you can't tell if gun is in slot #5 or #6. Thanks!
  7. Are Bandits a guarantee to come before Gold? I'd hate to see them get cut. I think they will add a great new element to the game.
  8. WOW Nice!! That is perfect and a great way to show off the massive improvment. Thanks.
  9. Any way to make the posts with the old art next to the new art so we can appreciate the update and difference? Thanks.
  10. Madmole confirms that ranged bandits coming in Q3!!! Problem is, we don't know it is Q3 of 2020, 2021, or 2022
  11. Thanks for the info. I realized I could just add the new drive to the spanned drive so no need to reinstall anything
  12. With Black Friday I am upgrading to a bigger SSD, but I do not want to lose my saved game. Can someone help me out and let me know where the saves are located and what files need to be moved and then later backed up? Thanks.
  13. I am having a heck of a time finding the Steel Tools Schematic. It is just random or are there better locations to search than others? Thanks.
  14. That is two different questions you answered yes to. That is like me asking it is Monday or Tuesday and you saying Yes. I guess let me ask it this way: Does the new Stable build add, change, or modify anything that is not already in the latest Exp build? - - - Updated - - - You mean 18 not 17 right? Also, the latest Exp build is b6, I just check, HENCE THE QUESTION.
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