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  1. I posted this design here on forums a couple months ago, but fully automatic & no jumping required. I even have floor selection 😁
  2. Try "debuff bufftest01" in console, it should work.
  3. Hey guys! I saw a post by @Twigg here that says: RWG will be readdressed in A20 Does it mean that RWG likely won't be changed before A19 Stable or even during A19.0-19.X versions?
  4. But to cheat in MultiPlayer this tool in current iteration requires dtm.raw and splat3.png, and server sends to clients only processed ones 🙃 Btw, I really appreciate NITROGEN, great job you did there!
  5. Thanks! Yeah, It's a bummer - I thought about attaching my custom empty 1024x1024 world with this elevator and a save file or at least power.dat, but decided it would be too much of a hassle. Wish there were like POI motion sensors and powered doors that require no electricity and could be used in prefabs.
  6. I would like to share my elevator design in A18, no mods + floor selector Basically it is still the good old hatch elevator, but I made some changes so it could work in A18 - elevator system still working as it used to, but the initial push with bottom hatch doesn't. So instead I used powered garage doors 5x3, they basically push you inside shaft. After some tweaks (see prefab/video) it works perfect. As for floors selection, each floor has powered hatch and corresponding trigger plate on the first floor - when it is triggered, hatch opens (e.g.
  7. Steam name: AV https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198343012875/ Hours played: 1100 Started on Alpha: 15 Discord name: AV#6610 Native language: Russian
  8. I want to share a way to edit dtm.raw without Photoshop, since I didn't want to pirate or buy it. It is definitely a clumsy way, so If someone knows easier way to do it with free software, I would be very glad to know! Working with dtm.tga not allowing to edit already generated map + integrated smoothworldall command not always work nicely for roads. I do it with GIMP + Rawtherapee plugin. So when you are opening dtm.raw / dtm_processed.raw in GIMP you should check "show all files" and in "select file type" choose "Raw image data". In the next window these parameters: Image Type: Gra
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