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  1. I posted this design here on forums a couple months ago, but fully automatic & no jumping required. I even have floor selection 😁
  2. Try "debuff bufftest01" in console, it should work.
  3. Hey guys! I saw a post by @Twigg here that says: RWG will be readdressed in A20 Does it mean that RWG likely won't be changed before A19 Stable or even during A19.0-19.X versions?
  4. But to cheat in MultiPlayer this tool in current iteration requires dtm.raw and splat3.png, and server sends to clients only processed ones 🙃 Btw, I really appreciate NITROGEN, great job you did there!
  5. Thanks! Yeah, It's a bummer - I thought about attaching my custom empty 1024x1024 world with this elevator and a save file or at least power.dat, but decided it would be too much of a hassle. Wish there were like POI motion sensors and powered doors that require no electricity and could be used in prefabs.
  6. I would like to share my elevator design in A18, no mods + floor selector Basically it is still the good old hatch elevator, but I made some changes so it could work in A18 - elevator system still working as it used to, but the initial push with bottom hatch doesn't. So instead I used powered garage doors 5x3, they basically push you inside shaft. After some tweaks (see prefab/video) it works perfect. As for floors selection, each floor has powered hatch and corresponding trigger plate on the first floor - when it is triggered, hatch opens (e.g. for 15 sec), so when you use elevator, you stop at that particular floor. You can also use multiple sensors instead of plates in some cases. I attached elevator shaft as a prefab, here are some of my electricity settings, since they are not saved in prefab: motion sensor: power delay 1 sec, power duration 2 sec (no power delay works fine too after you adapt to the system) trigger plates: power duration 10/15 sec Some other details: - Mechanical garage doors, that are always closed are necessary in current design so you don't get stuck in bottom hatch. - You should not move when garage doors are closing, otherwise you will be pushed into textures. - Glass curved panels are not necessary, but they prevent you being too close to walls and therefore get stuck in them. - For way down I used water on the iron sheet at the bottom of the shaft, so you don't get fall damage, but still land on the dry surface elevator.zip
  7. Steam name: AV https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198343012875/ Hours played: 1100 Started on Alpha: 15 Discord name: AV#6610 Native language: Russian
  8. I want to share a way to edit dtm.raw without Photoshop, since I didn't want to pirate or buy it. It is definitely a clumsy way, so If someone knows easier way to do it with free software, I would be very glad to know! Working with dtm.tga not allowing to edit already generated map + integrated smoothworldall command not always work nicely for roads. I do it with GIMP + Rawtherapee plugin. So when you are opening dtm.raw / dtm_processed.raw in GIMP you should check "show all files" and in "select file type" choose "Raw image data". In the next window these parameters: Image Type: Grayunsigned 16 bit Little Endian Width & Height according to your world size (let's take for example 8192 & 8192) By default map is vertically flipped, so you shoud flip it before & after the editing (Image - Transform - Flip Vertically) and also set up grayscale mode: "Image - Mode - Grayscale". If you want to create heightmap from scratch, you should also check "Image - Precision - 16 bit integer". Then save as .tiff: Export As: Select File Type - TIFF image (uncheck everything in Advanced window). In the end .tif file should be the same size as .raw file (134.2 MB for 8192x8192 world) Next process is basically converting this .tiff to .raw file: Open .tiff the same way you open .raw (show all files & select file type - raw image data), but with these parameters: Image Type: Indexed Offset: 8 Width is double from the original (in this case 16384), Height as it is (8192). And then export that as "raw image data" with .raw prefix.
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