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  1. Yes, we actively fight the zombies, but are having a lot of issues with this latest patch with all the extra acid going around. (We are playing with slightly higher than normal difficulties) We've actually started making some kill bases (processor/galaxy brain/underground) and turned one of our existing ones into a compact version with 4 blades, 3 people shooting/repairing and autoturrets. (Which hasn't worked yet, as usually a cop explodes and takes out all the blade traps at once. Not to mention all the acid being thrown around in 19.1). Our previous method was a tower t
  2. Hey guys, Does anyone know if the kill bases from 19 still work in 19.1? We started a new game/server and are looking to make a kill base in it now that we finally got all the skills/components. However, with all the powerful/accurate acid sprays going around with the 19.1 update... I'm a bit nervous if the 19 version bases are still viable. Horde nights have always been an issue for us. They're definitely a lot of fun, but just feels plainly unfair (in terms of risk/reward to resource/repair cost), to the point of increasing time between hordes, decr
  3. Food early on is a nightmare, especially if you play with multiple people and have to spread all that canned/scavenged food around. We started a new (2nd) game with more realistic settings (POIs only respawn after 30 in game days) since the upper levels got a bit too easy in the 1st. Both games, however, we were constantly having issues with food early on (1st 20-30ish lvls) and constantly very hungry/starving. It's one of those things where it feels like you go from 0-100% really fast, you either have it or you don't. Once you get a farm going and invest points in the farming
  4. It looks like at least 1 person has it maxed and a few other are putting points in it now. Early on the focus was on vehicles more so than base defense, since we thought we could fortify ourselves in and survive. (My character is more of a resource gatherer/survivor *Mostly Strength/Some Health build* to minimize food/water use, farm fast and built for sledgehammers/shotguns usage. Early on we were desperately struggling for food, so this made the most sense to get our farm and materials in order.) We're going to start working on some of the kill bases, although it sounds like one of our
  5. Thanks for all your help and advice! It looks like most of the options are fairly technologically advanced and I'm not sure that we have all the schematics learned, but hopefully these will maintain base longevity instead of a complete rebuild every bloodmoon. If all else fails, it seems that the horde disappears once everyone dies during a bloodmoon, regardless of time... so that may be a less desirable option if these don't work out. I'll give these all a try and hopefully some work. Will be odd having an almost entirely open, attack heavy base as opposed to a more
  6. Hello everyone, 4 friends from another game and I decided to start playing 7D2D on our own server and are absolutely loving it. We've been playing a few weeks now in Alpha 19 and are on ~Day 120, between lvls 40-60. (~100-150 game stage per person) We've pretty much gotten comfortable with most of the game mechanics, looting, salvaging, farming.. but one area we've been having a lot of issues with are the blood moons. We are beginning to update everything to concrete now that we finally got a few accessible mixers. Previously, we'd been using a church bell tower
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