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  1. Yes, we actively fight the zombies, but are having a lot of issues with this latest patch with all the extra acid going around. (We are playing with slightly higher than normal difficulties) We've actually started making some kill bases (processor/galaxy brain/underground) and turned one of our existing ones into a compact version with 4 blades, 3 people shooting/repairing and autoturrets. (Which hasn't worked yet, as usually a cop explodes and takes out all the blade traps at once. Not to mention all the acid being thrown around in 19.1). Our previous method was a tower that would require half to run through a building to try and jump onto our platform and half pummeling the legs/foundation. This worked oddly well until the 19.1, then it just got destroyed by precision guided acid from birds/cops and they took it down (it was heavily fortified with 3+ layers of reinforced concrete ) in one night despite being fully repaired previously. So far our method to survive has been to find a structure, stay there until it gets destroyed (usually before 1 AM) while defending and then just run away/fight on foot. (Sometimes we can still get by with dashing/sprinting on a motorcycle on the last few hour(s), but that tends to spawn 50+ acid spitting birds and any lag results in death or a very difficult daytime cleanup.) Either way, the horde has become one of the only challenging, yet most gimicky, parts of the game despite being in full steel/lvl6 weapons with regular/armor piercing ammo. Thankfully one of our team is a fan of run/gun, but the others (including myself) are not.
  2. Hey guys, Does anyone know if the kill bases from 19 still work in 19.1? We started a new game/server and are looking to make a kill base in it now that we finally got all the skills/components. However, with all the powerful/accurate acid sprays going around with the 19.1 update... I'm a bit nervous if the 19 version bases are still viable. Horde nights have always been an issue for us. They're definitely a lot of fun, but just feels plainly unfair (in terms of risk/reward to resource/repair cost), to the point of increasing time between hordes, decreasing health or reducing damage/amount of zombies spawned. (We both simultaneously died 4x on the last one, Some of which is due to our regular server settings, I'm sure) Low drop rate, constant amount of zombies, amount of damage they do, all the acid and birds they spawn.... they're just eating all the reinforced fighting bunker options we've built. Vault doors don't stand a chance (They ate through 2 of them in under 20 seconds) and they eat through layers of steel/reinforced concrete ridiculously fast. The two bases we are looking at are the "Galaxy Brain Base" and "The Processor". Not sure if I can link to youtube, but they should be easily found from their name. Galaxy Brain Base! 7DTD A19! Beats Max Settings: Insane w/ 64 zombies Gamestage 650+ - Zanthyst Gaming 7 Days to Die | The Processor | Turns Zombies into Loot | Hands Free Way to Deal With Endgame Demos - Grand Spartan
  3. Food early on is a nightmare, especially if you play with multiple people and have to spread all that canned/scavenged food around. We started a new (2nd) game with more realistic settings (POIs only respawn after 30 in game days) since the upper levels got a bit too easy in the 1st. Both games, however, we were constantly having issues with food early on (1st 20-30ish lvls) and constantly very hungry/starving. It's one of those things where it feels like you go from 0-100% really fast, you either have it or you don't. Once you get a farm going and invest points in the farming skill, it clears up over a few weeks in game, but it still takes a sizable farm to manage everything.
  4. It looks like at least 1 person has it maxed and a few other are putting points in it now. Early on the focus was on vehicles more so than base defense, since we thought we could fortify ourselves in and survive. (My character is more of a resource gatherer/survivor *Mostly Strength/Some Health build* to minimize food/water use, farm fast and built for sledgehammers/shotguns usage. Early on we were desperately struggling for food, so this made the most sense to get our farm and materials in order.) We're going to start working on some of the kill bases, although it sounds like one of our older bases (silo) may be usable again as the zombie AI and current mapping causes them to be confused. We are only just now beginning to use some of the steel recipes (Day 140 or so), materials are always in short supply and take awhile to farm.
  5. Thanks for all your help and advice! It looks like most of the options are fairly technologically advanced and I'm not sure that we have all the schematics learned, but hopefully these will maintain base longevity instead of a complete rebuild every bloodmoon. If all else fails, it seems that the horde disappears once everyone dies during a bloodmoon, regardless of time... so that may be a less desirable option if these don't work out. I'll give these all a try and hopefully some work. Will be odd having an almost entirely open, attack heavy base as opposed to a more natural (for me) defense heavy base. Thanks again!
  6. Hello everyone, 4 friends from another game and I decided to start playing 7D2D on our own server and are absolutely loving it. We've been playing a few weeks now in Alpha 19 and are on ~Day 120, between lvls 40-60. (~100-150 game stage per person) We've pretty much gotten comfortable with most of the game mechanics, looting, salvaging, farming.. but one area we've been having a lot of issues with are the blood moons. We are beginning to update everything to concrete now that we finally got a few accessible mixers. Previously, we'd been using a church bell tower and silo from the Sham factory and it worked very well for the first several, but began to just get overrun/foundation destroyed and also the horde would spawn into one person's nearby base walls due to proximity. Close to the Day 70 blood moon, we built a new base out of cobblestone blocks away from everything, 3 layers thick, turrets, mini bunker, a LOT of spikes, barbed wire about 6-8 layers thick. It was on this night we ran into a LOT of radiated ferals and the 1st sight of the Demolisher. We survived, but by the end of the night the base was severely damaged. (A demolisher managed to explode and took out the entire upper and East wall. The next bloodmoon, the base was still not repaired and decided to just try and run for it. We all had minibikes and a truck. We were all continuously overrun with vultures, stopping meant the horde spawned immediately and there were always at least 5 vultures while on a vehicle. Recently, We tried a cage/pillbox method, several layers of iron bars, concrete (we finally got a mixer), a few spikes, shotgun turrets, all of us with our guns of choice grade 5/6 rifles/pistols/SMGs/AKs/Auto shotguns, ect. We got flooded with demolishers and had at least 15 throughout the night, not including all the cops and ferals. Everyone but 1 person died and only because he jumped on a pillar of some kind and ran around. In Summary/TLDR of Blood Moon Defense: 1) Layered Base w. Lot of Firepower/Spikes - Failed, ~50% destroyed after 1 blood moon around Day 70. Largely due to Radiated Ferals pummeling the walls into the base and Demolisher taking out large sections. 2) Minibikes/Truck - Failed, Constantly spawning vultures that outrun the vehicles. 3) Cage/Pillbox - Failed, 90% destroyed due to constant onslaught of demolishers ~Day 110ish. 4) Cage over Pit - Failed, one person tried this and they took out all the supporting pillars. What other methods of blood moon defense would you recommend using/trying besides reducing server settings since these Zombies seem to have degrees in Structural Engineering? I was initially working on a bedrock bunker, but people have said that now the zombies dig like they have augers and it won't be usable for very long. We had hoped to use one person's steel/concrete/cobble base as defense, but fear it would just completely ruin everything he's worked for. The Demolisher has just thrown a complicated wrench into the horde nights, since they're so tanky, fast and immensely destructive since so many things trigger the detonation. If we were skimping on firepower, that would be one thing.. but we are armed/geared about as much as we can be in grade 5-6 steel and advanced weapons. Thanks! Any help or advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.
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