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  1. He was the guy that shot carol in the eye, if I remember correctly. Shane and him went to get medical supplies and they ended up with a hoard of zombies so Shane shot him in the leg so he could escape.
  2. Ok tried listents with all vehicles picked up. I was the only entity in the list. also not sure if it matters but the jeep marker in in white not yellow. Also thank you both for the help so far.
  3. I have already looked underground for it ( actually found a motorcycle that way once), and have have been using and have placed many jeeps since the one that can not be removed.
  4. So I had a vehicle disappear some time ago but there is still a white marker for it on my map that I can't delete. Any thoughts or ideas on how to get rid of it.
  5. I have some tissues if anyone needs them....
  6. Reddevil

    True Survival

    Just got one so I will try that out, thanks.
  7. Reddevil

    True Survival

    so after bashing a few wooden frames, like 10 i got 4 nails. I'm going to tear down a house for enough nails to make a ladder and an armor station.
  8. Reddevil

    True Survival

    is it only a chance to get them as i have broken some and not noticed getting any.
  9. Reddevil

    True Survival

    whats the best way to get nails early game.
  10. can't wait to use bad company with alpha 16!
  11. Reddevil

    A16 Valmod Pack

    new question how do I unlock forged iron.
  12. Reddevil

    A16 Valmod Pack

    thanks so much I thought that may have been the answer but figured I'd get the official answer before messing with it.
  13. Reddevil

    A16 Valmod Pack

    I'm sure this has come up already and im missing it. wasn't there a way to still loot corpses with out the corpse turning into a bag and then breaking when you loot it.
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