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  1. So I definitely need the burger book? I cannot seem to find it lol ********didnt post with quote LOL this post seems so random - update looks great cant wait!!***
  2. LOL I love pickles on burgers but the recipe doesnt call for it and IM ACTUALLY QUITE SAD ABOUT IT haha
  3. Hello can anyone help me? Do I really need some hamburger/cheeseburger recipe that doesn't even use pickles to make pickles for Sinder's Pickles? I thought reading the Sinder's Stewing recipe would help that but still says I need some recipe. Halp! ahah
  4. What does "in dm" mean, sorry for the question
  5. Is there a way to redo the tokens if we lost them? My house collapsed and my tokens went along with it lol so i just finished the alchemy token quest but no way to redo the others lol
  6. Yay! I noticed back and forth shift click is working great now that the server i play on has updated successfully to the latest version love this mod!
  7. I just reinstalled the mod 2 days ago after a fresh install of the base game and the mod launcher, was there an other update? - - - Updated - - - I will try on another server, think this might still be a server side issue. ****okay so thank you for that feedback they must've updated the server i play on since i wrote this and its working again thank god - thank you again
  8. We just have to hoe the dirt right? Thats alerady on the ground? we cannot make it and put it elswhere?
  9. Hello, I think I may have mentioned this already but the shift-click to put items automatically into a chest is missing for some reason we have to drag the items over one by one - can you test this? I am so annoying I apologize lol - - - Updated - - - Also how do we make fertile ground? thanks!
  10. Thanks for the info! I have passed it along
  11. Same server as Combat Medik and Seabeeman (Daddy's Little Secret) also i had tried to do just the regular forging quest now and same thing happened which is weird lol i have no idea what the base was although here is what sea said previous page "B14 or 15 cant remember but it's on B16 now"
  12. I don't know about what version they are but i just was wiped and tried it again (alchemy master the arts quest) and it glitched me again lol good thing i put away my stuff first so i can get another wipe done - what do you need from me so i can tell you my character information not sure what i should be providing - - - Updated - - - Also we are noticing shift +click is not working so its very time consuming for inventory
  13. My apologies! I saw Combat Medik comment about the alchemy quest issue on the previous page and I ran into the same issue with the mastery of arts quest. once i launched it the quest board (upper right side) became blank and my character could only walk not run, could not switch weapons, could not get to the quest screen to toggle, could not open map, and had to have server admin wipe my character but scared to even try either one of those quests again lol - i have attached two images not sure if they help any - the insert image and url is not working so ill just paste teh links here https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.enjin.com/1241042/modules/forum/attachments/2018-07-07+12_17_05-7+Days+To+Die_1530980567.png https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.enjin.com/1241042/modules/forum/attachments/2018-07-07+12_20_17-7+Days+To+Die_1530980576.png thank you so much!
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