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  1. Ah yes, but in any case, your mods are wonderful! 😊
  2. I know, but you've made tons of mods along with the mod launcher, etc. that really helps this community. Thank you for everything you've done! I found the link thanks!
  3. THAT WORKED!!! Thank you so much!! Can you DM me a link to donate? I love this mod so much and everything you create ❤️
  4. I'm getting the same error as huannan5300 was getting, where it returns the error under console indefinitely for me. It was happening at random for me, sometimes almost within a minute of booting into the game or just leaving it alone. Now, I am running a lot of mods, so compatibility is probably the issue there. I was running War3zuk's AIO Overhaul and also under Darkness Falls. Very nice design, thank you for creating this mod!
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