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It is a very PIG mystery.


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Picture it. Navezgane. A lovely little pig farm and neighboring corn settlement. But also... a mystery with answers to questions I am not sure I want to know... ((If you have not done this POI yet do not read on unless you want to be spoiled)




This lovely POI houses so many vibrant happy little pigs. You see the carnage that was, but all is normal as this is apocalypse. Death is common.


As you follow the clues you come across more and more dead animal carcasses spread around Carls' Corn House. Going deeper down the rabbit hole, dead human bodies begin to increase in each room.


As strange as that is, you notice odd things about bed placements. Bedding that looks to be used by someone, or something, rather large with dead human bodies spread all around. The creep factor intensifies and you follow this increasingly gory trail down to a large hole in the wall.


This dark winding path leads you to a cave, littered with half eaten people, and what looks to be a camp formed by a rather large, something, and humans. They were here, together and were eating....?


The only way out is through a strange metal floor. As you head up and out, you find yourself in a cage.


You look up and what do you see .... a name tag. GRACIE.


But the questions. She wasn't alone, she had a human friend, where are they, where is she? What is going on?!?!


WTF Carl. WTF?!




VERY cool POI and so much story potential. Huge creep factor! Great job Pimps, I loved every minute of this adventure!

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Aww haha awesome! Yeah, 100% truth the best environment I've ever seen in that sense. There are different variations from that one you saw, too! Mine was a little different, must have had half a dozen piggies. Not saying much more, but there were cages with hatches on them. Opened them up, and they lead to a jump puzzle -- creative!

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Yep We found this, nearly got it cleared then a roaming hoard moved in and we had to make a run for it.

The layout was very twisty and hard to survive while being chased by ferals, with only a low level bow.

Did gain a large stack of piggy meat though, which solved our starvation problem.



Saw a cave under the second cellar, but didn't get to explore it...must go back with a gun .

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