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  1. Wrong wrong and wrong! That's what they'll tell you. "We love the new system and it's better for new players!" Right up to A24 when its suddenly ditched in favour of a new "cool" system that new players will just luuuuuurve! OK sarcasm but this is retreading old ground, player opinions aren't valued and i'm sure our resident apologist will be along shortly to tell me how wrong i am! "cough Roland cough". Us elder players nooo nufffin Jon Snow, its the new player experience that counts! Your're fine to be a playtester and bughunter, just dont have an opinion on whats wrong with the game. It just won't do chaps! Leave them to fix what aint broke and spend a year or three on a system that gets thrown out again and not bother with melee, map generation etc etc etc
  2. Dead is dead means err..... dead is umm.. dead, no excuses no looking back. Its all part of the fun and frustration and is usually our own damn faults! Brilliant starts are usually accompanied by the aforementioned "stood on a mine i knew was there, didnt notice the pack of wolves", etc etc etc. Jumping up and down one minute, raging and seething the next minute is par for the course. Dead is dead equally fun and devastating at any given minute, go on, you know you want to!
  3. So if there have been optimizations all along ,are we in beta now? Seems there is a lot of division over if, when and how it ever happens! Confused would we? Just waiting for the British Railway excuse now, "Ah yes but it was the WRONG kind of optimization!"
  4. 7 years in development and no optimization makes no sense, whether you want to quote "industry standards" or display posters calling us all idiots or not. Lack of zombies, slow downs and all manner of nastiness could have been solved with optimization. Even once a year would have been more useful than not. Trying to cram more and more content in has slowed, reduced numbers and frustrated players. "industry standard" quotes dont make it right, nor do they preclude people asking the question about optimization. How many zombies around when bandits and npcs come in? How will that affect framerates without any sort of optimization? All valid questions that buyers have a right to ask!
  5. Sorry to interrupt! But arent you getting ever so slightly off topic? The op was asking about ready built systems, not the histories of amd and nvidia. We all have our preferences and issues with software and hardware alike, try to give the poor bloke some actual advice instead of resurrecting age old arguments.
  6. If you want a budget option take a look at xeons, ready built (just need a gfx card to complete) and rock solid. Some can even be massively overclocked. A lot cheaper in the U.S. than here in the UK . Linus did a few of these and i copied one a few years ago which i still use for the game. An old hpz400 24gb ram and a 6gb video card, which still runs things no problem. Can even double the ram relatively cheaply. An hours research could save you a fortune. Considering the big companies regularly replace these systems, its surprisingly easy to find fully built bargains. Theres a wealth of info on what to buy and what to avoid. google ebay and youtube will supply all you need to find the best price/performance for your budget.
  7. Its great when people find workarounds that enable things to work and are willing to help others. No matter what the platform is!
  8. Headshots should be the only way to kill zombies, but you have to consider limbs. Sometimes the only way out of a tight spot is a shotgun and loss of arms and legs, which potentially means attack from above and below if you cant get clear in time. Biting should be more of an issue with some sort of kick/pushback mechanism in place. Would make for an interesting mod.
  9. Rng fulfills its purpose admirably, but for some reason has been a bone of contention for a long time. Rng can shape or destroy your game, having to work with what you have is one of the games best elements and even that is a lot weaker than it was. If you get everything you need immediately, where is the challenge? The latest build is far more forgiving than some others were. we all have games we deem unfair, the rng gods are sometimes against us and sometimes not. Some of the best games i have had have been ones where finding certain items was a real problem. I'm not sure why so many are against randomisation when it gives so much to the game including maps and in reality takes very little away. Frustrating at times yeah, gamekiller no. Learning to adapt can enhance the game and encourage exploration. Clueless as to importance of bat parts when there are so many weapons to use and its not as if weapons are thin on the ground!
  10. In case you hadn't noticed, they are in the process of doing just that. The world is now in a , more or less zombieless state!
  11. It says everything that there are grown adults who cannot work out how to cook an egg! Todays world is just catered toward doing everything for the poor lil darlings. As is a game hand holding you through so you dont face any "difficulties". Movie plots are dumbed down to keep the attention from wandering. How long before boo-boo autobandaging comes in and a man in a gyro comes in to build a base for you? Surely to god there has to be some common sense somewhere, doesnt there? I mean at least assume a BASIC level of intelligence and cut down on needless recipes.
  12. Wow! Anyone who has played the game is well aware of the issues, basic cooking is one example. Yes more complicated things need books, everyday basic skills do not and thats the same whether or not you are a teacher with a bad attitude! I got his point immediately,you obviously not, not a reason for the given rant in response.
  13. Quests rapidly induce extreme boredom, so i dont do em. Still plenty of exp to be had, people complain about gamestage being too high when they actively go searching for the largest xp gains. The game has rapidly become a shootfest/race for xp and hasnt made it any better at all.
  14. AHA! you havent read about the rust puking vultures then? SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAK!
  15. Another food poisoning thread,seriously! Its a non-issue and doesnt hamper you in any way at all. Its mildly inconvenient at best.
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