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  1. I like the fact that the list doesn't bloat week to week. It gives me a sliver of hope that we might not need to wait a year for it to go live.
  2. Or..... you could build more workbenches, forges and chem stations? I have 3 forges, 3 cement mixers and a pair of workbenches and chem stations and I have no problems with crafting 3000+ ammo in couple of hours. Also, SMG turrets are crap, shotgun turrets are much better for the ammo cost.
  3. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?135665-Alpha-19-Dev-Diary
  4. TBH the most exciting thing would be weapons coming pre-modded, where you would have to find what you need. With some adjustments, like not everything is pre-modded at all slots, there are some exclusive mods that can't be removed and you can still put your own mods when there is space etc. That's how I'd do it instead of random stats, also more variety and rebalance of weapons so they actually feel different in other aspects then ammo used and rate of fire/reload speed.
  5. What are you actually talking about here? Unless you are specced into a weapon/tool, it WILL feel bad, regardless of mods. That being said, you can still go by perfectly fine using it. Also I'm with Roland on this one, less mod slots and Q6 being loot locked does make for a greater variety of mods instead of packing everything possible into an item. The only problem I have with current mods and mod slots is cooling mesh/warm padding not being usable on clothing but locked to armor exclusively. Also, mining perk books make auger OP regardless of its stats when you have 20% chance to OHK any block.
  6. T5 POIs are exceptionally viable, defending on the roofs is ammo sink, but its perfectly fine, especially if you have a pair of junk turrets with you to support and protect from vultures.
  7. How is that an example? I know at least 2 people who can't even boil an egg properly and I had to rush one of these people to hospital after attempting to make a tea. I know one who firmly believes a pack of chips and a chocolate tablet is called a dinner. I'm not even trying to exaggerate here, people like these exist and since game is placed in amerika, probability to be one of them grows exponentially. Don't underestimate humanity ability to be John Snow.
  8. If they don't do anything for you, its by your own choice. Also, that design is pretty common, usually employed in increasing cost of purchasing perks/skills. Would it really be so much better if you've had to pay increasing costs for perks, so rank 5 of a perk cost 3-6 points instead? Exponential progression curves are extremely common and since leveling itself can't be made impossibly long, you have increasing costs the deeper you go into tree. That being said, there really isn't anything that forces you into any specific tree anymore. You need int to craft something? So do it and then respecc back into whatever you want. If trader and quest related perks are that valuable to you, well, live with the cost of them. Remember that we're still going to get some perks reduced from 5 to 3 ranks, so you'll have even more points to spend around soon. Well, too bad for you, that's how the system works now and according to MM, its final.
  9. You might have missed the RPG part, which is being pushed and advertised ever since 1st kickstarter promo vid.
  10. Would you prefer if the stats themseles provided absolutely nothing other then a point sink instead, so you wouldn't feel like you're "wasting" points on "improving weapons" you don't use? You're angry, because you can't min-max every single point, there really isn't any more to it here from what you've said so far.
  11. That's true only and exclusively if you keep putting points there without getting any non combat perk over rank 1. Also, you're not forced to put points into anything, its all about what you prefer. There are skill books for all craftables and if you want to have better regeneration, then you're not wasting any point, because you have no other way to unlock higher rank of perk. You also don't need to absolutely maximize every single point you spend, sorry OCD min maxers, you aren't going to go far in A18 and beyond.
  12. I'll go by the quality of FIREARMS and the fact that there is plenty of lights that are still on that it probably isn't even 2 years.
  13. Are you trying to tell us that industrial quality steel made in industrial furnaces, formed by using heavy machinery, constantly under quality control has a chance to be of lower quality then whatever you dug from under the dirt and thrown into your ad-hoc made forge klin out of stone without years of experience at all? You do realize the game isn't happening in China?
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