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  1. I like the fact that the list doesn't bloat week to week. It gives me a sliver of hope that we might not need to wait a year for it to go live.
  2. It is exactly why so many people are angry at development pace atm. Just go over some recent negative steam reviews or posts around A18 release. Rare yearly updates almost made my group abandon and forget about the game, because "too little too late" comes to it and as big as A18 update was, its by far not enough for a year of wait time. I'd rather see smaller updates more often refreshing the game and giving new short/long term goals, especially the end game needs expanding as there is literally nothing to do outside of building for the sake of building, no growing threats, lack of any opti
  3. What about electrical, faster crafting stations for late game? Electrical furnaces instead of forges, electrical kitchen and chem station? Electricity is such an interesting and under developed feature it hurts... Not asking for factorio here, just something more interesting to do with electricity, the garage doors alone enhanced it greatly.
  4. As long as it doesn't take another damn year to get the update.... Just try your hardest to NOT bloat it and stick to lesser but more frequent updates, to keep the game fresh instead of making most of us play 2-4 months and go on hiatus for the rest of the year. That being said, vehicle mods and new vehicle shapes? Yes please. After "A19" is done, I would personally suggest expanding electricity, because its a massive potential for late game that is completely wasted on couple of lights and traps alone.
  5. Love for shotguns at last? Can't wait for it. Double barrel is literally THE WORST firearm in the whole game if we ignore blunderbuss.
  6. That was written at around the same time I was frantically looking for car keys I had in my hand.... as in.... I was extremely tired and operated on about 10% brain capacity. All the recent experimental updates confused me. General point still stands tho, we're not getting new alpha with less content every ~3 months as MM promissed in 2018 december.
  7. I would change the patching pace. Remember when at release of A17 we were promissed less content but more frequent updates instead of one alpha a year or longer? Well, that was 11 months ago. And we're still on A17.
  8. Or how about not doing anything, because there is a semi auto rifle already in the game?
  9. I'm playing vitality build and I've had luck of finding M60 blueprint, so yeah, can relate to good luck. Still, by 3rd-4th horde you should be able to have T3 weapon already, even if not of great quality.
  10. I don't think that's needed, later in the game you're meant to replace T2 weapons with T3 weapons.
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