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  1. I was wrong about TA & Valmars - it was actually one of Stallionsden's mods. Anyway - I put it on the server and it spews tonnes of errors generally starting below. 2021-06-24T13:15:09 85.132 ERR Loading AssetBundle "C:/SERVICES/ni1631277_1_SHARE/ftproot/7daystodie/7DaysToDieServer_Data/../Mods\TacticalAction/Resources/alt" failed! 2021-06-24T13:15:09 85.132 ERR Model '#@modfolder(TacticalAction):Resources/alt?BeaconRPrefab' not found on block with name BeaconS 2021-06-24T13:15:09 85.132 ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing 'blocks.xml' failed 2021-06-24T13:15:09 85.132 EXC Model '#@modfolder(TacticalAction):Resources/alt?BeaconRPrefab' not found on block with name BeaconS Exception: Model '#@modfolder(TacticalAction):Resources/alt?BeaconRPrefab' not found on block with name BeaconS at BlockShapeModelEntity.PoolLoadCallback <tonnes of code> (Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Serialize/SerializedFile.cpp Line: 204) The AssetBundle 'alt' can't be loaded because it was not built with the right version or build target. Then NRE's. It comes up on the server list - and you can attempt to join but it just sits there laughing at you while your system says something like "Loading configs" lol Anyone have any luck with it on a server?
  2. @stallionsden Yes! I even moved them to start at 1550. But again the system is erroring: "ERR No loot entry defined for loot list id 1550" So it's not the ID's being in conflict, for some reason it's not reading that entire loot list. Interesting: When comparing the two loot lists I'm finding that the 'format' is totally different: Valmars: <append xpath="/lootcontainers"> <lootcontainer id="1550" count="1" size="8,9" destroy_on_close="true" sound_open="UseActions/open_backpack" sound_close="UseActions/close_backpack" open_time="1.5" loot_quality_template="qualBaseTemplate" > <item group="HunterClass" /> Tactical Action: Format is totally different: <append xpath="/lootcontainers/lootgroup[@name='groupAmmoRegularGunslingerT1']"> <EDIT: UPDATE!> I didn't want to do this but... I've dived in and found that Valmars & Tactical Action work fine together and alone. So it must be one of the 60 something other mods. Sorry about that.
  3. Okay! I was thinking of 'moving'/'changing' Valmars cause its a 'modlet' and not as massive as TA. Do you know the maximum ID# for loot list? Wait a minute... It says: "No loot entry defined for loot list ID 456" - after moving all +50. So for some reason it would seem that its not reading that part? It looks fine in Notepadd++ with all the normal coloring. I did loot list, and it gave the same 400 error, then I found it in Blocks and then it changed to the new starting point at 450. Weird. Every "Class suitcase" that is locked does not have a LootList ID in the blocks xml. It doesn't give an error when I put down the locked ones. But it does error when I put down an unlocked one.
  4. Hey Hey! Ugg... Got a tonne of mods that work fine with virtually all of Valmars. Just tried adding TacticalAction by IvanDX it kills the Valmars Starter Class system and makes it so you can't open the cases after unlocking the suitcase. <EDIT> I'll put a suitcase down and when I use the key on it it gives: ERR: No loot entry defined for loot list id 400 or which ever case is put down. But all items are in the creative menu. Just can't open them.
  5. 2021-06-18T10:20:22 54.503 WRN XML patch for "loot.xml" from mod "Snowberry Seeds" did not apply: <append xpath="/lootcontainers/lootgroup[@name='farmingCookingRecipes']" 2021-06-18T10:20:22 54.713 ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing 'loot.xml' failed
  6. No - fairly annoying though. Although I found something Interesting. In the resources subfolder there is an: "alt" file with no extension. It seems like it's supposed to be "alt.unity3d" file. <EDIT> Looks like the server don't want to load the 'alt' file. Even if I rename it to alt.unity3d it still looks for that 'alt' file. Although it works fine in Single Player. <Edit: Update> It kills Valmars STARTER CLASS SYSTEM
  7. Snowberry's broken, can anyone help?
  8. Yeah, back in the day some people ran 32k maps. One guy said he had a 48k map - unverified. With my group anything over 16k was too much; but 16k was the sweet spot. Then the lag happened and everything changed. I'm sure that was alpha 16 to 16.4 or around there; when Nitrogen first came out.
  9. COOL!!! Definitely as you've noted... I seem to remember that TFP hard coded the 16k limit, unless you made a map with Nitrogen. Anyway if you look closer at the cities before and after - you'll also notice that total lootable area has dropped massively. I haven't looked at the numbers but I've guesstimated that it's above 25% to upwards of 40% There is a definite noticeable drop in sky scrapers too. I miss the old time - city at 0-0 cause you didn't venture in there till you got some serious levels and stuff! And you did get serious stuff for going there too! lol Oh well. Thanks for adding the 12k option!
  10. Yes a lot of your issues are directly related to the big POI's and what was found sometime ago with large numbers of spawn points - especially when you go into townes. Reducing the numbers of large buildings can help but that's a bit of work. Vanilla will generally not do this as that's been a part of the 'fix' TFP has made to address the lag issue, and again especially in townes. I've never used the server command to clean the garbage: 'mem' and 'memcl' - so I don't know if that'll help. I do know that using the visitmap command does help some since you're telling the server to generate the map, thereby reducing any workload it needs to do at any given time. Map size divided by 2 so for 8k: visitmap -4096 -4096 4096 4096 Please note it will take sometime to do this but, I do it every time before I allow anyone on the map. You'll have all that data in the log and if there are any 'broken chunks' you can use the "repairchunkdensity <x> <z> [fix]" command found HERE. But I haven't had to do that in a long while. Something that may or maynot help is to add another ssd to the server and set the swap file (8 to maybe 16GB) to that ssd. I have a feeling that your 'new zombie mods' are at the heart of your issues; so removing that one mod may help things more than anything else.
  11. In one of the alpha's we got serious studdering and a massive FPS drop. I think that was in part due to the fact that back then the worlds where limitless. I think then TFP found some of the issues due to world size numbers of spawns and supported was limited 16K maps. If you look back you'll also see that shortly afterwards an Island format was taken - that further reduced map size, number of towns and more importantly to the player - playable size. Back when there was a towne at 0, 0 towns where huge. Then with adding things and changing things I think it'll drop again. But with the island format towns haven't been that big. I've seen a few reach 18k citizens before that but now it rarely reaches 12K now-a-days. Since 'we've' (8 other players) been playing I've found that for a 'wide range' of systems 16K can be too much; and even for rented Dedi's. And that's why I've been making worlds at 12K for our servers. As 'we' rarely have any FPS drops with them, but with 16K maps some of us do, including studdering and lag too.
  12. Excellent! I'm running a 16K map at the moment. But I was hoping there was a 12K option for map size Thank you for your hard work.
  13. 7d2d Sittable Furniture This transfer was deleted. The transfer has expired on 24/03/2021
  14. I know vanilla is restricted to 8k maps, but anyone generate larger? Also - you have any idea on how long it takes for like 12k, 16k maps?
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