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  1. Yeah, back in the day some people ran 32k maps. One guy said he had a 48k map - unverified. With my group anything over 16k was too much; but 16k was the sweet spot. Then the lag happened and everything changed. I'm sure that was alpha 16 to 16.4 or around there; when Nitrogen first came out.
  2. COOL!!! Definitely as you've noted... I seem to remember that TFP hard coded the 16k limit, unless you made a map with Nitrogen. Anyway if you look closer at the cities before and after - you'll also notice that total lootable area has dropped massively. I haven't looked at the numbers but I've guesstimated that it's above 25% to upwards of 40% There is a definite noticeable drop in sky scrapers too. I miss the old time - city at 0-0 cause you didn't venture in there till you got some serious levels and stuff! And you did get serious stuff for going there too! lol Oh well. Thanks fo
  3. Yes a lot of your issues are directly related to the big POI's and what was found sometime ago with large numbers of spawn points - especially when you go into townes. Reducing the numbers of large buildings can help but that's a bit of work. Vanilla will generally not do this as that's been a part of the 'fix' TFP has made to address the lag issue, and again especially in townes. I've never used the server command to clean the garbage: 'mem' and 'memcl' - so I don't know if that'll help. I do know that using the visitmap command does help some since you're telling the server to generate t
  4. In one of the alpha's we got serious studdering and a massive FPS drop. I think that was in part due to the fact that back then the worlds where limitless. I think then TFP found some of the issues due to world size numbers of spawns and supported was limited 16K maps. If you look back you'll also see that shortly afterwards an Island format was taken - that further reduced map size, number of towns and more importantly to the player - playable size. Back when there was a towne at 0, 0 towns where huge. Then with adding things and changing things I think it'll drop again. But with the is
  5. Excellent! I'm running a 16K map at the moment. But I was hoping there was a 12K option for map size Thank you for your hard work.
  6. 7d2d Sittable Furniture This transfer was deleted. The transfer has expired on 24/03/2021
  7. I know vanilla is restricted to 8k maps, but anyone generate larger? Also - you have any idea on how long it takes for like 12k, 16k maps?
  8. Could you or someone check the Modern Fireplace as I've tried 20 of them and I can't get them to work right
  9. Hello @ztensity So technically I'm finding that you need to right click with the wiretool and then left click to get them to operate properly. Thanks! Now its time to get it up on the SERVER! YAY!
  10. No Thank you @ztensity for all of your hard work! My bad! I just wanted to get this up and running ASAP cause our 'group' (8) loves this mod. I'll follow your directions a bit later today once I get it up on the server. So it looks like only the bear needs a bit of adjusting! Thanks again and I'm sure the others would thank you too, but they don't visit the forms as I'm the proclaimed admin LOL Thanks again and have FUN cause we will!
  11. Awesome! 1.) Teddy Bear is offset to its' left beyond the edge of the block of placement. 2.) Had to power the TV's and lights and they immediately come on and then switch off. When trying to turn them on as indicated by the 'switch label' they again come on and then go off. The 2nd TV (On the stand) can't be hooked up to power. When I placed them initially - you couldn't turn them on or off which is why I added the power to them. I love the addition of the parts for like the Stove!!! Excellent idea!
  12. I do remember Valmod did give a bunch of skill points after completing the class quests but yes 50 does seem excessive. Albeit we still play with it LOL And they are seemingly different as for the class 'bonus' points to their 'class attributes.' I'd guess to say that halving the bonus skill points to spend would be good. But I have it in my head that the bonus for the miner was 41 and not 50. Could be wrong though. OH! The farmer and maybe someone else - at reward time - they get a tonne of schematics, if you're not prepared they can spill all over the place and some will be in accessi
  13. Opps! I can not download any single modlet. Specifically I wanted to look at the foods one, but it sends me to a link that includes all of them. Download that and I get a bunch of modlets all within one modlet; IE: #15 to 22 or so. I just wanted #17 but can't get it... Oh well.
  14. WOW! Gonna have to take a closer look! Thanks!
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