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    I am a long time gamer - I am old as the mud on your boots! Moria on PC-XT Server w/1MB!! Owner/Operator of Ridge Line Mining Inc.
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  1. I had this problem before with my old system and so I created a shortcut to the 7DaysToDie.exe file, and in the Target Box I added: "-logfile" and that worked before. I've copied my "Steam Installation" of 7D2D over to a different drive D:\ . This time - New system, tried that, but couldn't remember what the command was:"-logfile" and therefore my original post but this time however it didn't work. Then - before I read Beelzybub's replay I remembered the 'dedi' shortcut had coding to add the log file and that worked. So - not having to write batchfiles in like forever I asked to have it cl
  2. I didn't want to use this but I ended up using the batch file for the dedi... Can someone edit to make it just for SP please? lol @echo off rem Starts a dedicated server rem rem -quit, -batchmode, -nographics: Unity commands rem -configfile : Allows server settings to be set up in an xml config file. Use no path if in same dir or full path. rem -dedicated : Has to be the last option to start the dedicated server. set LOGTIMESTAMP= IF EXIST 7DaysToDieServer.exe ( set GAMENAME=7DaysToDieServerZ set LOGNAME=out
  3. At some point - this happened before, but since the move I can't find the old post which contained the command line for 7DaysToDie.exe to tell it to generate a log file. Anyone have that info?
  4. When I run the web panel map - does it mean that I have to reload the mod when there isn't controls on the right side for enemies, animals and players online, players off line? Cause I've reloaded it 5 times already lol
  5. I login and all I see is a blank/black page. OPPS! Looks like I put it below the 'admin section' lol
  6. This is one of our many voyages... Albeit we're missing a few. There's like 43 modlets on a CompoPack map!BDubs Nuka Colas, Bdubs Vehicles, CompoPack A19 CP46, Epic Spire's Quality ModSlot Boot, Hitmarkers, Khaine's: 3 Slot forge, 12 CraftingQueue, 96BBMFW, Log Spikes, Pickup Plants Laotseu PaintJob, Manux Quad, SMXHud, SMXLib, SMX Menu Stallionsdens: Combine Return, Everything is mostly sellable, Extra Recipes, Home Brewery, Lootable Objects, No Digging Zombies, Neclear Power, Pallets, Pets, Poison Removal, Stack Size Increaser, Store shelves, Supply crates, weapons Telri
  7. Are there limitations to where zombies can spawn?
  8. Has the map been disabled? Cause everything else seems to work but I don't get anything on the map.
  9. Poision Removal - Webber 9000 cooking grill has no output.
  10. Apparently if you've played A19 with some mod - not sure which it is at the moment, the last 2 toolbelt spots are locked. I can't find a way to 'unlock' them yet. Gonna try the 60 Slot BBP and see if thats it or not as its definitely not the 60Slot with food and water. ===========EDIT========== I switched the 60 Slot BBP with Food and water - and went with the 60 Slot WITHOUT food and water and now all 10 slots are available! But in doing so I had to 'wipe' my character on the server lol Something I've been used to for sometime now. So 'everyone' on our server wi
  11. Hail Telric! Okay! I'll try that and thanks!
  12. Yes - Please update. Although I thought I saw that someone had either tried or will intergrate part/all of it into one of their mods... Can't find it.
  13. I know its probably: HorseSpeakSound But which parameter? MaxRepeatRate? What's the limits since it's 0.1 now? Change to 0.00001?
  14. Hello Telric! We love your horses mod - but after a bit it gets annoying to have horses around all the time and their constant vocalizations. Is there a way I can fix that?
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