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    I am a long time gamer - I am old as the mud on your boots! Moria on PC-XT Server w/1MB!! Owner/Operator of Ridge Line Mining Inc.
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  1. Apparently if you've played A19 with some mod - not sure which it is at the moment, the last 2 toolbelt spots are locked. I can't find a way to 'unlock' them yet. Gonna try the 60 Slot BBP and see if thats it or not as its definitely not the 60Slot with food and water. ===========EDIT========== I switched the 60 Slot BBP with Food and water - and went with the 60 Slot WITHOUT food and water and now all 10 slots are available! But in doing so I had to 'wipe' my character on the server lol Something I've been used to for sometime now. So 'everyone' on our server will have to swap - I'm hoping they won't have to wipe.
  2. Hail Telric! Okay! I'll try that and thanks!
  3. Yes - Please update. Although I thought I saw that someone had either tried or will intergrate part/all of it into one of their mods... Can't find it.
  4. I know its probably: HorseSpeakSound But which parameter? MaxRepeatRate? What's the limits since it's 0.1 now? Change to 0.00001?
  5. Hello Telric! We love your horses mod - but after a bit it gets annoying to have horses around all the time and their constant vocalizations. Is there a way I can fix that?
  6. With vanilla its very hard to find. Using Nitrogen I usually get +4 prospective sites, but almost always get one that's decent enough like this one.
  7. Hello, I almost always try to find a spot for my 'house' on the lake with snow capped mountains in the background. This time I buried it in the side of a tiny hill with 3 levels and one of the levels looking out into the water.
  8. Do you mean kicking players by IP?
  9. Didn't see anything out of the ordinary with Nitrado... But I do know that they've recently started server maintenance and you'll get a notification on your webpanel informing you of the day and time. I also know that many times the system doesn't keep a 'good'/'complete' log, don't know what's causing that? VM? I also know that since about May of this year there has been issues. I also know that they have apparently did some upgrading, changes, etc. not totally sure but somethings have changed. I can also note that Mods can cause this too as I've experienced it first hand; so I've gone to testing the mods on my client first before uploading. Sure its a pain but definitely helps. It's also a good idea to check you're servers IP, as happened with me - the system went down and then they moved it... No one said anything and it took the better part of a day to realize that it was moved and therefore the IP changed.
  10. Didn't know it had to be multiples of 1k! But once I dropped it to 8192 it was fine lol
  11. Admin file https://pastebin.com/n0DZuftn Config https://pastebin.com/BGBxfsWc
  12. Okay... Besides being a broken penguin, I'm an epic failure to boot lol Okay... Besides being a broken penguin, I'm an epic failure to boot lol EDIT: ADD: I can't find it
  13. Hello, I've reinstalled 7D2D on this dedi like 6 times already. I've wiped the drive - just in case lol I keep getting that IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. <- Error and it sits there laughing at me. I install with vanilla and it runs fine. The only thing I've done is to edit the admin and server config files. Anyone have any help please? Thank you for your time and effort!
  14. Uninstall, reinstall, uninstall, reinstall... After 4 times I finally got them to start. GEEZ!!
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