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    I am a long time gamer - I am old as the mud on your boots! Moria on PC-XT Server w/1MB!! Owner/Operator of Ridge Line Mining Inc.
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    Winnetka, CA
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    7 days to kill Zeds!
  1. Cadamier

    Valmars A18

    Is it just me or is the Machine Gunner broken? I can't get the quest to run when reading the note. Looks like: <quest id="challenge_Machine Gunner1" <-- Has a space but shouldn't?!? YES! Quests.xml needs editing
  2. Would changing GameWorld to Mytherys Magic do this?!? LOL Shouldn't it be RWG?!?
  3. I'm wondering if this is a Nitorgen issue or a server issue. I'm almost sure its a Nitrado issue, but I'm wondering if someone could help here? Both client and server is Alpha 18.4 (b4). This is what's generated by Nitorgen (previewMap_16ka.png) This is what is generated by visitmap -4096 -4096 4096 4096 (MytherysMagic_7D2D.png)
  4. Hello! Love the mod! But on Nitrado I'm getting an error: WindowsVideoMedia error 0x80070003 while reading C:/<SNIP>/7daystodie/7DaysToDieServer_Data/../Mods/UnnecessarybutBeautiful/Resources/video01.mp4 And I can't see the proper path. IE: "7DaysToDieServer_Data/../Mods/UnnecessarybutBeautiful/Resources/" <- the .. doesn't tell me anything except for back in DOS days that would mean go back to parent directory, but with the install that's where it should be and it is there. So I tried putting resources where the .. is: "/Resource/ but that doesn't work lol
  5. Anyone else running an 18.4 b4 dedi and using Nitrogen to generate 16K maps and having the dedi shrink them to 8k?!? The map doesn't match the pregenerated map by Nitrogen either
  6. Steam name: Cadamier. 76561198129860070 Hours played: steam says 15k, probably about 8k Started on Alpha:Alpha 15.6? Right before Alpha 16 Discord name: Cadamier Native language: American English Involvement: Forums: support, server admin stuff, Facebook, Facebook:7 Days ti die - PC by salty zombies (mostly admin type stuff). Admin of "Logans Run" server for 2 or 3 years now.
  7. Cadamier

    Farming Expansion 1.1

    Well I can't get the icons to display in the inventory, even though all the names look right... Help? EDIT: Opps - forgot to mention that the seeds - when planted do show up...
  8. Cadamier

    Farming Expansion 1.1

    XML Patch for "blocks.xml" from mod "Farming" did not apply: <append xpath="/blocks/block[@name=terrFertileFarmland]" I presume that this should be changed to something? Like maybe the farm plot 1590 we have to make now? UPDATE: YUP! But not sure if its working lol XML Patch for "loot.xml" from mod "Farming" did not apply: <insertBefore xpath="/lootcontainers/lootgroup[@name=questChallenge]" XML loader: Loading and parsing 'loot.xml' failed Exception: lootgroup 'fryingpan' does not exist or has not been defined before being referenced by lootcontiner/lootgroup id=5' This one I'm lost
  9. What happened to the Single Player logging and the server logging?!?
  10. This design bites the big one... Its harder to read especially in broad daylight... At night its good.
  11. So... Is there no way to change how these forms look now?!? At night and in the dark, its fine but in broad daylight... It sucks! Not to mention that there are people whom seemingly and deliberately post dark texts. I prefer a high contrasting text vs. background... So I don't have to put any effort into reading stuff. But without any choice now... It bites the big one.
  12. I've seen most downloads are direct downloads - which I myself perfer... I am seeing some mod downloads from Nexus and a couple of other places... The thing I don't care for is to have yet another login for yet another site... When will it stop?!? What do you all think about this? Direct download or having to have another site to register to?
  13. This video was taken 11/22/2019. My Day 56 video. Actually its a video of me playing it back. I didn't see the Demolisher in question, but I could hear him so I knew he was a demolisher. I went to investigate where he was and found him. Once I found him my level 4 junk turret opened fire since I was close. You can see the light blink red and hear it beep twice at which point he's apparently dead before his explosives go off. As for the demolishers... I like them and don't like them... As for if they fit... Not quite but that's fine with me. And if we're able to kill them before they explode that's a good thing! As you can see and I quickly found out using explosives against them helps get rid of them.
  14. Hello Everyone! Trying it again. And Damocles? I really like the "counting sheep" LOL Thanks! <EDIT: Spawn points... So If I want 'all of us' to spawn at a point I edit the xml to one single spawn point? "<spawnpoint position="-2022,41,-7070" rotation="0,79,0"/>"
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