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  1. Avoid T5 quests they are not - and never have been - worth it. Take T4 max.
  2. Are you sure he is not after the Bones? Bones are a major bottleneck lategame. It's wise to hit every carcass you come across.
  3. For me it was Terrain Quality. High gave me 20 fps, Medium gave a solid 60 fps.
  4. Wights haven't been top tier for many alphas now.
  5. Level 4...out of stamina...pick gives...out of stamina...same...out of stamina...result This new stamina burn rate is just another of the many little things that make this the most boring alpha I've ever played. "No fun allowed!" - TFP
  6. Just to be clear, the increased food usage when mining is fine. I'm used to that. It is the fact that I have to stop swinging every minute and wait 30 seconds for Stamina to regain that is the issue.
  7. I know I should. That's why I'm complaining. 3 points in Str and 3 in Rexy are a major investment for day 4 that has not payed off.
  8. I'm mining. Compare it to cutting down a hundred 1200 hp trees in a row. All drinks say they replenish stamina but it makes little difference. Will try coffee later. A18 did not have this issue.
  9. Then a multiplier is applied to this based on difficulty level. So increasing difficulty level will also increase gamestage....at least that was true in A18 To override the calculation, in the console, you can type : forcegamestage x
  10. Was delighted to find a fairly large Crack-a-book in the town I setup beside in A19. This one was a new library-like POI that's pretty big and has the new expendable book piles to loot. I looted it day 5 and came away with.... 2 skill books 500 paper wth??? Is the A19 loot nerf hitting this as well? Had it been a Shotgun Messiah would I have come away with a level 2 Blunderbus or a Wooden Bow? Seriously. NO FUN ALLOWED. This needs fixed.
  11. Once again the Stamina balance is off. I have 3 points in Sexy Rex and I am constantly out of stamina mining with a level 1 Iron pickaxe. Not good. Incredibly frustrating. Surely this is not the gameplay you want TFP? Drinking teas and eating doesn't help one bit, and wouldn't have been a solution anyway.
  12. Wish For: 1) Return of LBD for skills where it makes sense (mining, weapons etc). The fact that killing zombies can make me a better chef is ludicrous. 2) Improved (or reverted?) zombie AI. Move away from the precise structural engineers that walk round my spikes as that SUCKS. 3) Meaningful end-game. 4) Give us back fun loot. The generic progression-based looting now seen in A19 just made the game bland and boring. 5) RNG map algorithm that gives satisfying and convincing maps. Don't give a damn about: 1) Bandits
  13. Try turning Terrain Detail down to medium or low. This one setting is the difference between 20fps and 60fps for me, while everything else except reflections is set to ultra.
  14. A blunderbuss is a joke, not a gun. And if I've not found in loot and traders have no parts, how exactly am I doing it wrong?
  15. I am completely with you on this one. The game feels much more drab and dull than usual and I eventually realised it was because the loot is now generic and dull early game. Getting that fluky T3 Shotgun on day 2 was the little quirk that made every play through interesting, different and fun.
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