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  1. You need to share quests with your allies, then you all start and complete it together then you each get your own reward. If 3 players go to 1 trader, they each get 1 quest but they can each share theirs with the other 2 so each player now has 3 quests and will get 3 individual rewards on completion. I am guessing you are missing the step where you share quest with allies. There's a specific button to do this in the quest screen. Your allies must formally accept every quest you share to have it added to their quest list. Yes there is. You can lookup the XML and see the horde strength and total number, cross-referenced by GS. This total is per player. So if GS 150 gives a 100 zombie horde then 1 player will get 100 zombies at GS 150 strength. Two players allied and with combined GS 150 will get 200 zombies total, also at GS 150 strength. The strength determines the type of zombies but it's random. The maxAlive setting just dictates how many of these 200 can be spawned in at any time per player, and is not really related to the total horde size.
  2. This is wrong. Each player gets their own horde. So 3 players get 3 x the zombies one player would get. It's easy to prove it by counting the total zeds killed by all of you in your stats. Or just hang out at different locations on horde night and you will each get the same horde strength. Same strength, not same zombies of course as the actual horde contents are random.
  3. Your SP game is somehow bugged. GS 297 horde should be substantial with tons of irradiated and several Demos. I just did my GS 330 SP and I got 20+ Demos. In your MP game, your GS is 176 + (0.8 x 140) + (0.6 x 140) = 372, not that much higher. Other Considerations: Remember with 3 players you each get your own horde, so you get 3 times the zombies a SP gets overall (easily proven if you each ally up but spend horde night at different locations - you will each get an equal strength personal horde). Also very important to bear in mind your maxAlive setting (page 2 of general settings when you start your server). This defaults to 8 (wth!!) and is the max number of zombies that can be in the world per player at any one time. If you left this on 8, then GS will hardly matter for SP, your horde will feel crappy no matter what with only 8 alive at any time. In MP, with 3 of you it is 24 concurrent enemies if you left it on default 8, and this will feel a LOT more like a tough horde even if your GS was less. This setting is extremely important and in many ways has a bigger effect than difficulty or GS, especially in SP.
  4. I have also done this. I'd say it verges on mandatory. Game is basically bad if you don't do it but wonderful if you do.
  5. It does allow that, but you have to mod settings. Which I do. I have TONS of zombies now. And Junk Turrets are OP, imo.
  6. Neither is true in fact. Because you can just lay TWO turrets facing each other, at your feet. You have infinite coverage and you can then stand anywhere. The key problems with Junk Turrets is they do not shoot you, they shoot through you. And they stagger enemies they hit. That's why they are OP. AT full spec, Junk Turrets fire like an M60 minigun, not the clunk clunk clunk you saw if you didnt bother to spec and just dropped one to see what it did. They shred zombies even on Insane. I'm not sure about the stagger, it does seem OP as hell, but if they at least added friendly fire to them they'd probably be balanced.
  7. No because you can have a M60 AND 2 Junk Turrets. Which is like having 3 M60s. Have you tried full Turret spec, with 2 tier 6 turrets fully modded? You don't need the frickin M60.
  8. No I don't consider that cheating but I wouldn't do it because I like some danger and challenge in POI exploration, such as it is. Speccing into Turrets trivialised POIs, which is not not a play style I enjoy. I prefer a visceral battle with my Shotgun (on Insane, GS 400 right now).
  9. I try not to cheat but it's hard not to. The moment you build a base and notice the predictable way the "clever" AI heads at it in a certain way, which you then react to in building your defences, well you're kinda cheating. However, what I never, ever do is build an infinite ramp, or stilt base as those specifically exploit the "clever" AI. So I consider those 100% cheating. And I never use Junk Turrets because I agree with OP they are stupidly OP. Not cheating just boringly OP.
  10. One visit to the nearby desert and mining for 1 day = all the Shale I'd ever need. Current on day 90 with 80000 Shale unused.
  11. New forum is horrible. I hate change.
  12. I think you meant A16. It was in A17 that the wandering hordes got nerfed to pointlessness. And if you really did mean A17 (cause yes they did indeed get further nerfed in A18!!), then I am sorry to have to tell you that A16 was the golden age of wandering hordes, and you missed it.
  13. Indeed. The recent alpha massively reduced wild zombies and roaming hordes. That said, if you are up for modding some XML files (and I recommend you do), it is fairly easy to have more or less constant hordes - which, if you ask me, is the only way to play this game. Otherwise it is super boring.
  14. Difficult to answer. If I am playing 7 Days at all, I play it every night. But this pattern typically lasts for only a few months after a new alpha. Once I'm bored with the new alpha, I revert to playing it 'never'.
  15. If there is a clear path to you, this new AI is no more adept at finding it than any previous AI was. However the new AI is far more predictable than the old AI and thus - once you know the rules by which it operates - extremely easy to exploit.
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