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7 Days to Die


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Im on day 22, level 63 and my gamestage is 220..Ive died once


Im wondering what is a good number for a decent horde night..


I just completed the day 21 horde and just got regular zombies and a few dogs..


No spiders or glowing (whatever they are called) zombies...

I expect regular zombies , and was hoping for the glowing zombies ...


Is gamestage 220 a low number .. ?



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Tempus, I think its partly to do with score along with deaths. On the multiplayer world I am palying in, we are on day 34. I have a score of 700, with over 700 zombie kills and 23 deaths. Now, I dont know about hordes, but rad cops are often spawning in cities where I go, so I am thinking with that high of score, maybe the next hoarde night would spawn ferals/rad enemies.


I dont know the gamestage, because I am not an admin on the server.

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It all depends really...


The higher your skill, the better you are/the more damage you do.


Better weapons = better damage.

Better armour = better damage reduction.


A good base so you can fight properly on hoardnight.


All these factors matter, for effectively winning with a high gamestage.


I've had gamestage over 3000 in some games, by not dying and killing loads of zombies. But that still took until past day 200 to get there, I think...

It takes higher gamestage than you got to spawn the hard zombies.


Anyway... The hoardnight spawn seems to be a little broken in A16.

They start out fine... Rushing your base.

But as you kill the first wave, they kinda never recover... Just a trickle for the rest of the night.


You can artificially increase your gamestage, but it's hard to give you advice, when I know nothing of your skill (ingame and playing the game), weapons, armour or base.


I hope I was of SOME help, otherwise I'm sorry I wasted your time ;).

I put my faith with A17 fixing the hoardnight...



One advice I would give.

As soon as you have a club/bow and food/water is not so much an issue anymore.

Kill all the zombies you see.

I see many run from them, but they give great loot, good practice, increase gamestage and a lot of XP.

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220 is a fairly low gamestage. I think I'm at around 1200 and just finished the day 91 horde. I don't have any deaths, and am running the next difficulty up from the default, with 12 spawn/player, in single player.


Horde nights don't really start to get interesting until around day 42, and then you should get some glowing cops and spiders.


I haven't had the hordes just peter out after the first wave, they keep coming in waves until 4 am (then a wandering horde drops by while I'm trying to clean up the mess :smile-new:.)

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I don't usually start to see special zombies until the day 21 horde night. That said kill count, deaths, and player level influence that a lot. In my current game I just finished Day 14, my level is in the 60's somewhere, but my kill count is kind of low 350 or so I think. The low kill count is partly do to having a zombie meat grinder if 15 blade traps slaughtering almost the entire day 14 horde with me hardly getting to kill anything. So I might not get a beefy horde on day 21, but we'll see.

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"On every 7th night, from 22:00 to 4:00, a large horde of zombies will spawn. Also known as a Blood Moon Horde, because this is distinguished by the full moon being a blood red color, the area outside will also have light mist with a reddish tint. This horde of zombies will be able to detect the player through walls and when underground, even when no noise is being made, the heat map is low, and no odorous foods are being carried. On the seventh night, this horde will contain only normal zombies with a small number of Zombie Dogs. The horde on night 14 will be larger. On the 21st night, Zombie Bears, Burn Victims, Infected Police Officers, and Feral Zombies will join the horde, which will continue to grow in size every week through night 49."


that's what the wiki says but i don't completely agree. i've not seen dogs on night 7 until i cranked up the difficulty. here is another helpful page with an equation that goes into greater detail about gamestage




"gameStage = playerLevel + playerLevel * (daysSurvived * daysAliveDifficultyBonus + gameDifficultyMultiplier )"



so in summary, i think that special zombies spawn based on your gamestage alone rather than any particular day. i've seen cops on day 1 as well as zombie dogs playing on insane, and no dogs on day 14 on scavenger, but spiders on day 7 on normal difficulty. if i had to make an honest guess, it'd be that gamestage is the exclusive factor in when special zombies spawn. i also had soldiers spawning in roaming or screamer hordes on day 2-3 when i was only level ~5! i don't monitor my gamestage at all otherwise i'd try applying more realistic comparisons.


a fair note to make here is that the equation mentioned for calculating gamestage isn't a direct translation as i've tried using it and been off by quite a large margin. though i don't doubt the variables used, i have no idea exactly how to calculate their individual values.

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The day no longer affects the number or makeup of the zombies. That causal relationship can be expunged from the wiki if anyone's so inclined.


I was about to go over there to expunge it but then I clicked on Pimp Dreams instead...




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You tend to start seeing significant hordes at around 600-800 gamestage. Kill every roaming hoard you see between now and next horde night, don't die and focus on mining to boost your level quickly and next 7day will be a bit more impressive :)


Or if on singleplayer / server admin you can use cmds to adjust your gamestage to where you want it to be. Just be weary of overdoing it on yourself. 40 irradiated cops on a sub reinforced concrete base is... rough.

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