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  1. Thanks for clarifying this Roland. I am going to miss rebar. I always viewed building in rebar as part of the progression system. I always found early bases tedious with the wood->cobblestone->concrete upgrade pipeline. I greatly appreciated the ability to build in rebar (especially since rebar as a metal material block could hold more weight). You could lay out an entire base and not have to worry too much about SI. Depending on the weight characteristics of the new frames we may have to upgrade as we go since the A19 wood frames have SI limitations that rebar does not. I also appreciated rebar frames because breaking misplaced blocks is one of my least favorite activities in 7dtd. I will reserve judgment, however, to see how tedious it is to layout a base with the new frames and replace with full blocks in A20. It's a shame that it was deemed not possible (or desirable) to have both starter building frames (particle board) and advanced building frames (rebar).
  2. Going to repeat an earlier question that I don't believe was answered. Are rebar frames gone in A20? If so, I am not a fan of this change. One of the advantages of rebar frames is not having to go through the full upgrade cycle of wood (or flagstone)->cobblestone,->concrete-> steel. It also eliminates the wet concrete and reinforced concrete stages (which may no longer exist). In mid to late game I really don't want to have to deal with the wood->cobble->concrete->steel pipeline and just want to build in concrete. I would rather just focus on pumping out as much concrete as I can and not have to worry about crafting cobblestone rocks.
  3. People have asked for steel bars multiple times in dev threads and MM has repeatedly responded by saying, in essence, steel bars would trivialize the game. Obviously past behavior is no guarantee of future behavior.
  4. Forest biome is a "safe zone". Predators only spawn at night (or in wandering hordes) and deer have rarer spawns. In other biomes, predators spawn day and night. There are tons of chickens and rabbits about though. Food is definitely something you have to somewhat worry about the first two weeks or so but meat becomes a non-issue as soon as you get a good gun and run into some wolves.
  5. Motor tool parts are way more prevalent in A19 compared to A18 and so crafting an auger is definitely easier. In A18, I spent a bunch time acquiring enough motor parts so I could craft my first Auger. If having the auger is essential to you early game you can always use the creative menu to give yourself the schematic or the auger itself. There is always going to be a least one recipe that will prove elusive in every game. That is part of what provides the game its replayability.
  6. It happens. I'm on Day 50 in my game and still haven't found the gas can recipe. I usually find it no later than day 30. RNG is a harsh mistress.
  7. While anything is possible, I wouldn't get your hopes up. This has not been the direction of the game in multiple alphas. There's plenty of grindier games out there though.
  8. That's just a bunch of selective reading and rabble-rousing on your part. TFP has never said they "do not want people using vehicles off roads". MM has responded to people complaining about Mountains and craggy areas by saying in essence he doesn't see a problem with there being trade-offs to using roads vs driving off-road. He's never said the goal is for people to be unable to drive off-road. Instead he's consistently said "he" thinks their should be a potential cost for driving off-road. MM is not, however, the end all be all of development here. It's a team effort and MM's desires are not always implemented and are sometimes changed due to team or community input.
  9. This sounds less like Stealth is unbalanced and more like you just don't like stealth. I have never equipped heavy armor because I've never found the stamina/mobility/noise penalties to be worth it. If you feel the trade offs for heavy armor are worth it more power to you. But that says nothing about balance or player preference. In A19, I've spent almost all of my playtime in padded armor regardless of character build.
  10. And those people will whine and cry no matter what TFP does so why worry about them? Fataal has mentioned multiple changes he has been working on. There should be a 19.2 and possibly a 19.3. When those will release is a totally different issue.
  11. I've read your posts in this thread and your bug report and it's really not clear to me what you are trying to build and where the failure point is. A little more detail on what you are doing and the failure point would be helpful to everyone involved here. Specifically, what were the dimensions of the wood frame structure that failed? Regardless, you can calculate SI by counting the number of block faces providing support and multiplying that by the max horizontal support. To determine how many blocks that will hold divide that number by the block weight. For example, one wood block face can support 8 wood blocks (40/5 = 8). If you try to add more, the entire horizontal row of wood blocks will sheer at the vertical column. If you were trying to build an elevated rectangular wood platform , 4 vertical columns can support a platform with a maximum size of 68 wood blocks [ ((4x2)x40)/5) + 4 ]. Each vertical column will have 2 faces providing support so there is a total of 8 faces providing support [4 x 2]. Eight faces can support 64 blocks [ (8 x 40)/5) ]. Including the 4 blocks from the vertical columns that leaves us with a maximum platform of 68 blocks. The max dimensions of this platform would be 8 x 8 or 6 x 11 and you would be pretty much unable to place anything on the blocks in the center of the platform.
  12. I'm sure you've seen this but Fataal responded to your question in the A19 Dev thread. The bottom line is that the Devs will balance Zombie/Bandit AI when everything is in the game. My read is that people who are hoping for a return to A16 zombies are engaged in wishful thinking and are likely to be disappointed if they don't readjust their expectations.
  13. I'm just waiting for him to grace us with his take on the purchase.
  14. You are not "us." Also drop the "realism" arguments. If you think something is too tanky or too hard just say so. Don't hide behind weak arguments like "realism." It diminishes the point you are trying to make that you don't find the HP added to the bears to be fun.
  15. You should revisit your bug report. You didn't include any of the information TFP needs to troubleshoot your problem. There are instructions on what information to include in the pinned post in the Bug Pool subforum.
  16. Right because the only possible options for the Junk Drone are: a) release in A19 or b) be scrapped.
  17. I really don't know what you are on about here. Once you have the ability to mass craft safes or steel you also have the ability to sell a crap ton of loot to traders which will net you much more. In every playthrough I've done, dukes become a complete non-issue shortly after I have a motorcycle. By that time, I'm also clearing POIs at night. If people want to play 2 hour days and spend the entire night in their base crafting to sell to the trader more power to them. But it's a waste of resources in my opinion. Besides dukes aren't exactly hard to come by. I'm sitting on about 200k dukes solely from selling items I looted.
  18. Both have pros and cons. Neither is the end all be all.
  19. I'm pretty sure the problem is that there are no easy solutions to solve the issue of double clearing. One of the reasons for the POIs resetting on quest start is to prevent people on multiplayer servers from getting screwed over. The initial design was for players to get the loot from both the loot room and the trader reward. In a MP game the only way to guarantee this is to reset the POI. The other issue is that there could be problems completing a quest in a partially destroyed POI. If there was an easy solution to this that worked for both SP and MP, I'm pretty sure it would already be in the game.
  20. You need to expand your horizons. There's nothing stopping you from equipping a long gun or machine gun even if you don't spec into it. Be patient. You will eventually find the BP in damaged stations, at a trader, or a trader will have the full workstation for purchase. I am on Day 60+ in my game and have had a bunch of BPs drop over the course of the game. If you want to guarantee that you have all of them ASAP you will need to spend points in Int. I've spent most of my 60+ day game using shotguns as my primary weapon for POI clearing and horde night. I like them just fine. The block destruction can be annoying at times but I'll happily take that trade off for the raw power they offer.
  21. The Devs have already discussed this. It's unlikely to change. Also "kills immersion" is an overused argument that I imagine most Devs completely tune out.
  22. Try standing closer. Zombie bears were not dropping testosterone in A19 and now they are.
  23. A better visual clue would be appreciated but there is in fact an indication. The small square has a distinct orientation. I believe if it's located in the lower right-hand corner it will open away from you.
  24. Vis-a-vis adding stamina costs to the auger and chainsaw. I hope that once this added and polished there will be still be a sense of progression and moving from "dud to stud". One of the nice things about the auger and chainsaw is that you don't have to worry about stamina. Making the auger and chainsaw similar or worse than steel tools would be a step backwards in my opinion. I think stamina issues early game make the game more enjoyable because those issues give you something to overcome. But you need to be given the ability to overcome them. I have no desire to struggle with stamina late game the same way I struggle early game. In my current game, I have 4 points in Sex-rex (the maximum) and run out of stamina chopping trees with a purple steel axe. This doesn't feel good or right to me. I'd much rather use the blue chainsaw I have. If the chainsaw ultimately costs the same amount of stamina or more than a steel tool why bother with it?
  25. I think this happens because 75% of 1 is effectively 0. It’s actually a little more complicated than this but you get the gist. Hopefully this is something on TFP’s radar but I view it more as a matter of polishing than a must fix bug.
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