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  1. Once you get all 7 mining books and have a chance to one shot ore blocks, the steel pick can generate screamers. More so if you are collapsing blocks.
  2. Does anyone know what causes the camera to bob/shake? It only happens to me on horde night. My horde base is a corridor with a blade trap and electric fence posts. The corridor is two blocks high with a ceiling at 3-block high level to prevent the zombies from jumping. The blade trap is attached to the ceiling block to the side of the corridor. I think the camera shake might be caused by a combination of blade traps with a ceiling at the 3-block level. Does anyone know for certain? And for TFP, is this something you are looking at? The camera wobble is disorienting and unpleasant.
  3. This is probably the case. He was standing about 5-6 blocks above bedrock and I don't think where he built the base was particularly deep.
  4. In my experience the downtown tilesets spawn harder zombies. I see plenty of feral zombies during the day in Desert downtown tilesets. In terms of how to deal with it, the real problem in the Wasteland are the zombie bears. You need to clear them first before starting the quest. As soon as you do, start the quest and make as much progress as possible because they will eventually respawn. You will also have to be prepared for zombies coming from behind you as you progress through the T5. Close doors to slow them down or bring iron hatches to put down at strategic locations to slow them up. For bears and ferals you really want have a full auto weapon with lots of ammo.
  5. Considering that everyone seems to be generating enormous amounts of heat due to crafting, what are you doing with all those resources? The only time I have ever spawned a screamer in A20 or in later point releases of A19 was when using an auger to mine iron. A forge, cement mixer, and chem station crafting at the same time has yet to spawn a screamer for me. And if you have all of those resources why not build a base for horde night or create a path to your bunker lined with traps? In A20, the turret schematics seem to drop fairly regularly and ammo is plentiful. So you could probably get away with building an entrance at the surface for zombies and placing a turret or two to pick them off.
  6. I'm not sure this is entirely true. It may depend on your base design. In Jonah's stream yesterday (or the day before depending on your time zone), he had a horde base at bedrock and was able to summon multiple screamers by lighting around 14 campfires. The entire point of his base was to have zombies path to him and so that could be the difference. Here's a link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1246760517?t=03h54m55s
  7. Yes most of my gear comes from the Trader A20 until mid game because pretty much nothing drops from loot caches now. If the Trader rewards are reduced then the play is still to do the missions so you can get the dukes to buy the better stuff from their inventory, I think the trader game loop is pretty good. Early game it's generally the best option. Mid to late game, it's just something to do even if the rewards are generally not worth it. Reducing trader rewards would also hurt leveling up new traders as by the time you are doing that you really don't want garbage rewards.
  8. Maybe but they seem to be the only option for weapon/tool progression until late in the game. I'm on day 31 (60 min days, 100 XP) and all of my weapons except a crafted SMG are from Trader rewards or Trader purchase (a Q4 pistol bought in the first week) and most of my tools are from the trader as well. Steel shovels just started dropping for me in loot. Weapon/tool drops from loot caches seems to have been drastically reduced in A20. Even if trader rewards were reduced they would still be worth doing. You could always do a no trader run. Nothing is truly mandatory.
  9. The Stealth system underwent some major changes and may have bugs or need to be fine-tuned. The basics of it are that certain actions trigger a stealth check that the player either succeeds or fails. The action could be entering an area, killing a zombie, etc. The stealth system also factors in ambient light, including player made light.
  10. How exactly do you think this would affect "Horde Base Cheese?" The zombies still need to path to whatever they are targeting. The same strategies people use for Horde Bases will still work if the Zombies target something else. All someone has to do is make the most desirable path to the item targeted, the path that is full of traps. Also, why does this matter? Build your base and play how you like. Let others do the same.
  11. Except that "noobs" are probably better off not increasing their gamestage as fast as possible. The upside is upgrading from Wood or Cobble to Concrete is now faster since you don't have to hang around in the Chunk to wait for the Concrete to dry.
  12. RNG is RNG. The lack of the guaranteed loot is one of the best parts of this game, IMO. Loot RNG has the potential to make one playthrough significantly different from the next. But if not having something is rage inducing just use the creative menu and spawn it in. You can pick the day you think you should have looted it by and spawn it in.
  13. This is an interesting take. The general consensus I've seen is that the game is trending more towards FPS/ action-oriented and away from survival/RPG. The game has definitely has been trending towards guns and heavy looting since I first started playing in A15.
  14. There's a stickied thread at the top with A20 Seeds
  15. This is incorrect unless it changed in one of the builds. In the initial builds, Cement bars upgraded to Steel. I haven't gotten to steel in my second playthrough to know whether this changed in the more recent builds. It would also be weird if bars were treated different than every other frame shape.
  16. Don't care. And zombies are decaying corpses why wouldn't they fall apart when extreme amounts of forces are applied to them. Just pretend that you hit them in the neck and ripped through the remaining shreds of flesh.
  17. For me it's happened in SP on both 10k and 8k maps in A20. Happened in A19 as well. It happened to me yesterday but I'm not 100% on which build it occured on. I will comment if it happens again. The last time it happened it moved about 200 blocks or so and was buried under the top layer. I'm assuming there was a minor height difference between where I left the bike and where it ended up.
  18. I haven't seen those. Maybe you or the server still have some remnants from A19 or mod packs in your install. This issue has existed for a couple of Alphas now and the Devs haven't been able to track it down. I think the bigger issue is that vehicles are teleporting once you get off them and sometimes get buried in the ground in their new location. I have that happen a couple of times to my bicycle. This has never happened to me in previous Alphas (I play solo only).
  19. As stated just stand on top of a POI made of concrete (making sure to remove access to the roof). Move to another one once that POI is on its last legs. You will probably want to make a little pillbox for yourself with bars in part of the ceiling to shoot at vultures. Alternatively you can just turn Horde night off in the settings. You also don't need an elaborate base to take on the horde. A elevated platform with stairs leading up to it coupled with electric fences on the path between the stairs and where you are standing is sufficient. Just place some bars between you and the zombies and you can shoot them while they are stun locked by the fences. Later on you will want to add blade traps and dart traps for Demos.
  20. Ultimately this is player choice. While I am sure there are some things TFP can do, the basic premise of the game is that every block is destroyable. There will always be shortcuts to loot. And to be honest, it's not like the loot in the caches is all that great anyway. Cars are one of the better sources of tools. Weapons are more easily obtained from Trader Rewards and Trader Inventory. Schematics are best found looking in mailboxes, book shelves, and random trash. And the best drop for Ammo is zombie loot bags. Just going to the Snow or Wasteland biomes and looting every car is probably a more efficient use of time than destroying blocks to get into loot caches.
  21. I've seen the schematic several times at traders in my current game around Day 19.
  22. If you are looking for advice rather than just venting: mods (cap and thermal blanket thing), the thermal perk, certain consumables (coffee, etc.).
  23. Having to smelt does, to a limited extent, factor into time management. If you haven't smelted anything, you can't craft anything. And so you do need to make sure you have items smelted before you can craft something. It also allows some time shifting since you can smelt resources as you get them to be ready for the final crafted product. If you made the forges work like the workbenches, this would further reduce the need to mine since your crafting would always be perfectly efficient. There would be no resources idling in the forge.
  24. There must be something specific about your playstyle or settings (day length, XP% gained) but that is definitely not my experience. In both of my playthroughs I may have had that amount of ammo by Day 7. My first playthrough was a strength build. I did not find a pump shotgun in the first week. I did not even get a double barrel until around day 4. I did not have a combat shotgun until week 3 or 4 at the earliest. You may be so used to your particular playstyle (or settings) you may not realize how atypical those results are. I have no doubt if someone rushes progression they will end up with more ammo than I did because their loot stage will be higher than mine. In my current playthrough, I'm on Day 18 and have 1100 rounds of 7.62, 1100 rounds of 9mm, and 600 shotgun shells. This is an agility build that is mostly melee for clearing POIs and guns for horde night. For reference, I have a Q2 AK (trader reward), a Q4 pistol (purchased from Trader), Q3 double barrel (trader reward), and a Q4 Tactical Rifle (trader reward). This is similar to my last playthrough except the trader has not offered me a pump shotgun yet. As to loot bags from zombies I honestly haven't seen that much. I've gotten less than 10 on each horde night so far. And I rarely see them drop when completing quests. I agree that ammo is more plentiful in A20 overall. For example, I never needed to craft ammo in my first playthrough that got to about Day 50. But in terms of the first week or so, I have had much less ammo than I ever did in A19.
  25. I don't think Zombie HP or damage has changed. I think you are likely to see more zombies and higher level zombies, i.e. ferals or radiated. Personally, I'm partial to looting in the snow biome once I'm properly geared. The scaling goes - Forest, Desert, Snow, Wasteland. Honestly, I don't it's really worth moving base or looting in the Desert unless you really like. I don't bother with the Wasteland because I really don't care for the aesthetics of the biome.
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