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  1. I think the dungeon style POI's have become too prevalent but I don't have any real problem with them. Even before they were a thing players would beeline to the best treasure in a POI if that was what they were after. I pretty much always work all the way through dungeon POI's and strip the site for most all of it's loot. I wrench all the stuff that needs wrenching and dig up all the free resources, and I loot every trash pile. People that nerd pole to treasure rooms are missing more than half of the worthwhile loot. I'm always finding books in trash piles, acid in sinks, and there are plenty
  2. Rarely use picks anymore. Just pickaxe, sledge, auger my way into safes. Breaching ammo if you are using Shotguns is also a viable method but really pickaxe and auger are best because you're probably carrying those anyways.
  3. What is everyone doing that they are still in the stone age by day 7? I play on default settings with difficulty on Nomad and have no problem getting out of the stone age within a few days, and that is with essentially only entering a PoI when I have a quest for it. If I just went house to house clearing houses I imagine my game stage would climb much faster, questing gives some bonus exp but you lose a lot of time running back and forth.
  4. Collect everything except broken glass and whenever I get full put down a drop chest and mark it on the map. Prioritize bringing vendor trash to the vendor, clothing with a sell price $30 or better, books and recipes I won't need or want, all that sort of stuff. Quest like crazy, double looting buildings that I know I can do very fast, or bust straight to a loot room. Spend enough points to get a Bike if I haven't found/bought stuff to have one after the first few days, I'll probably have to buy up to minibike anyways eventually for the Gas recipe, so going all in on Int early is a pretty dece
  5. Are you sure your generator is putting out enough power for everything you have wired up? If you turned on anything else as the horde started that could definitely cause stuff to behave weirdly. I haven't overloaded a generator in a big way in a few alphas but I remember having way to many blade traps at some point and they were constantly switching which was powered up and which weren't.
  6. A shotgun usually is the weapon of choice when hunting birds. It's just usually done with bird shot, which isn't an ammo choice at all. And said hunting typically is done from many yards away, which again doesn't work in game because the max range of a shotgun without using slugs is less than ten meters.
  7. Are you perhaps power attacking or something with the impact driver and not with the ratchet?
  8. I haven't had it happen in the build that released yesterday but it was happening in the previous builds of A19 for sure. Because I have been playing Strength, of course I find things like tactical assault rifles and magnums. I watched a streamer find a double barreled shotgun on day.
  9. I've been finding plenty of all the various node types. However surface nodes doesn't seem very representative of what lies beneath. Every iron node I've dug into led to a mine where iron is the mostly displaced by coal and nitrate with lead on the side.
  10. That depends on exactly what is meant by "great" stuff. You can definitely find items that don't fit your gamestage, a double barrel shotgun on day one for instance. The quality levels though will be just as bad as the stone stuff you are finding, or more likely even worse. Sure you won't find a high quality pump or auto shotgun, but just finding a double barrel shotgun early can be huge. Hell I just murdered 293 zombies on the 21 day horde using primarily a double barrel shotgun, 123 shells and 55 blunderbuss ammo used.
  11. Do people really play this game with the spray and pray technique when everything incentivizes head shots? Demolishers are no different. Swap to a high damage weapon with AP ammo and remove the Demolishers head. The latest patch also made blade traps no longer trigger the demos. By the time you have Demolishers spawning in hordes a solo player should have access to multiple ways of handling them, and this is even more true in MP where game stage advances more slowly and there are more skill points to be spread around. I'll grant you though that a player that doesn't know about them
  12. It has been that way for quite a few alpha versions now. There was a version or two before that where the game would send one zombie at a time for the rest of the night just to keep you on your toes? It has been a common tactic for a long time to save and quit then restart the game and it'll send a fresh horde your way.
  13. Even when making farm plots you don't need that much Rotten Flesh. In my solo game I've got a much larger garden than I'll ever actually need and still have more than ten stacks of Rotten Flesh waiting to find the Hobo Stew Recipe.
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