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  1. I think the dungeon style POI's have become too prevalent but I don't have any real problem with them. Even before they were a thing players would beeline to the best treasure in a POI if that was what they were after. I pretty much always work all the way through dungeon POI's and strip the site for most all of it's loot. I wrench all the stuff that needs wrenching and dig up all the free resources, and I loot every trash pile. People that nerd pole to treasure rooms are missing more than half of the worthwhile loot. I'm always finding books in trash piles, acid in sinks, and there are plenty of safes and such sprinkled around to make it worthwhile, not to mention all the zombie XP.
  2. Rarely use picks anymore. Just pickaxe, sledge, auger my way into safes. Breaching ammo if you are using Shotguns is also a viable method but really pickaxe and auger are best because you're probably carrying those anyways.
  3. What is everyone doing that they are still in the stone age by day 7? I play on default settings with difficulty on Nomad and have no problem getting out of the stone age within a few days, and that is with essentially only entering a PoI when I have a quest for it. If I just went house to house clearing houses I imagine my game stage would climb much faster, questing gives some bonus exp but you lose a lot of time running back and forth.
  4. Collect everything except broken glass and whenever I get full put down a drop chest and mark it on the map. Prioritize bringing vendor trash to the vendor, clothing with a sell price $30 or better, books and recipes I won't need or want, all that sort of stuff. Quest like crazy, double looting buildings that I know I can do very fast, or bust straight to a loot room. Spend enough points to get a Bike if I haven't found/bought stuff to have one after the first few days, I'll probably have to buy up to minibike anyways eventually for the Gas recipe, so going all in on Int early is a pretty decent strategy if for nothing else than transport, crafting stations, and daring adventure. Between selling and questing getting to $10k in the first week is pretty doable. For horde nights I build a small elevated platform and give the zombies a single block wide corridor to reach me, and fend them off with barbed wire fences and opened hatches. I like the blunderbuss for the killing as getting double or even triple kills in one shot is pretty common, melee can also work though especially if you have some coffee, melee candy, and or moonshine.
  5. Even when making farm plots you don't need that much Rotten Flesh. In my solo game I've got a much larger garden than I'll ever actually need and still have more than ten stacks of Rotten Flesh waiting to find the Hobo Stew Recipe.
  6. I don't see how they are any better or worse than the hornets honestly. The AI on them is still @%$*#!. They'll circle for hours and abort attacks before they even get within 30 meters. The one weapon that should be most suited to killing them is a Shotgun, but of course because of the game mechanics it is actually the worst firearm for it. I don't mind them so much on horde nights as like others have said setting up a roof and installing a turret on it is simple enough. I only kill vultures on horde night if they happen to come into my line of fire. So far as biomes with more of them, the only one worth visiting is the desert. I'll hit up a desert once or twice in a play through to gather Oil Shale but that is it. Wasteland and Burnt might as well not even exist in the world gen list of biomes.
  7. Yup, simple enough to do. Even if you don't get lucky with a POI with part of it's structure in the trader safe zone, you can just dig a trench all the way around the trader and hang out on the edge.
  8. There does seem to be a slim chance of finding loot from a tier above your game stage. A streamer in particular I was watching got a double barreled shotgun out of a bag on the first day. In my own game I didn't manage to find a DBS until I had actually purchased a Pump Shotgun from a trader after the second week. I had gotten plenty of pistols a few AK's and a couple Hunting rifles but no real shotguns. Which of course figures because I had all my points sunk into strength and kept Boomstick maxed out. I gotta say though that a Blunderbuss or two with a bandolier mod will do some incredible work. It took until day 26 to find a Q2 Steel Sledge, and Day 33 to finally find the schematic to make a good one. Even having bad luck getting the gear for my chosen skills the game has felt very good.
  9. I'm looking forward to POI's having bonus loot levels. To keep them from being cheesed as hard as in A18 perhaps the bonus loot levels could scale depending on how well cleared the POI is. The game can clearly already track whether or not all of the zombies in a POI have been spawned and killed, see clear quests. So scale the loot bonus based on the clear percentage. Heck, you could even make the scale work such that the loot room containers all have a negative loot level modifier until some arbitrary percentage of the zombies have been killed and then let that loot bonus go up and hit 100% of it's assigned value once 80-90% of the zombies have been killed.
  10. Hunting rifle is all I used for the first 4 or 5 blood moons, until I finally found a Marksman Rifle. RoF was not a serious concern because the zombies simply didn't spawn and move fast enough to keep me firing non-stop. The only slowdowns for the zombie are a seven block high pyramid of blocks with steps they had to climb before getting into the kill zone. The kill zone is a block wide and about 16 blocks long covered with barbed wire and electric fences once I could get them. The furthest I ever had any zombies make it down the kill zone was a spider that I just couldn't seem to hit and he made it most of the way but never got in melee range, I didn't have electric fences at that time. Once I got the electric fences up the zombies never made it more than six blocks down the kill zone. I suppose if you bump up blood moon count it might get tougher to keep up with the Hunting Rifle, but on default settings, and a thought out defensive structure it is a strong blood moon gun. And of course it being so ammo efficient means you don't have to waste as much time farming for resources to make ammunition. I just did the day 49 horde and only went through a bit over 300 rounds, I can usually find that much or more in a week of looting. In fact I've only been making AP ammo, but haven't needed to use any yet.
  11. Sure the Hunting Rifle could be better, but it's pretty good as is. If you funnel the zombies and slow them with barbed wire or other traps you can hold off the hordes. Even without AP ammunition I used it for my horde defense weapon all the way to day 39 when I finally found a Marksman rifle. Even now that I have one though I'm not sure if it'll work out as well as the Hunting Rifle, with the lower damage base I'm not sure that it'll put everything down in one shot.
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