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Where are the sticky list of all mods


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Thx Clockwork for the answer, but this was not my question ;-). First i hate Moadlauncher for all games ever. Nobody can know, what they do realy (in many diferent version from mods, games, tolls and so). If i put in files in my folder i know, what i hafe done. (for people hwo only want play without big deals, the shold use this stupid thinks like Steamworkshop or some else extra programms). And the second thing, i want go directly in the Threads and can read the hole informations, problems, planing stuff and all stuff for a Mod/Modpack.

(my experience are, this programms make more problems as they helps)



And I want dont install so many programs and wasted my registry.


But thx for youre answer, for the most people it can helps, but not for me, sorry.

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Before it was fine with the list, mhh but i understand. If the thread-owner dont have enouth time anymore, its not more complete, but realy, better an not complete list with the god stuff, as forum search for mods. (here are so many mixed, questions and issues and mods and it terrible to find a mod that name are not knowned.


Know i must also download the modlauncher, must see what is there for mods, copy the name, go here in the forum and search for it. wow ^^. (thx for the info that i dont intsall it, its a little bit nicer than before, a little ;-).


I know it from other Game-forum and its possible to have a nice list. Eg. EGOSOFT, there was first a normal user, everboddy who have a mod can write his mod with site url (the mod-writer must do this, becouse its there work). The Thread-"boss" must only copy paste it to the first post (all week or all tweo weaks 5 min. work). Done. After 1-2 years, one of the forum-mods have adept the thread. And it was ok.


The realy question are, is there a way to become the old thread with a sticky back (or a new list) Or its timewaste fight for it. I thing the mods read all threads, also this ;-). Think about it.


(sorry i would write more and better but not in english ;-) ).

Have a nice day.


Edit: Have find the site



(Cool and the mod that name i downt knowed are ready for the 16.4 - yes smile)

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Yeh clockwork just made a thread for this and many in his list likely don't work anymore, and none in his his will work when a17 hits.


Who say that all people want ever the newest version? If there a great modpack for an older gamversion i play it. And maybe a new modde see old idears and make a newer version of it.


Its old it must die, this is realy not my way.


And Clockwork Orange here too, thx for you're list


(And by the way, its a think from the modder to let the list-writer know its a new mod or some outher information. In outher comunity it works great, why not here)

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I've proposed a couple of alternatives in the past.


Option A would be to split this forum in two. One section would be for discussing modding in general. A second section would be just for released mods, not unlike the efficient yet poorly named "Content Creators" section.


Option B would be to keep a list of mods as a page on the official wiki.


Both these options would allow the list to evolve over time without moderators or other gatekeepers creating a bottleneck.

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