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  1. Thx for the "Simple UI Left HUD Buff Timers"
  2. Is there any chance to get a key like "R" to grab all Items in a Chest for the othersite. A Key that put all the Inventory stuff (without the underst fast-slots and without the uppest inventory slots) in a Chest? We need some Tools for better combine inventories, if you play and loot with other peoples. So much wasted time for ask, have anybody stone, and this, to combin inventory. Most after combining inventorie stuff, all have half emty inventory. But it nervse extremly. Sorry for my bad english, i hope the sense of my text are understandable.
  3. He Guys, one question. If i copy the files from modpacks like "experimental recieps" or "true survival" and copyed it in my (always) clean new 7dtd and start the game without the anticheat, it works fine. But it worked not for "ravenhearts". Any idears why its not going? game launcher is not a option for me. The launcher needs a NET. Framework version, who can not installed at Windows 8 and they dint answered there. Thx Ey whyyyyy? I have do it right exacly like 5, 6 times and now its load the mainmenu? Cant unterstand, the same thing with a other pack for two days. The exact same w
  4. FritzHugo3

    True Survival

    Download and install the True Survival 16.2 files manually here- https://github.com/SpiderJZMOD/True-...al-Install.git Player Install Instructions- Open the modded 7DaysToDie_Data Folder then open the Managed Folder. Copy all the files in that location and overwrite the files in the same location in your game files. In the main directory of the modded files open the Data Folder and copy the Config Folder and and overwrite the folder in the same location in your game files. Then go back to the same location in the modded files and open the Prefab Folder. Copy all the files in
  5. "If you still get a message about Required .NET Framework upgrade, and it does not install it automatically, download it here:..." The Launcher say on start (zip Version) install network bla. but the version who is linked, this version are not kompatible with Windows 8. Only want report this. Maybe a little write at first post, thats for Windows 8, the 4.6.1 NET. Framework are the newest worked version is. Better write a message at the launcher start, if he miss NET Framework (i hope the launcher can handle the older version) EDIT: OK. The Launcher didnt work on 4.6.1 and wind
  6. Hi, i played youre modpack some times in the past but now i would like play vanilla allmost. I searched the scripts in the game ordner but cant find it. What mod or where can i find the right place to find, that gras and wood-log can grab without hitting it. Please can you give me a little tipp, that i can make logs and grass to get with "e"? Edit: I trye it in a seperate Threat. Not able to delete the owne post in this forum? Mh, if it is know there. Whats the different from ligt to full version. the description in the first post are ident.
  7. Wow, great work Clockwork Orange. (If you have realy many time, make two, tree heading. big Modpacks, Mods, only Gui, tools, but the list are realy nice. Many thx) MODS HERE MUST BE A STICKY! Please! Edit: Thanks moderator - thanks for header (only for dont forget the first list [nostalgic smile] https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?37544-Overhauls-Tweaks-Prefabs-Tools it was a long time helpful)
  8. A lot of thx to you from two 35y.+, we are to stupid for it ;-). But why the game start not without the MP3-Folder at c:\? it makes no sense for us ;-). But it is like it is. Thank you
  9. I do all like youre install Faq's and the Mod-loader say this when i click on build: Arg: -config=C:\Users\-\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp4CF0.tmp ConfigPath: C:\Users\-\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp4CF0.tmp Target: 7 Days To Die [1.0] EVENT: Begin task: Backup game files Copy: C:\FH3 - Programme\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Config -> C:\FH3 - Programme\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\SDX070\Backups\7 Days To Die\Data\Config Copy: C:\FH3 - Programme\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\7DaysToDie_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll -> C:\FH3 - Programme\Ga
  10. Thx for youre answer. i have bypassed the problem now with kill myself.
  11. hi Sergant1000 a question, is it posible to delete an item from my playerinventory? I have a problem with a sawed shotgung. i have changed the stock and craft it and there are no quality colore, if i go over the shotgun - errorconsole come and say like problem with a object tha have no arguments ore some else. know i cant open my inventory never beqouse the error console comes everytime. Is the gamesave destroyed? thx for answer
  12. You need 10 Clay (not the ball) (If you have a reciep that failed for you, go in the recipe file and serche the name ;-))
  13. I have uploaded the icons 8196x8196 and remap the icon.yml you can download it here for the version "Update Data: 19.05.15, Game Version: alfa 11, Mod Version: 15.31" icons.zip Have a nice day (and i hope its ok for the modwriter)
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