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  1. Yeah thats a shame none of the links work anymore, I will no longer be updating the list but will at least leave the list that is currently available for people who want to google or forum search their names but, Im sure as hell not going through them all again. Alternatively if MoparGamer or someone updates the links from a copy of mine I will copy the updated list to the original.
  2. I will be updating the list once 18 goes stable. I also have a ton if A 17 mods that I still have to go through too.
  3. Haha nice, yeah one of my old favourites, I added ya to the list. Have a good one!
  4. Got it! Thanks for posting!
  5. Yeah I changed it up a bit, it should be more clear now. Got it! Thanks for posting!
  6. That would be ideal but impractical for me to know which mods are compatible with the current version and on top of that constantly keeping track of that and moving and changing the list accordingly etc.
  7. Its technically an overhaul but if it requires different install instructions I class it as sdx even if it doesnt require sdx at least for now. - - - Updated - - - Updated the name to not include the date in the title, all mods created during A 17 are held at the top of the list until the next alpha, then all of those mods will move to the Old and Current list and mods created during A 18 will be held at the top again. Hope that makes sense.
  8. Do you have a thread for the mod I can link to?
  9. Sorry I must have deleted it thinking it was included in a Modlet collection thread when I was removing duplicate or redundant links.
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