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  1. Honestly although there are just little game mechanics that are missing that I like to add, things like specific zombies dropping specific loot so there is a reason to hunt them down instead of every zombie being the same exact reskinned loot bag thats just one eg and there are quite a lot of little game mechanics that have been updated into oblivion that I need to try to remember and bring back. I need to go through every item and make sure everything has purpose in the game and remove any bloat that serves none, even junk serves a purpose but some things just dont and I have not played at all to know what is anything anymore. Unfortunately all these little things require that I go through literally every file and overhaul everything, I am now waiting for A20 and maybe even beyond since its a big task and I dont want to repeat too many more times and its keeping me from enjoying and playing the game TBH. I just hope after A 20 I have the motivation to do it fully. It would be nice to share my vision of the game with everyone eventually.
  2. Yeah sorry for the confusion, as bdubyah said I only removed the loot bags and made zombies looted directly, not automatically.
  3. Hey sorry for late reply been real busy lately, Im not too sure what you mean by auto loot, if you mean what I think you mean as in you collect loot automatically from zombies as you kill them without actually looting them then idk if that is even possible, but if you mean removing the backpacks that zombies drop loot in and instead the zombie bodies are the loot bag then I can help you with that.
  4. Thanks guys, I have been stuck working 10 hour days lately and its been tough to get back into it, lucky it probably wont last more than a week now hopefully and I will have more time to game it up. Its good to see some interest still, and since there is some interest I will make some extra effort to make some things happen for the weekend for sure. I do have a lot planned, and hope to share it with you soon.
  5. Thanks, good to be back, I doubt anyone will be interested in my minor tweaks and changes nowadays but I still like to share.
  6. Ninefinger Productions Presents A Clockwork Project An Ultimate Overhaul Modpack Hello everyone, I have been away from the modding scene for a while but I am back now with a new rendition of my previous work. Generally I like to stay true to vanilla as much as possible but there are a few areas of preference I like to change. For now the new version of the mod has only a few small changes and you can expect more to come in the near future. Small disclaimer is that I have not taken it upon myself to learn xpathing so my mods will be good old fashion direct file replacement, at least for now, sorry for any inconvenience. Current Changes: -Zombies are now looted directly and no longer drop a loot bag -Zombies can have a chance for loot although some may have nothing -Nurses drop medical loot and regular zombies do not -Boss zombie loot is unchanged -Changed Stealth / Health / Stamina / Hunger / Thirst to my preferred custom UI -Changed increased wilderness spawns for zombies the same as I have done previously For those of you who are familiar with my work will see that obviously there is a lot of things missing from my previous versions which for those of you who are curious can be found archived here. Since I have been away for a while the game has gone through some considerable changes and I will first need to familiarize myself with the current systems before I continue with modifications but hopefully you will see some more from me in the near future. Install instructions are included with the download, if you have any questions feel free to ask. Enjoy! A19.6 Download: https://github.com/ClockworkOrange420/A-Clockwork-Project/archive/refs/heads/master.zip
  7. Inside the 7 Days To Die/Data folder if you make an empty folder called UMATextures the game should generate the needed textures for the Trader Caitlin. The mod sounds great BTW Jax!
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