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Sphinx Prefab


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Thanks KingRizla,

it worked. I can replace the blocks and it then shows the selected paint. But its a pain in the ass doing it per hand. I have to select new paint very often.


sadly this funtion doesnt work anymore:

E: Change color of selection (not sure if there is more to it)



@everyone who wants to try that vertices error.

just open a new world and place destroyed bricks(1473). Sometimes the error will appear after several hundreds of placed blocks. sometimes after only a few of them. theres definetly some bug with these blocks.

i got it after (361/74/137).


Hi again Andy


its very nice to hear that u got it to work :) and i can only agree that it can be a bit tedious to replace blocks like this, but it is atleast a last resort to get it to work ;)


i will try testing out this issue ur having with the destroyed bricks and see what happens on my end :)


i am a bit pressed on time atm so it might not be tonight that i test it :)

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and by doing so the block updates itself and the not painted area is then painted. i honestly dont think that its because u cannot paint the blocks, it is just a issue with updating the block so that the paint is visible, so in theory any way u can update the block should work.


i dont think it has something to do with that.

I have to paint all sites of the block i want to use . Then i need to copy it with middle mouse. In that way the painted sites are copied and i can succesful replace blocks in my prefab.

if i just replace them with shift+rightclick the old paint or whatever will go away but it remains unpaintable(can´t copy paint/can´t remove/ can´t do anything^^)


But through the editor i have a way to do so :) Its like doing the whole prefab again but its a solution im very thankful for


i will finish the prefab in the next weeks i think.

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I made a Bug post about the Vertices Error. It got accepted and reported to tfp. Now lets wait.

@all just dont mess around with these blocks untill there fixed^^


And i have to thank all of you for the Help! Without there won´t be a new version :)


Here are some pictures of the unfinished sphinx. It will take some more time before its finished.


link removed

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sphinx 2.0 release


I finished the Prefab :)


Here´s the new Version




At the beginning i wanted to build the normal Sphinx...But it came out a bit lame and i decided to go with my own style to fit in 7dtd. There´s really good loot to find. You only need to manage to kill some zombies on your way to the chambers.

At the first look the loot is hidden but not that hidden , no one finds it. Use your brain and you´ll find it ;)


That´s why its a bit mixed with fantasy/dungeon/some kind of Cult doing rituals or some kind of ♥♥♥♥. Maybe its the breeding place of the zombie apocalypse...No one knows for sure.

Its definitely fun to play through and i haven´t seen anything in comparison with the dungeon style.


enjoy and let me know what you all think.

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  • 2 months later...

I started to build the sphinx on a German 7dtd server. Just for fun.

I looked at many prefabs and learned something from everyone. There are some really good prefabs.


Since the sphinx was too small and I did not want to build everything new at the time i was building 2.0, I decided to rebuild and not to build new. I had problems with stability the vertices error and so on. I needed a break to think about how to build the final version.


I've deleted everything and been rebuilding for some time now. It is huge! You will get lost.




maybe I'll post photos of finished rooms from time to time. No hassle. I JUST STARTED. Here is a sneak peak.







There are many other rooms with similar size.



The Catacombs!


* sadly there isnt a skeleton block to make it spooky :( :(

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Here is a preview of whats coming in A17. Get excited for a hugh Prefab with the goal to be a Endgame-Prefab with a real Threat.

One way down through many different Rooms with many Lootchambers, Zombies, Traps etc...


In the Pictures you can see parts of some big Rooms but there are other i need to finish before showing. And a ton of small Graves and Chambers.


*still alot of work but here are some impressions



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  • 1 month later...

I was doing some test plays in RWG and thought i make a video because pictures can´t describe.. :D ( and 7dtd´s picture policy is bad ^^)


i just want to Check the actual gameplay and did a video instead haha. Thanks to Pille´s auto sleeper generator ,the sleeper setup was easy. Later i´ll do it better and by hand. It was the first try.... and as i dont clear all sleepers it gets a bit laggy at some points in the video but with graphcs at max its ok...i think ;)



NOT included till i get hands on a17:

- Lootrooms won´t be finished

- Loot

- Environmental Hazards ( A17 content )

- Many Blocks and Paints of a17 i will use :D

- Animal Sleepers ( maybe vulture nest in some big rooms? snakes..bear.. lets see )

- custom Quests etc possible with a17

- and i think there is more...^^



Enjoy a first gameplay of the Sphinx´s Catacombs



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Id love to see collaborations between prefabbers...and no hate. To create more awesome prefabs for the community.


My prefab isnt released and everyone will get credits when ill release it...

I already asked for permission and you said yes ( almost 2 months ago )

If you share a prefab with the community it also means you share it completely

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