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  1. A new version (2020 08 05) for A19 b177 with 60 additional Prefabs and a new NitroGen Map for 8K Download Link in the OP
  2. A new version (2020 07 24) for A19 b169 with 44 additional Prefabs and a new NitroGen Map for 8K Download Link in the OP
  3. Extension of the mod to a total of 33 additional prefabs. Link in the OP
  4. The map is generated with NitroGen fron Damocles. You have only to copy the unzipped files into your 7 Days to die gamefolder. Then you can play the pregenerated map TopMinders Map 8K. You can load it in the menu where you also can find the Vanilla PREGEN maps.
  5. Hi Jackelmyer. My intention is to give players updated prefabs with a playable map. It is also intended to expand the prefabs of the CP 43
  6. Hi everybody. Here comes a new version (2020 10 04) for A19.1 b8 with 80 additional Prefabs and a new NitroGen Map 8K https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/351
  7. You have to copy this two files: configUI prefablist_CP43 from the Nitrogen-files file folder in the CP43 download into the NitroGen_WorldGenerator/resources folder then you can change in NitroGen under prefab list to Compo Pack 43 Generate a new world, copy the generated maps (the whole map folder) from NitroGen_WorldGenerator/output to your gamefolder 7 Days To Die/Data/Worlds folder and all the CP43 Prefabs to 7 Days To Die/Data/Prefabs The you can load the generated map in your 7 Days to die game and play a new game
  8. You don´t need to delete the File. deleting the line in the XML is enough when you want to generate a RWG world without this special prefab.
  9. Each prefab has a small jpg preview picture, through which you can get a name based on its appearance.
  10. Changes to previous version -- 10 more Prefabs --, - Cave1 (Made by Rick - NAGG-Community) - Waterpark1 (Made by Rick - NAGG-Community) - Subway (Made by Rick - NAGG-Community) - Mine POI (Made by Rick - NAGG-Community) - Drive In POI (Made by Rick - NAGG-Community) - Colony Ship (Made by Rick - NAGG-Community) - UFO (Made by Ryan - NAGG-Community) - Modern House 04 (Made by Kam) - Villa (Made by TopMinder) - Watertank (Made by TopMinder) (More Infos in the OP)
  11. Changes to previous version -- 10 more Prefabs --, 46) fixed Textures and Blocks (Made a more realistic hole in the wall) 26) fixed version 46) Apartment 47) KarenHouse 48) KooshieMart 49) Bookstore 50) Library 51) Lighthouse 52) IZEA 53) Insane Asylum 54) Carnucks Coffee 55) Japanese Castle (More Infos in the OP)
  12. Steam Name: ToM Hours played: 6811 Started in Alpha 7 Discord Name: TopMinder Native Language: German Made a small prefab mod
  13. And hallo Laz Man. i don´t think that i have enough time to grow up to the CP. I only repair some of the Prefabs. Due to my normal job, i have not enough time for all the older Prefabs. i only fill the time to the next CP I am waiting for some special Prefab from you
  14. 32 + 13 more prefabs to the pregenerated NitroGen Vanilla World plus some fixes. Changes to previous version -- 13 more Prefabs --, 23) fix, 26) new version from April, 14) Update, 18) fix, 22) fix, 24) fix, 15) new and update, 7) fix floating Blocks, 45) new and fix floating Blocks, 32) fix floating Blocks, 33) fix floating Blocks and 2 special Eastereggs Attention! This modlet works with A18.4 stable Use the prefabs as you want. (Only credits of the Prefabbers) Insert the Prefab: 1) Experimentalhouse 2) 4Apartments 3) Dormerhouse 4) Hostel 5) Redhouse 6) Pantilehouse 7) W
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