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Sphinx Prefab


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Looking for Multiplayer server to test the Sphinx


Hey i´m almost done and with a17 coming out soon i´d like to to give the Prefab a test run. On a Multiplayer Server!


So im looking for Server Owners who like to load this thing up. I will distribute some loot boxes and sleepers in the testversion.


Maybe there are a few who dont know what to to with their server? ;D




Mainly looking for stability issues i did not found, Performance on Servers with mutliple people on, Suggestions about all.


(NOT LOOKING for PAINT ISSUES, i know there are alot left :D)



The Testversion of the Prefab will be released mid-end NEXT WEEK.




ps. i dont care about other mods or xml changes on the Server. Also could be an creative mode active.

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Testversion - The Sphinx (Underground Dungeon)


Here Folks! :)


Its a Testversion: Download

( There is still alot to do, i explain below )


With A17 i will release 2 Versions of the Sphinx.

- Normal Version

- SDX Version with custom Blocks, some Items etc.



As you explore the Prefab you will notice that the lootchambers are squares, no custom Art or any kind of Decoration. Looks a bit empty... The Loot is not as it will be in a17.




- Later there will be more Coffin Variants, from small to Big as of now there are just 2 coffin versions i build.

- Loot will be better as deeper you advance.

- I did not include many Destroyed Brick blocks because they cause Vertices error. Sadly

- Loot chambers and Corridors will be more complex later

- The Sphinx head isn´t fully finished as of now

- Sleepers are now auto generated. With the final version i will place them per hand . Like the loot, the deeper you go the harder is gets but also more rewarding

- Alot of painting is still to do. meh ^^

- Lighting will be complete new in a17 so i assume i have to redo all to look awesome.




And Thanks to all the People that helped and are helping. Without you all it wouldnt be possible. So a really Big Thanks from me!!

The whole modding community is awesome!




** I will take a longer Break from prefabbing as i am really tired of it. I will enjoy the rest of the summer instead! Yeay

But still waiting for a17.... :D

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hey i did some work for my SDX version. (Textures of the models aren´t done yet )


These are some of the Models i made myself. There will be much more custom blocks but they aren´t ready to show off or are free assets.



Weapons: (some Clubs some Blades for variation)







Ancient Bow:






A Sickle for Cutting Grass :) :





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