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(A21) Preppocalypse


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Preppocalypse has been released for A21 and can be found here:

https://github.com/arramus/A21-Preppocalypse and also on the 7D2D Mod Launcher.

Optional Mods (96 Slot Inventory, up from current 60, and Always Open Trader) can be found here:


Here are a couple of 8K sample Worlds; Preppo8K01 and Preppo8K02. They feature a custom biome and 16 Traders in Preppo8K01 and 15 in Preppo8K02 of which there are instances of the 'Trader Preppo-Tech Trio' consisting of Jen, Hugh, and Joel in a multi-Trader compound. Preppo8K02 has only 1 player starting spawn point in the far North West and will offer a greater initial challenge to reach the first Trader.

Preppo8K01 https://www.moddb.com/games/7-days-to-die/addons/preppo8k01
Preppo8K02 https://www.moddb.com/games/7-days-to-die/addons/preppo8k02

A spoiler for anyone who would like a peak of the 'maps'.




Preppo8K01 with multiple starting points in the Pine Forest.

Preppo8K02 with a single starting point in the far North West Pine Forest.




Updating to a newer version of Preppocalypse or A21 has the potential to cause player saves to corrupt. Before attempting an update, make a backup of your World/Player saves just in case it is necessary to roll back to an earlier version. If you decide to take the risk, lose your player level and skills, but wish to continue anyway, it is possible to use the 'giveselfxp ###' for XP in debugmenu through the console, and any Skills, Perk Books, Crafting Books, etc through the creativemenu. If you don't want to take the risk, stick to your current build until the play through is complete.


Here is a nice introductory series of play through streams from BunnyNZ. It's not just decent to introduce Preppocalypse, but the A21 update as well.


And from Hirnsturz with narrative in mostly German, although his English is clearly very strong as well as he translates for his viewers.




Preppocalypse is an expansion for 7 Days to Die, from the perspective of a Prepper. In the context of 7 Days to Die, a Prepper is a survivor who prepared in advance for adverse situations and made it through the initial ‘event’ stage and aftermath. Preppocalypse places the player in the subsequent afterwards.


Due to vigilance from before the initial ‘event’, a Prepper already has some features in place. These include increased inventory capacity, enhanced skill potential and choice, and access to other benefits considered helpful for survival.


Preppocalypse recognizes a Prepper has an increased chance to thrive. As a tradeoff, in addition to the grunt, feral, and radiated hostile classes, there are ‘others’ out there to provide a more challenging and hostile environment. They will mostly be seen as game stage progresses, but be prepared for some surprises during Horde Night or in the biomes.


This expansion builds on the post-apocalyptic theme of 7 Days to Die through an additive approach. As such, the majority of features will be very familiar. Additions are intuitive, enhancing, immersive, in context, supportive, and appropriately more threatening. While there will be periods of extremes, considered choices can restore balance.


Players can expect the following:

-    Upgraded default zombies in the biomes, hordes, and Game Stage linked POIs
-    A greater abundance of Prepper style quest POIs (custom and TFP conversions) for A21
-    Additional recipes that accommodate Prepper/Survivalist/Bushcrafter traits
-    Upgraded and custom items to facilitate survival against stronger hostiles
-    Custom questing opportunities

as well as other game play features that are in context with a Prepper’s experience of the afterwards.

This image shows the Quest Note icons that can be found in safes, except for the Zombie Teddy Bear which is an Animal Hunting Quest that appears in the players toolbelt when first joining a World. Track down these special Zombies to earn a completion reward. Preppers are required to eliminate them with specific weapons. In most cases it is with exactly the same weapon they are using. The Soldier carries an Assault Rifle and must be eliminated with an Assault Rifle to rack up kills for the Quest. In the case of the Gliding Spiders and the Nurse, the weapon shows in the icon or Quest requirements. You will be rewarded with 1 Skill for 25 eliminations using the appropriate weapon. More Quests can be found in secure loot.



This image shows Machete Party Girl. She will appear in POIs as a Prepper's Game Stage increases. She will also appear in the Biomes (with a low chance unless you visit the Wasteland) and Horde Nights. She is tougher than a Radiated Party Girl.



Some interactions will be reasonable while others can get tough, especially if a few ranged zombies appear at the same time.



As a Prepper, the Strengths attribute provides a 'Prepper Strength' Skill for XP, an extra Skill Rank 4 for Cardio, and a few other tweaks here and there.
Having access to 3 Robotic devices at Skill 5 is one of those tweaks.



An A20 image, but anyways... There will be such meetings with ever greater chance as a Prepper progresses.


arramus takes guardianship of the concept, compilation, and distribution of Preppocalypse.

However, the following community additions and know-how equally add value to the experience.


From Z - A:

TFP - Providing the 7 Days base game, as well as the means for the modding community to expand.
Tallman Brad Gaming - The Tallman Brad Gaming Community are known for the Wild West Mod. Influence comes in many forms, and Tallman Brad, Medusa, and other community members will see they have left their mark in one way or another.
Syco54645 - A19 Farming. Brings back seedlings upon harvesting for sustainability and positive returns.
Oakraven - Quality of Life additions such as Bee Hives, Chicken Coops, and the Rock Drill. Oakraven always goes far and beyond to assist mods and overhauls, and it has been a positive partnership on many levels.
KhaineGB - Kind use of lockable and expanded inventory mods, including extra forge slots.
JaxTeller718 - Expanded Wandering Hordes Mod with a little further tweaking here and there.
Haidr'Gna - Invisible Dye mod to assist with hiding armor or clothing.
Guppycur et al - Provides a hub for development and sharing. Too many individuals to mention.
Gazz - Provided the Gazz-MutedAuger for the community to do with as they wish.
Darkstardragon - Comprehensive one on one support.
Briston Gaming - Showcasing everything 7 Days to the community (https://www.youtube.com/@BristonGaming).
bdubyah - Template code advice and support.

Compatibility with Other Mods
There are far too many mods in the 7D2D community for a comprehensive overview. Preppocalypse is light, but it is an overhaul in its own right and makes some aggressive changes in a few areas that will not play well with certain mods. However, one area that remains untouched is the vehicles, beyond direct changes to how default vehicles handle. As such, the follow Vehicle Mods have been tested and verified as compatible with Preppocalypse based on the following:
- No console errors on load out.
- Unlocking and progression worked appropriately when testing Vehicle Crafting Skills Books
- Appeared on the Workbench, or in the case of Vehicle Madness, Vehicle Workbench

In alphabetical order:
Bdubs Vehicles - https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/11875-a21-bdubyahs-modlets/
Oakraven Monobikes - https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/32157-a21-oakraven-collection/

Vehicle Madness - https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/21143-vehicle-madness-a21-beta-30-ver-4/

Not only are they compatible with Preppocalypse, based on the tests, they are also compatible with each other and all 3 Mods can be used at exactly the same time. Now that is vehicle madness extreme. There will be a couple of things you will notice such as Vehicle Madness icons, and the ability to craft Acorn Flour on the Vehicle Madness Auto Workbench. ^^

Edited by arramus
Optional Mods (see edit history)
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Here is a small Quality of Life update.


1. Prepper Crushed Car Defences

A21 added a greater variety of crushed cars. These have been added to the Workbench for a craftable defensive feature.

There are two kinds, with 11 colours for each each. As a Variable Block, push the 'e' in the same way as we do for changing other blocks to the alternative shapes.

250 Scrap Iron to Craft. They cover a lot of blocks but once they are destroyed it can open up a large entry way.




They can always be patched up with a repair.



Thanks to the TFP on this update for A21 as it'll allow Preppers to customise their base colours to match a possible theme.






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Ah yes, the Survivor Camps. Some of them incorporate a fair amount of the crushed cars, on top of other electrical stuff and so on. But yes, there is room for expansion on those to make them higher Quest Tiers and more defensive once clear out. I'm going to make an RWG for this build, and then head on in for some fun. I'll see how many of the Survivor Camps I come across and consider where they can be fortified further. They can make some decent upgraded 'Prepper' Compounds.

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A couple of Old West Towns are in the Desert (even though it is just outskirt and no inner filler but it'll do) and I'll see how this goes.

It's up on a dedi based in US West '' for testing. I'll check out the updated Survivor Compounds for inspiration. The new ramp walkways from the Dev Streams on the one they shared was awesome and I'm sure there's plenty more out there.

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This is the accumulation of a few years of reading tutorial threads, community modding support in the form of direct advice and reference to existing creations, and some personal preference on direction. It seems it came fast, but was very much a background thing over quite a long time. The Hive at Guppy's is a very productive environment as I'm sure you noticed.

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hi im just starting out making mods for 7d2d and im trying to figure out how to go about moding <passive_effect name="DamageModifier" operation="perc_set" value="1"/> to a higher value on my male character. but after a couple hours trying i cant figure out how to structure the mod. i was able to increase the stacknumber of a particular item but im baffled by the entity_classes section of the gamefile as far as making mods that affect the character directly.

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I see this was posted in the Discussions and Requests area and it has received a first response. BFT2020 supports a huge amount of modding questions and appears to be assisting with this. The Guppy's Modding Discord is another location where modders congregate and the link can be found in the Tools/Tutorials type area.

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Loving this mod so far. Great work. My wife and I have encountered a problem with the chicken coop and bee hive. It says the it is unlocked by the Living off the Land perk, but it is still locked after have all 3 perks. Is there a magazine we need to read too? Or is it not worded right in the config. Thanks for the mod!


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2 minutes ago, WahooMF said:

Loving this mod so far. Great work. My wife and I have encountered a problem with the chicken coop and bee hive. It says the it is unlocked by the Living off the Land perk, but it is still locked after have all 3 perks. Is there a magazine we need to read too? Or is it not worded right in the config. Thanks for the mod!


The mod was updated about 24 hours ago or so with a couple of fixes and updates for the coops and hives. If you are also able to update, it will fix that.
I tested the update would cause no problems on a test server at Day 16 and all looked good.


The Living off the Land reference for the Coops, Hives (and Fish Trap ^^) are removed now. It was some remnant code from A20 that needed to come out.
There was a fair chunk to update and this was overlooked. These 3 are not locked by anything since getting the Workbench can take quite a long time if the books don't come our way and it all balances out.


In addition, the Birds' Nests received an A21 update. At night they can really glow a lot, and that glow has been removed. It was something players actually liked in A20 so it wasn't removed. Since A21 is supposed to break the nests, reducing the glow was a small trade off to make them harder to find at night (they were like aircraft landing beacons) since they recuperate every 4 days.

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Do you have to add this mod differently? I downloaded this but adding it to the Mods folder creates multiple add on folders and pathing so it does not work at all. So it looks like this 7D2D - Mods - A21 Preppocalypse Main - Mods - A21 Preppocalypse. There are no instructions on the web site to guide you. Adding it to main game file doesn't seem to change anything at all. It still is vanilla game and no special prep map ...? Would deeply appreciate some assistance on this please. 

Edited by Winter Steale
tried another install (see edit history)
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The folder hierarchy to allow the game to see the Mod (based on being placed in Appdata/Roaming/7DaysToDie/Mods folder) is shown in this image.



Directly inside the A21-Preppocalypse folder there must be a ModInfo file. This instructs the game there is a mod to be read and loaded.


Reduce the content in your own Mods folder from:

7D2D - Mods - A21 Preppocalypse Main - Mods - A21 Preppocalypse



Mods - A21 Preppocalypse


The other folders were made by Github and are causing unnecessary nesting.


The three layers for any mod are

1. 'Mods' folder
2. 'A21-Preppocalype' folder (or any mod you want to install from the community)
3. 'ModInfo.xml' file with all the other folders and files which the game reads and loads.


The A21-Preppocalyse-main type folder is out of our hands and created by the mod hosting company Github. It is a trade off for having a dynamic storage location which can work with the 7D2D Mod Launcher.

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I make a copy of the main game to mod so it does not mess up my main game copy. I knew it looked like extra file pathing in there. How confusing Git seems to make it. I think I understand it now. Thank you so much. I just use rwg right as I see no specific mod map? 

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There is no specific mod map at the moment because the changes from each experimental build have the potential to break Worlds. The recent update caused a lot of player saves to reset and using an 'old' World with outdated assets can cause that as we saw in the Wild West Mod. Once A21 goes stable, a custom World won't be anything too special. It'll be a carefully chosen RWG with some custom Biome repainting. RWG is doing well for Preppocalypse.

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Here is a small update:


1. Bullet Proof Glass Repairs

The Preppocalypse Mod has already included clear bullet proof glass that can be made in the forge just as with regular bullet proof glass.
It can be repaired with broken glass rather than needing to totally replace with a new glass block.


Since glass jars can longer be made, the default bullet proof glass block has also been given this capability. Glass is still ubiquitous in 7 Days and this gives it an additional context.


Damaged Bullet Proof Glass



Repaired with broken glass



2. A few recipes have reduced their time until ready as they were taking a bit too long in comparison to recipes of their class.

- Yaki Miso Onigiri

- Wild Rice and Mushrooms

- Blueberry Prepper Bars ^^


3. Paint can be stacked to 6000 which matches other industrial type resources.

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Just checked that Preppocalypse didn't reset player saves (at least in my instance) when updating both a dedicated server and client to (b323).
There were no warnings in the server/client log either.


Pushed a small stacking update to cooking pots and grills as well to bring them into line with Beakers.

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3 hours ago, Evil_Geoff said:

I just want to say that you are one of my modding heroes, arramus! 

Likewise for your customised server configurations. It was absolutely hilarious in there at times and kept the game stimulating and enjoyable.


Now to update the vehicles before anyone notices they can reverse across an 8K World in less than 5 minutes...

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Here is a small update:


1. Vehicle sets and overhauling received a few changes to match the new (b323) vehicles formatting. This ensures reverse, turbo, and torque are in compliance.

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Good morning,

First and foremost thank you for the quick overhaul update gives us something to play and move forward. While playing last night I noticed that anytime I would accept a quest it would completely freeze my game and wouldn't allow us to loot anything. so I would fix this problem by re-logging only to have the quest erased from our quest log. Just wondering if it might be something wrong with out server or maybe a bug that might need to be looked at.


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1 hour ago, Nanoskyggen said:

Good morning,

First and foremost thank you for the quick overhaul update gives us something to play and move forward. While playing last night I noticed that anytime I would accept a quest it would completely freeze my game and wouldn't allow us to loot anything. so I would fix this problem by re-logging only to have the quest erased from our quest log. Just wondering if it might be something wrong with out server or maybe a bug that might need to be looked at.


I have accepted and completed about 60 POI quests so far in Preppocalypse from Tier 1 to Tier 4 without issue on a community server, and from Tier 1 to Tier 3 on the dev testing server. I can't say I have experienced anything like this yet. Apart from being pushed through blocks and clipping through into underground or another block and getting stuck, nothing else has been out of place. I have also not heard of a similar issue from the other players in the community server and can see them getting through a lot of quests since we party up and I automatically get quest shares. They are eating their way through them for books and so on.


I wonder if there are any other complementary Mods added into the Mods folder to help consider if there are any conflicts along the way.


It would help a lot if you were able to share the dedicated server log if that's where you are playing and/or the client log to see what is happening at those times.

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Here is a small update:


1. RWG Mixer

The RWG Mixer for placing the expanded Old West Towns was unstable for making the Old West as an outskirt of a central Old West. It would predominately leave the town with a big hole in the middle. This has been updated to remove the Old West outskirt but increase the amount of Tiles an Old West Town can populate.


The reason for adding the outskirt in the first place was because Old West tiling was unstable. However, A21 has greatly improved and both scenarios have switched places. ^^


Here is an image with the result on a 6K. All 3 of these Towns are Old West (with their own trader inside the town) and the tiling has greatly enlarged.



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Here is the seed and parameters for the image above. It has 4 old west towns, a nice sized city, and a mix of other features on a 6K.
It's generated with A21 stable which has all of the POI updates, fixes, and revisions for a stable playthrough.

The switch from Old West Outskirt to expanded tiling has been favourable.



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