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  1. Yeah each server is different some wont mind the OP nature of things at times. Oh thats a shame alot of those assets have gone! The newcomin, kranos were my favourites
  2. amazing I'll get these added on the server were launching today thanks
  3. Thanks Arramus, this is by far one of the best mods, we have actually done a fair amount of work overhauling the balance of the weapons to this pack also but the weapons were brilliant, things like the Kronos, Vulcan, Crimson and more were loads of fun. And ofc the loot machines, we made very good use of those and the tickets. In terms of damage per minute dealt per weapon I had it like this: Vulcan Newcomen Kronos XII QuadShotgun Railgun PP-19 Bizon Oakraven X11 Dre X3 Crossbow Mag DCLXVI Zeus Savery CrimsonHunter
  4. Awesome thanks, I just checked the probability of things also, some changes there by looks, seems alot easier perhaps to work with? Thanks for taking the time to add the gamestages in also
  5. Are you a talented modder looking for an exciting opportunity in the 7 Days to Die community? We are a small but friendly team with a passion for creating immersive gameplay experiences. We have been diligently working on four unique servers over the past year and are now seeking a skilled modder to join our ranks. Our servers have managed to rank in the global top 10 of the server rankings page at times also. As part of our team, you'll have the chance to collaborate with like-minded individuals and contribute to the development and updating of mods for the upcoming A21 release. We understand the challenges of balancing work and personal commitments, which is why we offer a flexible and supportive environment that allows you to contribute at your own pace. By joining us, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your creativity and technical expertise while working on exciting projects. We value open communication and encourage our team members to share their ideas and contribute to the overall vision of our servers. If you're passionate about modding, dedicated to delivering high-quality content, and interested in being part of a growing community, we would love to chat with you. Join us on our Discord server to learn more about our team, discuss potential collaborations, and embark on a modding adventure together! Three of our servers are server sided and one is client side (EAC on), 3/4 are very challenging. Together, let's take the 7 Days to Die experience to new heights. Join our team and leave your mark on the world of modding. We can't wait to meet you! Explore our modded worlds showcasing our creative efforts. Experience the seamless integration of custom mods as we craft unique environments tailored to enhance your gameplay. Some examples below (some are still A20 until stable is released): CRAFTOPIA PvE: Live Map (Yes this is a Panda!! All our others are hard core other than this one) New York Factions PvEvP - Live Map Find zombie samples and develop the RAGE virus cure! OUTBREAK PvE - Live Map Custom zombies, biome changing difficulties, and dynamic weather nukeEM PvP - Live Map PvP action with the mod pack and the ZeroZ strain. Conquer the zombie filth! LEGACY PvE - Live Map (230+ custom pois soon to be replaced by Craftopia)
  6. This pack is very brutal.....music to our players but will require some tweaks ( from our end ), I'm not sure if I should create a new thread in the discussions above but I was going to ask for any guidance on the old demolition derby which was a great addition. It had this red glow, basically we have made a mod that fixes the games static difficulty issue so that different biomes create new difficulty levels depending on the biome your in, so no two zombies has the same stats but we want to revise this and make it so that if the zombie rolls a particular high level on 4 random stats (like hp, toughness, run/walk speed) then it starts to glow a colour, is that feature still possible and what part of the code might that be under? I'll move the post if you prefer also, thanks as per usual, very happy you released this as gives us something to work on again which our servers are based on!
  7. Oh what was the A21 EAC change? It wasn't only some .dll files but all the Oakraven mods I installed would load up on the client with no EAC off prompts. Is that likely to change in A21? Ones we have are underground farming, drawbridge, rockdrill, powerthings, fireflys for example but also run quite a few other mods too, 115 in total and similar story with other warning of EAC off when they still load up fine.
  8. Is this one in the pipeline for an update and would it be alot of work?
  9. Oh btw I noticed many mods suggest disabling Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) to facilitate custom content, but our experience shows this might not be necessary. We've loaded and run several mods, including Oakraven, on our Alpha 20 server without disabling EAC. We believe this advice may be more precautionary than essential and could deter users from downloading your mods. The large Oakraven solar tower couldn't connect wiring to a battery (smamller one would) and the fishes one had some interesting thing where it would actually eat up the water blocks around it but the handful of Oak mods we installed all seemed to work very well.
  10. Ah I see, yeah that looks pretty cool up close, I could comment them out for now and see what changes later on perhaps.
  11. nice addition with the shooting zombies will have to test that impact, but whereas your army guy that runs with the gun the sniper chap seems to be missing his weapon or was that by design?
  12. very interesting, impressing to see you churn this stuff out so fast for A21!
  13. TOTAL LEGENDS!!!! Thanks from the Rage community!
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