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(A21) Preppocalypse


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Here is a small update:


1. Timid Animals Spawning

Forest Rabbits and Chickens by day and Does by night, have been updated to 'Rabbits, Chickens, Does, Stags, and (while not timid but passive) Boars' for day and night since they are required for quests... and that is their natural environment.


2. Hostile Animals Spawning

Forest snakes have been expanded to accept 'Bears, Wolves, and Dire Wolves' at low rates so they will be the exception but will appear.

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Here is a somewhat small update:


1. Preppocalypse Starter Kit

After putting in a couple of play throughs for A21 and reaching level 100, there appears to be quite a change in progression flow compared to A20 due to the predominant need to find magazines. It appears to be very much left to luck based on what trader you'll start at, the type of surrounding POIs, and so on.

As such, some can say the 'grind' is real. I'm all up for a 'challenge' but these two play throughs have surpassed that.


As such here is a small Starter Kit that players will join the World with. It is optional and can be discarded based on personal preferences. For hardcore players, simply disposing of the Starter Kit allows a scenario with no food or water to begin with. For everyone else the contents may be helpful.


The Starter Kit is found in the toolbelt.



It provides a few basic essentials and nothing game changing. Weapons and Tools are restricted to Q1-3.


2. Motorcycle
The motorcycle sees a slightly stronger hop to give better clearance on low obstacles. The increase is less than 10% but assists with 1 block objects.


3. Trader Bob has his own Trader allowance for Vehicle Magazines of 1 - 3 each cycle. After reaching level 75+ on 2 play throughs and still being far from getting higher Tier vehicles, it felt like such magazines were trickling in a touch too slowly regardless of maxing out on Grease Monkey Skills and putting in a lot of looting and questing. Trader Bob's allowance has been increased to a possible 2 - 6 to assist with busy servers with many players all competing for this valued item.


On this occasion 4 appeared, not that I could afford them.


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Here is an update for Preppocalypse.


Simple Cooking Pot and High Grade Steel Pan

These melee weapons are hooked up to Clubs crafting and come just after the Baseball Bat and Steel Club for their progression order.


They provide about 10% extra across the range with the High Grade Steel Pan using 5% less stamina. These will allow players to interact with Radiated and Special types one on one most comfortably. It is still easy to get surrounded and overwhelmed when a mass comes after you though so they remain balanced and much better for one on one interactions or 'dominoes'.


A few images that speak for themselves really.









These additions are courtesy of Oakraven, the creator of the Oakraven Collection and numerous other community sharings. Always very much appreciated.

One other nice feature is that when we add the Spike, Chain, or Wire Mod, these weapons will show them connected.

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The whole point of Preppocalypse is the modded zombies with weapons.


The pain is the zombies with weapons.

The gain is the expanded inventory, lockable slots, enhanced vehicles and weapons, and a host of other quality of life benefits.


By deleting the entitygroups.xml in its entirety from with the A21-Preppocalypse / Config folder, it will return the environment to purely regular zombies.

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Here is a small quality of life update for Preppocalypse.


1. Helipad recipe.

The Helipad from the Trader Compounds has been added to the player recipes on the Workbench for use in bases and landing areas.
It is quite chunky but this isn't actually a bad thing as it provides some clearance from outer protective rails.



Make on the Workbench with simple and accessible items.



It has been given 5000 health, up from its default 2500 and can be repaired with Concrete Mix when required.






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Here's a small update for Preppocalypse.


- Recipes now include a Large Wood Gate and Large Walls Helper with multiple selection choices to enhance base aesthetics and provide some reasonable level of defense.

- Coops and Hives can down broken down to drop into the inventory for reallocation when in laying/producing stage.

- Oakraven kindly shared a burning shaft mod update for the pot and pan with a nice glowing flambé effect for those special moments. ^^




Recipes requirements are very reasonable since they offer limited defense and are more for player bases than Horde Night.

HP is 2500 for Gates and repairable.



The Large Wood Walls are even more reasonable since they will potentially used in mass.

HP is 1500 for Walls and repairable.


Edited by arramus (see edit history)
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Just a small update for the loading screen. And this is something that allows anyone to set their own as well.


This image is 1920 x 870 and the hints bit at the bottom fills out the rest of the screen and is added by the game itself. Keeping an image at that aspect ratio stops it stretching.

If you'd like to add your very own image, head the the Textures folder in A21-Preppocalypse and replace the loadingimage.jpg with something of your own. It's simpy jpg for size and the quality is acceptable in that format for the job it does. Switching that to .png is governed in the Config/XUi_Menu/windows.xml for anyone that wants to take it further. ^^


Added BunnyNZ to the introductory post as she's doing a Preppocalypse series over on YouTube and it's as much about introducing A21 dynamics as Preppocalypse.



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Here is a small update for Preppocalypse:


1. Prepper Mobility and Plating Mods

The Prepper Banded Armor Plating Mod provides a 2.5 Armor Rating. It is hooked up to appear in sequence for loot and trader inventory. It requires access to diamonds to craft.



The Prepper Fittings Mod provides a +0.01 stamina increase on the Brass version and offers a +3.5% Mobility boost (regardless of the percentage shown). It is also hooked up to appear in sequence for loot and trader inventory. It requires access to gold and clear bulletproof glass to craft.


Edited by arramus (see edit history)
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Hirnsturz has been kindly streaming a play through of Preppocalypse in German although his English appears to be very strong as well.



A number of messages in the comments following the stream ask if Preppocalypse is localised into German.

The answer is, it can be, if a kind soul would assist in double checking the end result of an online translation tool to catch any errors or lack of nuance against the original.

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Here is a small update for Preppocalypse.


1. Old West Migration Mod POIs were updated to include 'Infested' Quest Mode and has been update in Preppocalypse since they are bundled together. This update was tested on a dedicated server on an existing World and caused no conflicts or apparent issues when started and could be completed appropriately. Saying that, any changes to an existing World do have risk and a back up is advisable for anyone testing this update.

School Stop is a T3 with T4 list potential due to being hooked up to Infested. Zombie count increased from a potential of 30-45 to an actual 56 on a test.


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Here is an update from A20 that could be brought back to A21 thanks to direction from Bdubyah.


1. Quest Note Eliminations

Special entities carry weapons. Finding a Quest Note specific to one of the entities requires a player to complete 25 eliminations.

For example, eliminate 25 Hazmat Entities carrying the Nail Gun. However, there is a catch. The entity can be killed with any weapons, but eliminations are only registered if the player is using a required weapon. The description of each Quest and the Quest requirements show what weapon should be used for each entity.


The Quest instructions show the need to eliminate 25 Stun Baton Hazmat Entities.
The requirement is to only use a Stun Baton.



Completion shows the count has gone to 1 of 25.


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Pushed a small probability update:


- The chance to find a Catfish in the Fish Trap has increased, as the reality of finding one has not been adequate since the list of items is quite long.
- The chance to find a Grown Chicken has also been increased since the need for feathers and eggs is low since nests recover after a few days.

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Pushed a small update:


1. Recipe Crafting Times

- A21 handles crafting times for recipes differently. In some cases the custom craft time is respected. In other cases it needs to be 20% of hoped for value. It is rather chaotic in there and is a reason something like Mushroom Rice was taking over 15 minutes. Things should be more appropriate now.

Edited by arramus (see edit history)
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Here's an update for Preppocalypse:


1. Added an additional Quest opportunity to the load out toolbelt for new players. For players on existing Worlds who plan to update, it is possible to find this Quest in creative mode under 'dev' mode. Search for quest and it'll show the I.V. Stand Icon.


The note explains that we need to place a Prepper Screamer I.V. Stand on a surface and wait for Screamers to appear. Eliminating 100 Screamers brings a reward and lets the Quest loop back to the beginning.



The Prepper Screamer I.V. Stand can be crafted on the Workbench but needs unlocking at 50/100 with Workstations Crafting Skill.



Place and the Screamers will appear pretty quickly. The more you place, the more appear.



This addition is for mid/late game stage. Preppocalypse aims to expand and enhance gameplay for mid/late stages and this additional feature will allow players an additional activity on top of the new high tier Infested Quests, and Preppocalypse Rad+ entities.

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2 hours ago, Grondosos said:

The one that uses the Pepsi can as its texture. Drinking it doesn't seem to do anything. Its just listed as "Tonic".

Here is a search for Tonic, Drink, and Drug. If you can find the one being referenced as the Pepsi can as its texture, then we can continue to troubleshoot further.

If not, maybe this is a discussion for another mod, if there are any others in the Mods folder at the same time.



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7 minutes ago, Grondosos said:

Also how do you use the piglet and fertile egg. do they need to be placed on farm plots that are 9x9 or something?

Grondosos. Tonic, piglets, and fertile eggs are not part of Preppocalypse. Please post these questions and concerns in the mod area which supports them.

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Here is a small update for Preppocalypse:


1. Preppo POI. This POI can appear in both the Old West and Downtown Tiling System.

It is a T4 with Clear, Fetch, Restore Power, and Infested. It has potential to make a nice player base where permitted.





It has a very random name of Eduho & Monik Safehouse, whoever they are.



2. Prepper Bob Trader was move from regular POI folder to Prepper POI folder for organised file management.


3. The RWG Mixer was given a slight update. Since 4 Old West Towns can appear with 'Many' in a Small World (5K and 6K), the number of Tiles was reduced was 6-16 to 6-12 since they can get pretty big. To offset that, Town and Countrytown were slightly increased from 6-8 to 10-12 Tiles across Small to Large Worlds with a similar increase in Many for Towns. This will allow a 5K+ World to receive more POIs within the same size World. This concept was tested in RWG Small World Filler Mod and worked out very well.

Edited by arramus
Medium and Large attributes extended. (see edit history)
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