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I think I had to hoard nights in one night


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This was my first horde night on day 13 thanks to the random hord setting. It was typical for your first horde night. There was one buzzard. Two dogs, I went through a little more than 300 rounds on my SMG. Everything stopped and I waited a good ten minutes with nothing spawning so I jumped down and repaired my steak traps and reloaded my junk turrets and it logged off to eat lunch.


Thankfully I logged off at the roof of my base.


Immediately I was hit by a buzzard. Then another buzzard. I looked around and I was being attacked again. There were one more buzzard and I think four dogs, fairly typical for the second horde night. I'm glad I reloaded the turrents and started the night with a thousand rounds. You can never have too much ammo just not enough.


This bunch did more damage to the base but not substantially more, again kind of like what happens on my second horde night.


so if you feel like logging off on a horde night after the attack is over, wait till the Sun's up.

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Some actually log out and back in on purpose for more of a challenge lol...


...if your horde is ending before 4am too often that most likely means your killing speed is very high. Your options are to increase difficulty and/or lower the blood moon max alive setting for a slower pace.

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