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Quest rewards stuck at level 5?


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Single player, it's day 35, char level 71. Largest random map.

The vast majority of settings at standard, probably only length of day set to max.


I had a few items at level 6 over the course of the game, including auger, AK, pickaxe and some others, all from the quests.

On an extremely rare occasion, I can find a level 6 item randomly from loot but that's it.

Previously, level 4 and 5 quests yielded some lvl 6 items but now only level 5.


It's not an unlucky streak, I have a random map with 7 traders conveniently located around a massive city with both factories

and an apartment. I did several Fetch runs, climbing with frames, retrieving goods and gtfo of there to the next courier stash then cashing in.


About a 100 quest rewards later, only level 5 items (and below). I mean no level 6 at all.

This doesn't seem normal.

Any ideas what's going on? I'm fighting the urge to use creative menu, since I can't craft these items and the traders don't have them.

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Yes, you are stuck at level 5 gear UNLESS you get 5/5 Lucky Looter + looter goggles and get LUCKY looting a quality 6; ORRRRR you force yourself doing TIER V FETCH and CLEARs only, that will chew though all your Horde night ammo to MAYBE get a Quality 6 tool or weapon ... MAYBE.


IMO this really blows... seriously - For Single Players.


And Intelligence is King or you will not get end game gears, or quality 6 solar panels or solar banks, none of the good stuffs. Seriously, 5/5 Lucky Looter or 5/5 better barter should only increase the chances or frequency of getting quality 6 stuff not be a Hard coded WALL of aquiring them.

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sp lvl 55ish, lucky looter 2, daring adventurer 3, 0 better barter and get mostly lvl6 choices for lvl5 quests. maxed on agility, high enough str for miner and motherload 5, now working on daring adventurer to get max, next is luckly looter all the way. swimming in purple.


got cigar and wear glasses for agility for normal. use nerdy goggles when trading.

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But the problem is different. I did get level 6 rewards for quests earlier.

Now I don't. Explain that. It's not a statistically small sample of quest rewards, I checked.


The traders have mining helmets and solar panels at level 6 all the time, sometimes more than one but only those items.

I made enough cash to fill two power banks with level 6 solar panels, in the meantime, NO other level 6 items at traders?

I've found a lvl 6 leather hood in a garbage pile at level ~4. At level 10-15, I got the purple auger.

I've maxed out intelligence and have both the daring adventurer and better barter at 5/5.

I've sold more level 6 quest rewards before level 10 than I kept, now suddenly I get none?

Also, I have all 7 of the wasteland treasures perks.


Something's fishy.


EDIT: Tomorrow I'll reset the skills and do some quests to see the rewards. I think there might be an overflowing counter somewhere.

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I have hordes turned off, so I got plenty of ammo so I do mostly lvl 5 quests - fetch and clear as to me they are harder than pure fetch so should have better rewards. not sure if its actually the case but it seems so. found a lvl5 m60 to mow the crowds and lvl6 smg/pistol with hp/ap (fully perked into handguns - that was the top priority) in case of trouble. 118x .765 rounds before reloading - bliss.


seems rivle may have a point

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You guys might be right. I figured I'd cheat the system and do fast runs with fetch quests but apparently they don't produce level 6 rewards.

Oh well. I just dug up a huge pile of coal and nitrates, as well as lead. I'll just do a bunch of clear quests and harvest all the brass I can find, including door knobs and bathrooms. That should net me enough to make up for the ammo loss and then some.

With my current sneak build, it's one bullet/bolt per zombie so I should be fine in the ammo department at least until I do enough clear quests to get the level 6 items that I want.

Thanks for the analysis :)

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The problem with sneak builds is that where they are efficient in ammo etc, they are inefficient in time. You'd get a lot more quests finished with a straight combat build. Yes it would cost you more resources and is higher risk, but less time means more rewards means more chances at t6.


And p.s. traders can sell tier 6 items. Have you any points in Better Barter? I think as far as tier 6 items goes I got most of mine from:


1) Random loot

2) Bought from traders

3) Quest rewards


in that order


In fact by day 60 where I am now, I think I have bought about a half dozen tier 6 Pump Shotguns in total, just to min-max the stats.

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Never had a single tier 6 item in a trader's inventory, other than mining helmets and solar panels.

Primarily relied on rewards as the source, random loot was secondary.

I mean, the stuff at 5 that I have is manageable but I'm ready for that extra slot with all the mods I have.

I will probably do some clear quests today and see what happens.

As for time, I don't mind. With really high sneak, it's actually quite fast, especially running an smg with silencer.

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18.2 b5 (ie. the latest stable update) lowered the item quality on rewards from Fetch-only quests, which means that Tier 5 quests will only give Q6 rewards from Clear and Fetch+Clear quests.


So basically, if you want them purples, be prepared to kill a ton of zombies and then chase down that one frigging bird that got lost inside the building and is flying all over the place.


I really wish birds weren't required for Clear quests lol

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This is nice, already got a few Clear quests done and the rewards are indeed better. Got military vest and gloves at level 6, AK47, knife, chainsaw...

Now I need to figure out which of the three clear quests at tier 5 can be done faster than the rest.

Unfortunately, in the area of the map where I am, no hospital has been generated, so I typically do the two factories, which are on opposite sides of the street and the apartment building, some 300 meters away.

With 5 easily reachable traders around this massive central city, I can cash-in the rewards at 6:05, get a new batch of quests and do maybe 3 of them before night falls. This includes skipping 90% of the loot, since I have already farmed crafting materials.

Only some chests, safes, ammo boxes and shotgun messiah crates are considered, though the later has been consistently disappointing in terms of yield.

High sneak lets me one-hit anything without alerting nearby sleepers but opening containers or walking instead of sneaking will wake them up quickly enough.

Hidden crates sometimes have nice loot but obviously they are not very common.

I need to somehow streamline the clear/clear+fetch quests so they can be done faster but even with that, doing the same factory three times in a row is... tedious, to say the least.


Anyway, I guess this is a discussion for another thread.

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