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  1. Yeah, "cheesing" and "exploiting" is pretty much defined as doing something the devs never intended, in order to get an advantage. On rare occasions it can add depth/complexity to a game (like advanced movement tech) but most of the time it breaks or trivializes gameplay. Breaking the zombie AI with steep ramps being a good example. Also, if we're talking about overpowered things, the M60 is a far worse culprit than Junk Turrets.
  2. Re: Secret Stash shenanigans I've been doing this too, the most obvious benefit is that you have a lot more crafting recipes and vehicle parts available to buy from traders every reset. It definitely feels like an exploit though. As for how fixing it: only thing I can think of is that Better Barter 3/4/5 shouldn't give you a completely different list of goods in the Secret Stash, they should just extend the default (unperked) list, with BB tiers 3/4/5 each adding some high-tier items. Then there would be no point to toggling between different Better Barter levels.
  3. The spear has the best "feel" of the melee weapons IMO, because the animation more closely matches what you're hitting. Swinging melee weapons have always been a bit janky and A18 hasn't done enough to fix that
  4. As someone that's been playing on and off since before RWG even existed, the game used to be much more simple and easy back in the day. There were fewer options in terms of base building and weapons, but Wood Log Spikes and a Shotgun were all you needed for any difficulty at any game stage. You could loot POIs without killing any zombies and enter/exit through a 1-block gap. There was more RNG in terms of loot and mining, but it was really common to get everything you need well before Day 7. Only real danger was cops and the occasionally janky animations of dogs lol. Also, the original Auger was OP as ♥♥♥♥
  5. 18.2 b5 (ie. the latest stable update) lowered the item quality on rewards from Fetch-only quests, which means that Tier 5 quests will only give Q6 rewards from Clear and Fetch+Clear quests. So basically, if you want them purples, be prepared to kill a ton of zombies and then chase down that one frigging bird that got lost inside the building and is flying all over the place. I really wish birds weren't required for Clear quests lol
  6. If there's a trader nearby, then both perks are worth it and they have synergy. Lucky Looter gets you more dukes from selling higher quality loot, especially in the early game - Q1 items sell for much less than Q2 and Q3. Better Barter gets you more value for your dukes, but more importantly it improves the tier and quality of items to buy (especially the Secret Stash). Maxing out both might not be worth the investment, but going for 5 PER / 5 INT and 4 LL / 3 BB definitely has value.
  7. I don't have any strong opinions about the current font, but the old font's ALL CAPS (ie. A17 and earlier) was terrible for sentences or anything other than titles or menu items really. Item descriptions were like emails from grandma
  8. Only thing I really miss is the hub cities and the increased zombie activity around them. I definitely don't miss LBD, it sounds good in theory but shapes player behavior in a really stupid way. Spam-crafting stone axes, holding down W and running into walls, hurting yourself on purpose, etc. Gun parts were neat but the mod system is better IMO. If gun parts are reintroduced I hope its limited to 2 parts (ie. uppers and lowers) Vehicles could use some mods though. The old minibike parts system was cool, but it was gated as ♥♥♥♥ (ie. completely dependent on Minibikes For Dumb♥♥♥♥s) and minibikes themselves were a buggy mess. Oh, and another thing: maybe we've been spoiled by A17/A18, but the game used to be pretty butt-ugly compared to now. It wasn't as noticeable in 2014 since Minecraft had set the bar pretty low for voxel graphics, but after playing other games and coming back for new alphas you definitely noticed it. The POIs that haven't been updated since A16 or earlier all stand out in a bad way now. Edit: definitely do not miss the old log spikes! These were sooo overpowered in earlier alphas, and I remember the playerbase complaining like crazy each time they were nerfed and eventually removed.
  9. 6 is a weirdly specific number, maybe the pole blocks are taking damage on every single face (ie. 6 sides) for some reason
  10. Interesting, didn't know about the engine limit of 15. I could have sworn that some of the bridges in Navezgane have gaps longer than 30 blocks between supports - they use special blocks with increased carrying capacity and/or reduced mass. Then again, those bridge supports aren't supporting a line of blocks on each face, they're supporting a platform.
  11. Some more thoughts: A common tactic/exploit I find myself using is that I'll toggle the INT bonus from the Nerdy Glasses in order to change my Better Barter perk level. It basically makes 2 sets of trader items available every reset from the Secret Stash tab. How to do it: Raise INT to 4 (or 6 or 9 if you have enough points) Wear Nerdy Glasses to boost INT to 5/7/10 Raise Better Barter to 3/4/5 Visit a Trader, browse their Secret Stash section Remove Glasses, lowering your INT to 4/6/9, which lowers your Better Barter to 2/3/4 Browse the Secret Stash again, it has now changed to a different set of items I'm guessing this is very much not intended. Another "exploit" I find myself using is that I'll loot the hidden backpacks/purses/ammo/etc. behind false walls/floors without actually breaking the obstruction. This doesn't work for all hidden stuff, but generally if you put your crosshair on the edge of the adjoining block it will let you loot the stuff. Again, this doesn't seem intended. In non-exploit-related thoughts, is vehicle storage usable by multiple players in A18? I haven't done a co-op game since A17, but it was really annoying that only the vehicle owner (ie. the person that placed it on the ground) could use the storage compartment. Also, let us dye our vehicles so we can tell them apart lol
  12. I was messing around with Creative mode a few days ago just to test SI, built a pillar of Iron blocks and was able to attach 16 blocks to one face. Seems to be working fine. Its worth noting that if the supported blocks have multiple materials, they're all treated like they have the mass of the heaviest block. Basically, you can't attach 14 Iron blocks onto an Iron support block, and then add 10 more Wood blocks on to that. Anything after the second wood block will fall
  13. Master Chef should also allow you to feed other players IMO, so any benefits from the skill also help other players. Idea for the Advanced Engineering problem: instead of having forge/workbench perk crafting bonuses apply to the player, have them apply to the crafting stations that the player builds. The items don't stack, so you could make them have Quality tiers based on the Advanced Engineering level. Could do the same with Yeah Science! and chem stations too.
  14. Been playing A18 for like 2 months and thought I'd give my feedback. Even though this post will probably be too long and loaded with suggestions/wishes, keep in mind that for the most part I'm happy with how things are now. Tl;dr: I like A18, its an improvement over older alphas, I like the direction things are going, I have nitpicks but my only real beef is that I wish there were more wandering/patrolling zeds. Skills/Progression Improved over A17 IMO - it feels like you have multiple viable choices, fewer mandatory choices, and that every point counts. Having a ♥♥♥♥ton of lootable/purchasable recipes as an alternate progression path is also good, it adds some RNG to spice up games but you generally aren't gated behind it. That being said, some of the perks feel way too niche, and others are mostly or totally made obsolete when the player finds the relevant lootable recipes. In 18.1 and 18.2 TFP added some bonuses to recipe-only perks (crafting speed/efficiency/etc) - this is the right idea and should be expanded on. Off the top of my head: The Infiltrator could use more value in PvE. Maybe damage bonuses against doors and boarded windows? Animal Tracker and The Huntsman could maybe be merged, don't know whether it should go under Perception or Fortitude though. Pack Mule has no mid/late game value. Maybe have it give maximum stack size bonuses, or an extra belt slot at perk level 4 and 5? Master Chef has little mid/late game value, as default cooking speed isn't really a constraint. IMO this perk should also be like Physician, but for food: give bonuses to food values (and less chance of food poisoning) and use it to feed other players in co-op! Grease Monkey has little mid-late game value, crafting speed really isn't a concern because vehicles are a one-and-done craft job. Maybe have some perk levels grant +1 to max speed of crafted motorized vehicles? TFP will probably have the stats on this, but I'm guessing the Fortitude perks (other than Machine Gunner of course) are probably underused. Maybe a merge of 2 perks or some buffs/changes are in order. The only skill gate that I'm unsure about is putting the Crucible recipe at Level 5 Advanced Engineering. Yes, steel is powerful and there are other places to get a Crucible, but requiring 9 INT+Glasses to eliminate the RNG factor is a bit much for a widely used crafting material IMO. Crafting/Building The addition of helper blocks (ie. being able to change the shape before deploying) is an absolute game-changer and sooo good for base builders. I just wish there were more shape options that don't require Creative mode, and its a bit weird that different shapes are available for different building materials. I know TFP has plans for reworking or removing the Table Saw, but if you're going to keep it, use it to create other helper blocks (Advanced Wood Block?) instead of lots of different ones. In terms of material value vs zombies, Flagstone does feel a bit too good... its ease of crafting on Day 1 makes Wood obsolete, and its trivial to upgrade to Cobblestone, which makes Brick obsolete - I bet most players don't even know or care how to make Brick blocks at this point. But that's a tricky thing to balance. Oh, one other nitpick - the Paint Brush's paint roller mode seems to splash a lot of things that aren't intended, it would be nice if it only splashed adjacent blockfaces and not stuff way in the background. World/POIs A17 really raised the bar in how good the world and POIs look, and I'm glad A18 continued the updates in this department. We're now at the point where most pre-A17 POIs look butt-ugly in comparison and stand out in a bad way, so keep up the good work. A few POI archetypes seem missing from the small town setting though - strip malls, small apartment buildings (~3 floors), warehouses, and Wal-Mart-esque big box stores. The latter could make a good T4 or T5 quest location. This is just nitpicking of course. Not going to pass judgement on the RWG itself since everyone likes different things, there are performance considerations, and its always a work in progress. Combat/Zombies Melee feels better in A18 but I can't shake the feeling that swinging weapons still feels too finicky, especially when you're not hosting/playing locally. The weapon swing arcs and graze hits just feel too limited to make a difference, and the best example of this happens when fighting Vultures, where players often miss or graze between the wings and body. The spear feels good because the required precision matches the animation and is a good trade-off for the weapon range, but the other weapons basically feel like short range spears with more damage. Guns feel good, but then again I like the arcadey style and super-fast weapon swaps. That being said, the M60 is too damn good. Makes you feel and play like Rambo - no careful tactics, no fear of zombies, just walk around, hold down the trigger and kill everything. Its only real downside (reload speed) isn't enough of a deterrent and the Bandolier minimizes it anyway. And now for probably the most negative part of this post - the Zombies. The Zeds themselves are fine (although more variety in skins/models/types is always a good addition), but I feel like reducing the amount of wandering/active zombies in the world was a bad move. Whether it was done for performance reasons or gameplay reasons (ie. to not overwhelm players in the early game or give too much XP), the end result is that the world feels more empty and less dangerous. Sleepers are a good thing both in gameplay and theme, but there aren't enough non-sleepers. That being said, I don't think wandering zombies should be more numerous everywhere - just in built-up areas (towns and cities). Rural bases shouldn't have to deal with frequent zombie attacks unless they're generating lots of heat. This could be tied to gamestage and/or difficulty as well, but the bottom line is: more zombies please! 7D2D's tagline is "the survival horde crafting game", and I hope the necessary optimizations and tweaks can keep the word "horde" in there.
  15. IMO sleepers are a big improvement over zeds that randomly appear out of thin air one at a time. They provide some actual resistance inside POIs, whereas in earlier alphas you just busted a hole in POIs, looted the good stuff, and left before any outside zeds got in. Wandering hordes or even small packs have always been relatively infrequent. The big issue is that *active* zeds have become more costly over the last few major updates due to graphical and AI improvements, and the game's design space (in terms of zed encounters) is limited by this. TFP have increased the threat level of individual zeds with ferals, radiateds and the new Demolishers, because they can't increase the number of zeds. I hope optimizations are coming down the pipe, because its taking the "horde" out of "survival horde crafting game". This is really my main beef with the game, I'm happy with just about everything else. Personally I would love it if the sleepers were supplemented by more frequent small packs of zeds (3-6), with frequency determined by how built-up the area is. If the player is out in the open when the pack spawns then have them do the usual wandering behavior, but if a player is inside a POI then send the pack to break into the POI (not directly at the player until alerted though). And every so often you could get a big horde instead of a small one.
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