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  1. Can we pls get an option to change running speed for ferals and rads separately for day and night? The option “running speed for Zombies at night” counts only for normal Zombies but not for ferals and rads. If you set ferals speed to walk, they will walk at day and night. Right now we cant even change this in xml files.
  2. Yeah I agree with you thats why i use a modlet for it. There you go:
  3. I can’t say enjoying. I think better word would be adaptation. Yeah I agree with you that it’s a different playstyle. Best solution would be an option before you start – Random loot like a18 or progression loot like A19.
  4. Yeah I like the idea too. I played last time “Darkness Falls” in A17 and it had some of the workstations you mentioned. I really enjoyed it. I will never say NO to more endgame stuff. Its better than to have multiple workstations running because they are too slow.
  5. A quick feedback for stun baton. Im on day 10 now and I found my first stun baton in my current game. I tested it and I like it, its now a really nice melee weapon. But at that point in game most people already invested some points in other melee weapons (club, sledge, knife). Yeah stun baton is nice but why should someone at this stage switch to it and invest points in stun baton? In this game I already have 3 points on pummel pete and have my baseball bat (usually sledge) and collecting parts for the steel one. You can’t craft early game a stun baton bec
  6. Right now the trader is my best friend. Im my current game i could buy a lvl 4 AK on day 4. In previous alphas I mostly ignored trader missions in first days. With alpha 19 I try early on to make as much money as I can to buy nice stuff.
  7. nono its not navezgane and i never visited Bobs`s in my current game.
  8. Same here, no perks to increase harvest or animal tracker. Was all night inside my base and never did active hunting. I just did trader quests and if I have seen chickens on my way to missions I killed them. I usually ignore rabbits because they are annoying to hunt. In my game there were 2 rabbits who had no way to escape I killed them. It’s a new game with b169. 1 bear + 1 wolf inside the poi where I live + 2 boars + 2 rabbits and all the chickens on my way.
  9. If this game never came out how do we have hundreds and thousands of hours in this game? The Devs could just say 2 years ago “this is the last alpha and we are gold now” and we player would never have all the new stuff we have right now after 2 years of work. I really don’t understand people like you. Do games turn into a better game when Devs just say this is now a finished game and we will now work on another game to grab more money?
  10. It seems like it is now perfect balanced for a 3 player party. I agree with you that we need some mechanic in the future that scales with how many people you play. I only can say for myself, right now its unbalanced for singleplayer. Some people like me like food scarcity and others don’t. At the end TFP decides in what direction we go.
  11. huge corn field and bought some from trader. No im a melee player. I have a lvl 3 wooden club right now. I killed a wolf and 2 boars with my blunderbuss. On day 3 in the morning there was a bear inside the building where I have my base right now. He killed me once but I managed to get my stuff back and killed him. The rest of the meat is from 2 rabbits and a lot chickens. I just kill them when they are on my way if I go from A to B. I bought some eggs from trader and some canned food from vending machine. Most of my food is just from loot.
  12. Im really enjoying b169 so far. Early game loot feels now more rewardable for me because there is more schematics in chests. The only thing I don’t like is that I’m swimming in food. It might be nice for people who are playing with friends in coop etc. but not for singleplayer. But it’s just my opinion, I know there are others who don’t like food scarcity. Im on day 4 right now (60 min, nomad) and this is how my food chest looks:
  13. i learned that the hard way after trying to kill them with sledge 😄 i think best way to kill them is a knife
  14. yes, at least explosives have their own candy
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