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  1. No they dont. See my post above. I tested my build with demos.
  2. Early game i just build an one block wide corridor(two high+roof) with hatches on the ground, you can open the hatches and kill the zombies easy with melee weapons, just have enough stuff with you for repairing the hatches. mid-late game i build most of the time this one:
  3. In one of the older alpha version i had a similar issue. I had always microlags even with 60 fps. I tried everything, updating my graphic driver, reinstall, verify game files etc nothing worked. I solved the issue by cleaning first everything in game launcher (old saves, settings etc) and then I removed the game in steam and deleted all folder related to 7dtd like game folder and remaining stuff in appdata folder. After a fresh install I had no more microstutter and lags anymore. Maybe its worth to try.
  4. Yes i tested it before and i had some crawling demos but it didnt triggered the explosion.
  5. The good old way with a corridor works fine for demos.
  6. U can use shift+q it will teleport you to the point where you are looking
  7. Thanks for the info. I changed it to 60, it should be now fine for bloodmoons too. I hope at least /Edit Works fine for me on bloodmoons, but you need a good pc. Before i had 40-60 fps, now only 30+. It is just for testing, but it was fun. I dont recommend using guns at night with this setting
  8. For everyone who wants more Zombies in the world. maxcount="60" respawndelay="0.01 Just copy the file to "7 Days To Die\Data\Config" and have fun. spawningxml.zip
  9. Well thats my only negative point with this very good mod. You have to heard or read about the bunker to be able to find them, of course you can find them random but 99% of people would never find them. On my second playthrough without to know where the big bunker is I randomly found a row of tents in wasteland I looted everything and I went away. Without to know there is something more I would be never able to find it. AND everyone who were there know what I mean.
  10. sometimes there are files left, for a clean install you have to delete all folder like: C:\Users"name"\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie \Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die
  11. Well i do and i think there are a lot other people who just enjoy a18 like me. The problem is people who enjoy the game don’t write much that’s why people like me should probably write more cuz devs read most of the time about people who complain cuz the game doesn’t fit to their personal taste. As you mentioned we can edit everything as we like that’s why I advise tfp should add more options as before for people who don’t want mess with xml files. As example I don’t like the slow vehicle speed that’s why I edited the files to make them faster. Maybe there could be options like higher zombie rate or higher vehicle speed for people with a pop up massage that this change will probably make your game unstable and cause lower fps etc. Most people don’t understand that this changes made because they cause bad performance until tfp can make better optimization.
  12. yeah people like me. I often farm in open mines mid+endgame and zombies that interrups while farming are annoying as f...
  13. I played this mod on alpha 17 a lot. On my first run I didn’t know anything about the bunker and I would probably never found one without reading about them in discord. Most people don’t have the goal to discover all the black shadow from the map in their playthrough, if they just live in the forest like me and visit other biomes only for farming they will never discover the bunker. Caitlin has a mission for the small bunker but why should a normal player who just farm at the edge of wasteland to burnt ever be able to find her on a normal playthrough without to know there is a Caitlin? There is no need to discover all wasteland to farm titanium. Most people who never heard about bunker or Caitlin will never see them. I can understand people who are asking for hints or coords for bunker after searching for them for days. There is no fun to search for a small well.
  14. The small bunker is in burnt forest, it is a small well, hard to find. The big bunker is in wasteland (row of tents)
  15. I think thats the problem. If I remember correctly they changed quest rewards, you can only get tier 6 items if you do clear or clear-fetch quests.
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