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  1. As others mentioned, the loot adjustment versus game stage is a welcome thing. I enjoyed getting a random level 3 AK on day one but that sort of forced me to skip out on a lot of other early weapons. I wouldn't mind having a *very* small chance of getting a higher tier weapon early on but only in dangerous places, somewhat difficult to reach. Higashi, the factories etc. Now I have been forced to discover the one-hit wonder beauty of the blunderbuss. Fun! I like how the zombies stare at me now, it's disturbing, as it should be. Love how the cooked foods don't have a chance to make you sick anymore. I don't exactly appreciate how easy it is to sneak up on bird and zombies even with a fresh character. That used to require some investment into sneaking perks and adjustment of the equipment, mods etc. I suppose it's a balance issue. I have a distinct feeling there is more daylight overall - it's still very bright around 22:00 and gets bright around 3:30. Not sure if this is adjustable but I'd rather have the brightness decreasing pushed 2 hours on both ends. The map generator should create the skyscraper class of buildings a bit more often. I rolled 3 random maps and only one had the large book factory and one other had the unfinished scraper. Perhaps an adjustable option to force it to create at least one of each? Still playing but so far enjoying it very much.
  2. Have you changed your keymapping? Q might not be god mode in your game, check with key bindings.
  3. I think the pig was meant to be a means to dispose of all the zombies that failed to penetrate the premises. Just put them through the meat grinder in the basement and down the chute to feed pepa.
  4. Why not just bring back the hoe and let players farm the old way... at half the yield or double the time? Adjust accordingly. I can understand farm plots in this context: you want unnaturally fertile soil for fast growth cause you don't have the time to wait. Hence, the box separating the plot from regular soil that would otherwise dilute the nutrients, the rotting meat to provide the necessary micro elements, nitrates to fertilize. It kind of makes sense. At the same time, there's just so much hassle with this. There should be a way to harvest zombies for rotting meat, maybe a different kind than what you put into hobo stew but good enough for plants to grow on. Right now it's just hard to get decent quantities of rotting meat in a world full of, well, walking, rotting meat.
  5. I use speed mod instead and then 4x4 is the fastest of all vehicles. Of course that is on top of a larger trunk for items. The physics leaves a lot to be desired and I will occasionally use the motorcycle still but my preferred means of transportation is the truck.
  6. Between 40 and 60 frames, all vid settings maxed. i7-9700K not OCed Gigabyte RTX 2070 HyperX 16GB DDR4-3000 970 Evo Plus (500GB so both OS and more demanding games) WQHD screen (XB271HU) 40 frames is the absolute minimum I guess. Not sure how people get in excess of 100 frames with considerably slower rigs, I guess vid settings play a significant role. I might try with other settings as well to see if I like the higher frames or not.
  7. In my games, sleepers are marked with a red dot but it shows up when you sort of trigger their presence, for the lack of a better phrase to describe it, when you enter their zone. Similar thing seems to happen with the yellow dot, pointing you to the last trigger spot where sleepers still await. I had it turn into up to 4 individual dots upon entering a room.
  8. I played pregen02 extensively and there is only one nearby trader (within 0,5 kms from the dishong) but he doesn't often give the quest. Crack-a-book is the simplest, fastest tier 5 quest location. I did some rough calculations that assume you ignore most mundane containers except for weapon chests, bags and any of the wooden boxes like stiff, shamway or shotgun messiah. Just get through the location clearing it up asap and picking only the essentials, no shortcuts: Apartment 6: ~29 minutes, 161 zombies Factory 1 (shamway): ~23 minutes, 156 zombies Factory 2 (messiah): 27 minutes, 192 zombies Skyscraper 1 (dishong): above 1 hour, ~330 zombies Skyscraper 2 (crack-a-book): 17 minutes, 67 zombies These are of course estimates, zombie counts may vary. Also, I have a maxed agi char with all seven pistol pete skills and a bad-ass smg so it's a one-hit wonder against 95% of zeds, cuts the time considerably. I still need to do this for the hospital but I expect it to be between the apartment and shamway factory both in terms of kill count and time. Higashi is probably closer to Dishong, with roughly 250 zombies and 40 minutes but that remains to be checked. Shamway is overall quite decent because you get to access 3 hidden stashes placed conveniently on the path and you don't face as many zombies as in most cases. EDIT: Just did a quick run with the fetch/clear quest in Dishong. Almost exactly 1 hour of real-time and 374 zombies. Ignoring 90% of all loot containers. Had to descend down to level 5 (again, as in my previous run) to clear a room with construction workers. Seems like those under-construction levels are quite elusive, despite the fact I was very thorough and liberal with my pick-axe.
  9. Just completed the dishong clear quest for the first time I think. I made this random world with 1337 seed and just picked the biggest forest biome city and added a bunch of PoIs, including all skyscrapers in the center. Now traders offer slightly more variety and with max agi/stealth build, I like doing the dishong fetch from the top floor by trying to avoid zombies and parkouring through elevator shafts, smashing staircase barriers to skip sections, leaving behind random cobble blocks to slow down the chasing horde etc. Still, I am running out of ideas to spice things up any further.
  10. I have a regular 2070 and the peak temps seem to oscillate around 75 degrees Celsius. This is on the highest settings. I like warmth so my ambient room temp is usually 26-27 degrees and I've been playing for ~7-8 hours a day for the past ~3 weeks due to this damn quarantine and around 5 before that. Doesn't seem like there are any overheating problems so it's probably just your deficient cooling.
  11. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature but I've found a treasure map by Nicole and it directs me underwater, off the frigid northern shore. I'm not sure if this is a good idea but in any case, I think this is supposed to be a buried, not submerged treasure.
  12. I did and the little consolation is that all my main tools did as well, plus the motorcycle with a single full stack of gas and enough food and water for a day. But I have to start over
  13. I was happily taking refuge on the roof of a working stiff store, first horde night, 200% zombie block damage on horde night, warrior difficulty. What I did not foresee was the zombies' ability to target load-bearing elements at 3:45 in the morning... under the section where I had my 6 chests full of goodies. The floor/ceiling collapsed and ALL chests are gone And a forge with a crucible, bellows and anvil. And 500+ pieces of forged steel. And all my gas. Food. Water. Extra ammo. Materials... I wanna cry before I start rebuilding. Check out the screenshot. At least my cement mixers survived along with one workbench. EDIT: Oh yeah, horde size 32 probably had something to do with this tragedy.
  14. Maybe it's automatic resource reservation? Have you tried setting the 7DTD process priority to high or realtime? Conversely, set winamp to low? Might have some impact. Other than that, winamp sucks. I use foobar. A fraction of the CPU power used and a huge potential for customization, on top of highest playback quality. And it's free.
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