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  1. Playing random gen, I claimed an old ruin as my base, playing horde every night, everything set to insane, 64 zeds, 150% zombie block damage. One problem I've noticed is that it might be a bit too close to the water treatment facility. What this means is zombies are spawned underground in the section of the plant that has the water and traps. They can't get out so they start to burrow. Needless to say, with the settings I have, they ravaged the land. My question is this then: what's the maximum distance from the player that zombies can spawn at? Is that modifiable somehow?
  2. As in the title. I want to use F1, F2 and F3 keys for something else. Apparently the game doesn't allow you to remap them to anything yet still lists them in the control settings. I'm fine with mods, xml changes or registry. Anything to free the function keys. I noticed there is a registry string called Controls_h333010129 and it probably somehow stores existing key layout but changing it doesn't have any impact. Or maybe I'm doing it wrong. Anyway, any tips?
  3. I've found coal in the regular forest on the map I generated. Maybe I'm lucky but thus far, after 25 hours played on this map, I'm enjoying it without any problems, glitches etc. The city is packed and the buildings are close together and when I roam around, it really gives me more of an "abandoned metropolis" feel than anything vanilla. No problems with resources so far - iron, coal, shale are all there - as are my favorite PoIs and some I've never seen before (or seen once or twice after 1k hours). Level 40 now, horde every 3 days, so far s
  4. I have just generated my first Nitro map with mega cities. It's so beautiful. Seeing a cluster of 4 dishong towers and 5 higashi buildings within one city... after months of vanilla and wasting time for in-game random gen, this is like liquefied skittles blown into my mouth with a pressure washer. I gotta ask though: since it takes about 90 seconds to create a bloated 8k map versus around 15 minutes in-game, what's the deal? Is the built-in generator so inferior or does Nitrogen skip something/lose some information? Cause if there are no drawbacks to using it then I'll never r
  5. I'd much rather see the existing copter improved in multiple ways - Rust has an amazing control scheme for a virtually identical aircraft, it's much more controllable and maneuverable. I don't understand why 7D2D has to have such a poorly implemented vehicle control for it. It's just painful to fly, land or take off in. I'd see another version with two engines that might be somewhat more stable and have a higher inventory capacity at the cost of speed and fuel consumption. Perhaps a version with armor plates to protect against vultures and vomit zombies.
  6. Somebody should delete this thread, I made another one in the correct section this time.
  7. Summary: Free-standing wire fence barrier has inaccurate hitbox. Game Version: A19 b180 Platform: PC OS/Version: Windows CPU Model: Intel i7-9700k System Memory: 16 GB GPU Model and VRAM: nVidia RTX 2070 & 8GB Screen Resolution: 2560 x 1440 Video Settings: Ultra Game mode: SP Client Did you wipe old saves? N/A Did you start a new game? N/A Did you validate your files? Yes Are you using any mods? No EAC off Status: NEW Bug De
  8. I used to run a pit base with blade traps in crucial drop zones, which would hack the legs off of zombies and slow down their return but the AI changed in recent versions and they're not as good as they used to be. Now I just use a switch to pour solar electricity through lamps to light up the base and zombies beating at the walls. The defense is purely passive - triple steel wall, four blocks high, surrounding a narrow-foundation tower-like base, which has cornices running around high enough above the wall to let me nuke the Zs with a rocket launcher. Gets me 5-7 levels every horde night
  9. The item in question has been generated on the floor of my base. Maybe there's some kind of command to remove any non-default pick-able items from the game? Anyway, I tried waiting for the item to be naturally removed from the gameworld, as happens with all dropped items but apparently it doesn't work on this one. I tried that immediately after the whole thing, was even hopeful since the bak had an older timestamp but nope. The information is stored somewhere else as well. My problem was not "Hey i prob shouldn't do this", it was "I know exactly what I'm doing, done th
  10. I guess I'll have to say bye to this one then. Too bad, this character never died, I wanted to continue this flawless record. On the other hand, my base was immune to hordes, all items at level 6, three perk trees done and I just cooked 10k steel for the final improvements. Maybe it's the right time to start a new char.
  11. Hey guys, Here's the background: I modified game files to re-enable 5 mods per quality 6 weapons. Then I proceeded to give myself those weapons (through giveself command) which I already had - the ones generated before still only had 4 slots. Unfortunately, I accidentally copied the wrong entry from the items.xml, namely meleeHandMaster, which I guess is more like a class for other melee weapons, not an actual item on its own. This broke my game. Sadly, automatic save triggered after this and upon loading the game, I get the same message - NullReferenceException: obj
  12. I finally got a sniper rifle at level 6. Lo and behold, effective range 60. Wait, what? Ok, I must have been extremely unlucky with the roll, but just to be sure, let's check the creative menu. That sniper rifle level 5 I had before - eff range 80 - that was the real deal. Every sniper rifle at level 6 has AT MOST effective range of 62. That is consistent with level 1, I have generated 3 weapons of each level and the effective range scales properly with each level, until 6, where it drops back to the default for level 1. Other stats on the rifle seem to be ok and correspond
  13. I see, so the desert eagle vulture uses the same sound sample as a shotgun when silenced. Interesting.
  14. Not sure if I got this right, but apparently some weapons do not have a separate noise level when a silencer is equipped. Here's an excerpt from the sounds.xml: <SoundDataNode name="mp5_fire"> <AudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire"/> <NetworkAudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire_Network"/> <Noise ID="0" noise="54"> <SoundDataNode name="mp5_s_fire"> <AudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire"/> <NetworkAudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire_Network"/> <Noise ID="0" noise="18"> I cut the un
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