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  1. I used to run a pit base with blade traps in crucial drop zones, which would hack the legs off of zombies and slow down their return but the AI changed in recent versions and they're not as good as they used to be. Now I just use a switch to pour solar electricity through lamps to light up the base and zombies beating at the walls. The defense is purely passive - triple steel wall, four blocks high, surrounding a narrow-foundation tower-like base, which has cornices running around high enough above the wall to let me nuke the Zs with a rocket launcher. Gets me 5-7 levels every horde night even past character level 100. Also I'm doing a 64 zombie horde.
  2. The item in question has been generated on the floor of my base. Maybe there's some kind of command to remove any non-default pick-able items from the game? Anyway, I tried waiting for the item to be naturally removed from the gameworld, as happens with all dropped items but apparently it doesn't work on this one. I tried that immediately after the whole thing, was even hopeful since the bak had an older timestamp but nope. The information is stored somewhere else as well. My problem was not "Hey i prob shouldn't do this", it was "I know exactly what I'm doing, done this a hundred times." I used to keep a backup when spawning zombies, blocks and entire PoIs in case I screw something up but here I thought, hey, it's a non-persistent item, what could go wrong? Lessons learned.
  3. I guess I'll have to say bye to this one then. Too bad, this character never died, I wanted to continue this flawless record. On the other hand, my base was immune to hordes, all items at level 6, three perk trees done and I just cooked 10k steel for the final improvements. Maybe it's the right time to start a new char.
  4. Hey guys, Here's the background: I modified game files to re-enable 5 mods per quality 6 weapons. Then I proceeded to give myself those weapons (through giveself command) which I already had - the ones generated before still only had 4 slots. Unfortunately, I accidentally copied the wrong entry from the items.xml, namely meleeHandMaster, which I guess is more like a class for other melee weapons, not an actual item on its own. This broke my game. Sadly, automatic save triggered after this and upon loading the game, I get the same message - NullReferenceException: object reference not set to an instance of an object. It just keeps getting printed in a loop through the console without any means of stopping or continuing the game. Do I have any chance at recovering the save file? I can still input commands in the console, I just couldn't find anything to break the loop. This is a great character at a pretty advanced stage and I don't want to lose it.
  5. I finally got a sniper rifle at level 6. Lo and behold, effective range 60. Wait, what? Ok, I must have been extremely unlucky with the roll, but just to be sure, let's check the creative menu. That sniper rifle level 5 I had before - eff range 80 - that was the real deal. Every sniper rifle at level 6 has AT MOST effective range of 62. That is consistent with level 1, I have generated 3 weapons of each level and the effective range scales properly with each level, until 6, where it drops back to the default for level 1. Other stats on the rifle seem to be ok and correspond to level 6, except range. Is this intended behavior? I can't imagine that to be the case, what with there being zero legitimate reason for that. That leaves it being a bug. I'm hoping this is something that can be corrected through config files and so, that is my question: Where can I find numeric values/random spread for effective range on sniper rifles, relative to the item level? EDIT: Correction - the above is true for every gun in the game...
  6. I see, so the desert eagle vulture uses the same sound sample as a shotgun when silenced. Interesting.
  7. Not sure if I got this right, but apparently some weapons do not have a separate noise level when a silencer is equipped. Here's an excerpt from the sounds.xml: <SoundDataNode name="mp5_fire"> <AudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire"/> <NetworkAudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire_Network"/> <Noise ID="0" noise="54"> <SoundDataNode name="mp5_s_fire"> <AudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire"/> <NetworkAudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire_Network"/> <Noise ID="0" noise="18"> I cut the unimportant parts to make it clearer. My understanding is that mp5_s_fire is the silenced version, is that correct? Then for desert vulture, we only have this: <SoundDataNode name="desertvulture_fire"> <AudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire"/> <NetworkAudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_WeaponFire_Network"/> <Noise ID="0" noise="52"> So no _s_ variant. Am I to take it that desert vulture has the same relative noise level regardless of it being silenced or not? The sound is certainly different in each case. Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place? This is true for some other guns, notably the tactical AR. Not sure what the sharpshooter gun is, but it does have two settings here. I wanted to mod the noise levels to my personal choice but I'm not sure if this is doable at the moment and if yes, I do not know how. Suggestions?
  8. Strangely enough, other games on steam worked fine. Including everything in the Orange Box, so games by Valve.
  9. I think it might have indeed been steam. I have logged out of the account, re-logged back in and now when the connection is lost, I can still p lay the game.
  10. No security software issue because there is no security software on my computer. Never installed any external apps, win firewall and all the typical win 10 bloatware - all disabled through GPL and registry. I use a lot of custom built apps that connect to all kinds of services and require an unsecured system for offline work with IoT devices etc but at the same time they do not manage any security settings. There is no chance the client is being blocked by anything. There physically isn't anything that could block it on my machine. I play other games. All of them have zero problems working offline, except 7DTD. Also: This is not very helpful. The first step requires you to sign into steam while online. I have more than one steam account and I switch between them on a fairly regular basis. If the net is suddenly off, I can't log into the account in online mode. Let me know what extra information is needed, I will provide it. Whatever log files etc, I suppose this is an in-game feature or perhaps something within the launcher?
  11. Hello, Please read the entire post before you answer, to avoid giving me suggestions I have already tried. Multiple times. I occasionally lose the connection to the net, probably my ISP sucks. Despite that, I still wanna play the game. I can't. The game gives me the options to either retry, stay offline or exit. "Stay offline" is greyed out and thus unclickable. I have checked everything. Verified the game files, restarted steam, cleared all sorts of caches, I have no firewalls and no antiviruses AT ALL. There are no third party apps blocking the connection, I use ZERO mods, playing 100% vanilla. Whatever logs you might need, I can provide to help move this along. Anyway, the game still doesn't let me play. As soon as network connection is back, everything works fine. It is easy to replicate for me - just physically disconnect the Ethernet cable. The game is supposed to let me play offline, especially since I exclusively play single player. This is unacceptable. Something should be done to still allow people to play the game regardless of the network status. Normally this is a standard steam feature - engage the offline mode and have fun. Apparently not with 7DTD. Please help.
  12. As others mentioned, the loot adjustment versus game stage is a welcome thing. I enjoyed getting a random level 3 AK on day one but that sort of forced me to skip out on a lot of other early weapons. I wouldn't mind having a *very* small chance of getting a higher tier weapon early on but only in dangerous places, somewhat difficult to reach. Higashi, the factories etc. Now I have been forced to discover the one-hit wonder beauty of the blunderbuss. Fun! I like how the zombies stare at me now, it's disturbing, as it should be. Love how the cooked foods don't have a chance to make you sick anymore. I don't exactly appreciate how easy it is to sneak up on bird and zombies even with a fresh character. That used to require some investment into sneaking perks and adjustment of the equipment, mods etc. I suppose it's a balance issue. I have a distinct feeling there is more daylight overall - it's still very bright around 22:00 and gets bright around 3:30. Not sure if this is adjustable but I'd rather have the brightness decreasing pushed 2 hours on both ends. The map generator should create the skyscraper class of buildings a bit more often. I rolled 3 random maps and only one had the large book factory and one other had the unfinished scraper. Perhaps an adjustable option to force it to create at least one of each? Still playing but so far enjoying it very much.
  13. Have you changed your keymapping? Q might not be god mode in your game, check with key bindings.
  14. I think the pig was meant to be a means to dispose of all the zombies that failed to penetrate the premises. Just put them through the meat grinder in the basement and down the chute to feed pepa.
  15. Why not just bring back the hoe and let players farm the old way... at half the yield or double the time? Adjust accordingly. I can understand farm plots in this context: you want unnaturally fertile soil for fast growth cause you don't have the time to wait. Hence, the box separating the plot from regular soil that would otherwise dilute the nutrients, the rotting meat to provide the necessary micro elements, nitrates to fertilize. It kind of makes sense. At the same time, there's just so much hassle with this. There should be a way to harvest zombies for rotting meat, maybe a different kind than what you put into hobo stew but good enough for plants to grow on. Right now it's just hard to get decent quantities of rotting meat in a world full of, well, walking, rotting meat.
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