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  1. You can't blame TFP for this; they are trying something MOST developers avoid with a ten foot pole. Only a few games to date have successfully attempted it, Rimworld decent, No man sky ... not too many. I'm sure it'll get better as they make more passes at the code ? Most developers just handcraft maps or do a static world with "Tiled" randomness here and there... pretty basic stuff.
  2. This is a nice feature but... The sort button is in 2 different spots between inventory and storage box, needs fix. Plus, it would be nice to add a tag to not move certain things from your inventory so you can move all but "These things". I miss the Inventory bag icon on the left to auto sort... didn't need to disable that. Oh BTW people who have OCD that played with me; yeaaa I was the one that auto sorted your crates. >:)
  3. Sound Volume of Traitor Joels Com announcements closing and opening must be at 200% volume, my eardrums actually popped with my earphones on (Dangerous). Please tone it down. I understand that Augers and Chainsaws are loud IRL, but again these are at 200% volume, it's irritating especially streaming. I get it, the noise suppose to attract zombies, they don't have to attract my neighbours to ! (joke). Vehicle noise also annoyingling loud, and the Jeep cruise speed repeatively loops gratingly like nails on a chalk board. I just wish there was a seperate Volume control for vehicles and power tools ? I have volume set to enjoy the Ambience and over all game sound effects, but the aformentioned things just breaks those settings somehow, or seems to be way louder than they should be ?
  4. I can confirm stealth is a bit broken and this is even with the book perks to help your stelth. Plus TFP Scripted instant spawning "sleeping" hordes triggered by proxy like in the attic and other scipted pois just 100 % unfair to maxxed out stealth characters that are automtically seen.
  5. Stop using the "If this is unrealistic then this is unrealistic to and zombies don't exist so game mechanics can be as unrealistic it wants blah blah". Having stone tools and primitive weapons in sealed crates in a multimillion dollar gun factory is just weird. Is all I was commenting about. And I suggested for early gameplay, game mechanics wise, just have Weapon PARTS or componets for ammo be in those crates untill later level. That ALL. Please get off the realism train, and think more game mechanics and game progression.... it's what we are talking about. And I still stand on looting early level just not exciting anymore because outside needed COMPONENTS to craft work stations a slightly, ever so slightly better tools to build a defense and keep from starving to death, there's no reward, it's not exciting, it's tedious. I expect loot to be crap until 20+ levels and a decent gamestage... so why bother ? It's almost like playing Skyrim where everything crappy and filler until you hit level 40 to get the good drops. 😕
  6. Getting stone tools and primative weapons in sealed crates does not make any sense for even being in there; they could at least provide components, gas, ammo or parts, or at least tier one iron tools and shoddy tier 1 weapons... this would make more sense. As for comments of this making crafting weapons tools and armor meaniful... that's 100% incorrect considering you only can craft up to tier 5; I only rank my weapon and armor perks to get the other benefits, I NEVER craft them when I can find them... and I think that's the flaw in this current system. Sofar playing solo Alpha 19 b173 I just find questing and looting boring, because I expect garbage until around 30th level, I was almost right, got a tier 4 pistol annnnd that's it.... you could imagine my excitment at 0 out of 10, I already can craft them... I just feel no incentive or drive in what's in the next box, just do the bare minimum on the vender quests because their rewards are better. And I have played the hardest settings in solo and group play. Even my playmates just think the start of game play just stretched out tedium. *yawn*
  7. I've noticed the blueberry plants have no shading/shadowing at all. 1st person (hands & held objects) shadowing seems off and bright at times even in darker areas. Have not noticed anything else atm.
  8. Scyris, there's a book perk, I think Stalker, that you make Zero sound over garbage. And also a book perk, I think urban combat where you can jump over 1 block (or more if you have parkour) while you sneak. Learn the game man.
  9. We don't have posts our system specs, TFP did something wrong. Build 153 Smooth as silk lots most vieo options on High, build 16x - b169 FPS just tanking with each b16x build... I'm confused.
  10. Thanks for the postive replies... I guess I'm not alone on this. If somehow tie the breach rounds for mass block destruction would be a good idea. I know fire arrows ignite zombies and players on fire, so to tie breach round to more block damage a thing ? PS. Have any of you remember when the shotgun was the best thing to cut down trees in one shot ? Those the the days ....
  11. I am asking TFP to tweak the shotguns to not do over zealous block damage and base damage to traps. When clearing a house mostly of wood or low grade blocks it always looks like Swiss cheese after using my Combat shotgun... this never happens with any other gun use, even the heavy machine guns. I'm just asking to tweak it back a little ? This of course using basic buckshot, I can see maybe breach rounds or something... but buckshot ? I hope this tweak is implimented in Alpha 19, I love using the shotty but the block destruction like clearing the apartment and stuff just annoys me to no end.
  12. I liked the farm plot, but not as a Cube. It would be nice to layout a flat block where it mark that area for crops to grow on instead, as if you marked the ground with the hoe to plant. Also would be nice to add a sickle tool to harvest crops without punching them (also be used to gather grass fibers to).
  13. Only stat to 10 (or 9 + nerdy Glasses) is INTelligence so you can get 5/5 Better barter to get Solar Panels locked away in the Vendors secret stash and get quality 6 Solar panels. Outside that NO, stat to 7 or 5 gets you most what you need mechanically speaking. Oh you need Better barter 3/5 for the Night vision goggles to.
  14. Steam Name: Ripflex Hours Played: 5732 (Don't judge me) Started on Alpha: 5.x (upon steam released) Discord Name: Ripflex Native Language: English
  15. Simple fix is that TFP added a Harvesting tool that only reacts to the crop entities and collects the crop... no more percussive harvesting. They removed the Hoe, but they could instead add a hand Sickle to harvest ?
  16. You can't buy tier 6 anymore outside of tier 6 Solar Panels. If you are on a public server it would most likely be another player selling their tier 6s. I 100% disagree with this change, there should a a very very low chance of buying or looting anything imo. When working in a group we have to practically draw straws on who going to respect for 10 int to get 5/5 Barter just the buy a couple of Solar Banks and buy up over the next few days tier 6 Solar panels. i think that bad design. As for tier 6 weapons and armor, it's just easier getting max stat 10 and aquire all the passive buffs to weapons under that stat than waste points right away to craft crappy tier 5s when you can just find a better tier 6... Again, bad design. I suggest TFP redo the loot rarity table and allow us to find anything than having LOCKED behind Better Barter; just make it really rare. And allow us to craft tier 6 stuff, or perhaps find a rare component to craft tier 6 if you have tier 5 level skill ? When they say you really don't need said perks/ skill in the game to aquire needed things is a lie.
  17. To get Solar BANKS and Quality 6 Solar panels you are required Better Barter 5/5, these are not things Lucky Looter would ever give you.
  18. This is what we get when DEVELOPERS listen to their hardcore players that the game tooooo easy, make it harder. P.S. This game too easy, please make it harder ? Kappa
  19. Yes, you are stuck at level 5 gear UNLESS you get 5/5 Lucky Looter + looter goggles and get LUCKY looting a quality 6; ORRRRR you force yourself doing TIER V FETCH and CLEARs only, that will chew though all your Horde night ammo to MAYBE get a Quality 6 tool or weapon ... MAYBE. IMO this really blows... seriously - For Single Players. And Intelligence is King or you will not get end game gears, or quality 6 solar panels or solar banks, none of the good stuffs. Seriously, 5/5 Lucky Looter or 5/5 better barter should only increase the chances or frequency of getting quality 6 stuff not be a Hard coded WALL of aquiring them.
  20. Problem with these bridges is the lack of terrain smoothing to make the bridge ends flush with the terrain so you simply SMASH into the front of the bridge with your Jeep... stopping dead or vertically up to the sky box. Have they even tested ????
  21. Despite the berating of the OP, I actually agree with him to a point. And agreeing with him about some things that would take common sense to figure out not needing a schematic for... Maybe the "simple" mod could be crafted from the inventory if they are comsidered simple, like a flashlight to duct tape mod than needing a complicated crafting machine to be fashioned to be used. As for some people can't cook, well, it helps to put the smartphone down first and learn something.
  22. I find just crafting wet concrete blocks has the most block shapes available, but why TFP don't have the entire shapes provided to all Building Block "cubes" is strange to me. In Empyrean they just can a full block menu selection for any CUBE block material type.
  23. Yea I miss loot duping in zombie corpses ... Kappa
  24. The irony ... I wish most russian Post Apoc games had better English translations ... I'm sure they will.
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