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Base entrance


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A door? :)


I mean, if you're not fighting a horde there.. wandering hordes will just walk through your building anyway.


One piece of ladder, 3m high, to jump to is the easiest climbable. As long as you don't loiter at it, zeds won't stack up to it.


One block high diagonal jump seems unpathable to the AI. (f.e a block on the ground at (x,y), a two block stack next to it at (x+1,y+1))


A door with a hatch behind it on the floor is the default setup I use for anything non-horde-related. Open the hatch to block the doorway, open the door to deal with the vacuum salesman, close door, close hatch.


For horde bases, usually a door or a pair of hatches on "block heights" 3 and 4 of the wall, jump up with Parkour 3/5 or from one block step, one block away from wall.

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I favor a simple jump ramp. There's also the gap ramp design:


Make a ramp that's 3m wide. At the top put sideways ramps on the outer two blocks and nothing in the middle with the same thing on the other side of the gap. This creates a two block gap that zeds will fall through, but you can easily run across the narrow connections of the sideways ramps.

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I took over the Bait Shop and used the dock as the foundation of my newest base, but I have a swim up entrance in the back. The platform is about 8M above the floor, so no risk of zombies reaching it.


Human entrance:



Zombie entrance :smile-new:



A swim up entrance. Very clever, thank you for that tip.

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For "non cheese" entrances, I really really favor the drawbridge.


I tend to make pedestal bases....which are resource intensive but really durable. Basically It's a 3-5 high solid block or material with a normal base built on top of it. For single player, i suggest at least 8x8 for a small, spartan base with your bare minimum crafting stations, for multiplayer, a 15x15 will give you room for multiples of each crafting station and room to move and defend. Farm can go on the roof. So its (let's say) 10x10 solid, 4 blocks high...400 blocks...very durable even if zombies hit it all day long...then a normal room with walls 3-4 high on top of that, then the roof.


On one side of the base is a drawbridge entrance....simple (if expensive), looks nice, isn't cheesy, and is completely zombie proof. Just have a ramp or ladders leading up to a small landing where the drawbridge opens up to.


On the other side is the zombie approach. I tend to use a single switchback (zombies walk up a ramp near the base, walk away from the base down a 1-tile-wide (or maybe even half block wide) path , over a bit, then towards to base) to an open door. The path is covered in barbed wire, and under the path can be covered in spikes if you want.


It's an active base defense (YOUR bullets and fighting are what gets all the kills) with a zombie proof entrance. I find it more fun and more resource cost effective than spike defenses....I go through a lot of ammo, but very little building resources, and since ammo is gained by crafting a bench and walking away, or looting it in great quantities from POIs, while building resources are mined in a hole, I prefer to stick with that strategy.


You have a tough and effective base (until you run out of ammo or get demolishers) that will hold up to a horde night fine even it it's just made of flagstone.

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My horde base is a simple 3 block wide corridor with walls on the sides and a metal bars siding on the second block from the ground, so i can shoot through it, but not get vomitted. Barbed wire placed on the sides of the corridor to slow them down so i can shoot and metal spikes in the corridor to not only stun them but also deal damage. At the center is a small 5x5 room with 2 block thick walls (metal bars and concrete plates on the 2nd block to shoot), another similar up top, but only with metal bars as walls (to prevent vultures, but also be able to shoot them if needed). The corridors roof is also made of metal bars to shoot any vultures. All metal spikes are 1 block deep.


Maybe i don't have big enough GameStage to have many problems with the horde, but it withstood 2 hordes so far (28th and 35th). Gonna be upgrading with more spikes, barbed wire and more walls (to direct the pathing more outside of the corridor itself). Still, having a RadRemover mod on my T5 pistol, a T5 turret and a T3 machine gun serves me well. If needed be, i got also a shotgun, grenades, molotovs and a couple mines. Ammunnition is no problem SP so far.


I'll definitely start a new game at one point with shorter days and different build.

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