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  1. Do you have any reasoning to back that up or should everything just be made according to your opinion? No human can outrun a large, four-legged predator and the number of bites it takes to kill you is fairly irrelevant. The point here is that you shouldn't be fighting them with starter weapons, just as you shouldn't be seeking out and fighting zed hordes with starter weapons either. Mod your game to suit your tastes or change up your playstyle to survive better. It's a survival game, after all. A lot of things in it need fixing, but this isn't one of them.
  2. Weird stuff happens when you don't start fresh with a new version. You are not allowed to complain about that stuff. It is known.
  3. Ok, that's truly bizarre. Thanks for the info. Wish I could help.
  4. I'm still a little confused...are you somehow in 3rd person view? Is that also a mod thing? If you could upload a clip, that would be cool.
  5. What does falling down look like? Is that a feature of the mod? AFAIK, there is no knock down in vanilla 7DTD.
  6. I posted a story about this a while back and nobody believed me.
  7. Rocket Launcher: Cripple 'Em: 20% chance to cripple a leg on a bipedal target The Hunter: +100% damage to living beings Barrel Extender Mod: Increases damage, range, and aimed accuracy but more unwieldy from the hip Muzzle Brake: Diverts the propellant gases to reduce recoil Laser Sight: Helps with aiming quickly and increases accuracy from the hip. Press F to activate. Hold F for multiple items Scope 2x: Increases visual magnification when aiming Laser Sight: Helps with aiming quickly and increases accuracy from the hip. Press F to activate. Hold F for multiple items Weapon Flashlight: Press F to activate, Hold F to activate multiple items Rad Remover: Disables radiated zombies for 90 seconds Source: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/20138-item-mod-compatibility-list-for-alpha-19-experimental/
  8. Bedrock is the bottom of the world. AFAIK, it's about 60-70 blocks down.
  9. What I don't understand about this is why it seems to be getting worse. I never once saw this before A19 and now I have it all the time.
  10. This helped me, at least a bit. The phantom blocks have disappeared, but now POIs that I already demolished have returned and won't go away...as in the mesh remains even when I'm right in front of/inside them. EDIT: My performance has gone to complete @%$# without shader pre-caching. Major lag as I drive around on my motorcycle when it was at least reasonably smooth before. 10-15 freezes to load new areas are not worth this "fix", IMO. EDIT 2: This is not a fix. After another 10 minutes playing the phantom blocks are back.
  11. My base design has no problem with Demos...flip the switch and watch them dance or just bash them in the face.
  12. Simple pathfinding. It would be technically possible for them to jump into your room if they destroy the hatch, so they all focus on trying to do that. You just murder them before they succeed.
  13. I'm sure nobody tried my design, otherwise it'd be all the rage by now. Easy enough to build on day 1 or 2 and will last the whole game.
  14. You guys are all doing too much. This base is all you need: Rear view: The spikes at the back are not at all necessary, I was just experimenting. I took the basic concept from a Jawoodle video and customized it pretty heavily. This is the middle form of the base. You can build it on day 2 with wood and that will work nicely for the first 2 horde nights. Upgrade as you go until you can add the traps and eventually get to steel, hopefully before Demos show up. It's a melee/close combat base with turrets for when you need to repair if at all. Most zeds get stuck in the electro fence and you can bash/blast them at your leisure. You will need to shoot spiders and be careful because every once in a great while they will land a perfect jump and come right at you. Maintenance is SUPER minimal...maybe 3 blocks to repair, plus the fences. As long as you don't screw up and trigger the Demos it should be an indefinite cakewalk. You can also make it modular by building a second copy leading out the back of the first as a fallback point. For multiplayer you can make it double sided or even quad for 4 players. Fun, easy, flexible, low on resources and repair time. If anybody needs more detailed help on building it, let me know.
  15. This is a HUGE problem with TFP simply taking their cues from telemetry instead of actually listening to players. Unless their telemetry can tell them whether and exactly what people have changed, it's pretty much worthless.
  16. Exactly this. The plan sounds fine and dandy, but forcing step 1 into A19 when it alone has such a powerful negative influence on gameplay was a bonehead move that I cannot see any benefit to.
  17. I had the same issue as the OP. AFAIK, it only happens with Q3 yellow robotic sledges. You also can't sell them.
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