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  1. Again, allowing zombies to hit your base from any side means you need 4 times the defenses...and most of the time, 3 of those sides aren't even doing anything. one zombie-accessible entrance means only 1 direction of defense, which means 1 turret/blade trap/spikes/junk turret for dealing with screamers. Simply aim a single junk turret at the open entrance and your chemstation/workbench-only ammo cost for screamers is 0
  2. because it's like someone going to the store and buying one item at a time over and over until they've finished their shopping and complaining that shopping takes too long. Yeah sure, faster shopping would be nice, but that isn't the problem, it's the method you're using. I wouldn't mind faster chem stations and workbenches, but you'll notice that crafting has been made VERY INTENTIONALLY slower in A18 (intellect no longer speeds it up). It is therefore unlikely that those workstations will be adjusted to craft faster than they already are. Instead, the commentators are addressing the root cause - the wildly inefficient base setup that necessitates the ammo factory of the OP. Sprinkle in the little tangents and supporting points being addressed, argued, and refuted and there is nothing unusual at all about this thread.
  3. Limdood


    You CAN hide perfectly well in a dark corner...unless the game spawns a wandering horde headed in your direction while you're standing there. Also, smell made no sense. The zombies are attracted to meat, but they make no effort to go after those same animals the meat is from while they're alive? It was also a mechanic that, as a problem, had very unintuitive counters. Drying or wrapping meat would be the most sensible solutions for masking smell....but instead we were encouraged to reduce the smell of raw meat by making...bacon & eggs?
  4. To Ghostlight (and whoever else might want to try the base) make a 15x15x3 (or 15x15x4 if you wanna be safer or build on uneven ground) slab...outside should be your strongest material, but the 7x7 on the inside can be anything...I use flagstone. Now make walls on top of that...all the way around. Leave 1 door on one side. Make a ramp up to the door. Leave the door open. Now you've got an elevated base with a ramp leading right in. you're half done. Extend the side walls past the open door...past the ramp, until you've got something like a 15x15 courtyard in front of your base. make sure there is a walkway all the way around (this will narrow the courtyard to something like 9 blocks wide, but the point is that the zombies have a good 15 block walk from entering the courtyard until they've climbed the ramp into your base...which of course will have the only access to the walkway you're standing on). You want the outer wall of the walkway/courtyard solid, so nothing can draw LOS to you, and the inner wall of the walkway as bars...even wood works here...its' just to stop the spiders jumping on you. Now line the walls of the courtyard with electric fences (this is super important...slows and roots them for easy headshots and turret work). Meanwhile you stand over the entrance to the courtyard, facing inwards (towards the "front door" of the base). Set up any turrets there, Junk turrets are great, SMG and shotgun should work. They work because due to the angle, you're firing at the back of the head of incoming zombies, since said zombies are entering beneath you, running forwards (away from you) and being shot from behind and above them. This is nothing more than a classic medieval castle killing field but adapted for this game to fire into the backs of enemies...since demolisher triggers are in their front. Meanwhile as defenders, we'd have one of us (or one weapon, if solo) as a high-powered, armor piercing shooter for the demolishers while the other person/people pop irradiated heads. If a demolisher WERE to be triggered, both players swap to SMGs with drum mags, AP ammo, and rod & spring and blast the body until it's deleted. _V_Raised Base_______V_open courtyard, raised walkway OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O_____________DWWWWWWWWWWWWWO O_____________OWWWWWWWWWWWWWO O_____________O_________________WWO O_____________O_________________WWO O_____________O_________________WWO Zombies enter here and run towards the ®amp O_____________O_________________WWO O_____________DRRRR________________ <----- O_____________O_________________WWO Players stand on W and fire at zombies passing underneath O_____________O_________________WWO O_____________O_________________WWO O_____________O_________________WWO O_____________OWWWWWWWWWWWWWO O_____________DWWWWWWWWWWWWWO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO We put a drawbridge in the back, precisely because we don't like cheesing the game either. Drawbridge makes an entrance that CANNOT be accessed by zombies, and for a reason OTHER than their AI or action limitations. This base and defense is abominably expensive to build, but it works AMAZINGLY well for us. It doesn't cheese the AI any more than actual traditional medieval defenses (raised fortifications were the way to go precisely BECAUSE you could choose what side was attacked). Even if a random zombie does get stuck whacking a wall for a bit, they always eventually recalculate and "find" the path in (we often have blocks around the outside damaged a token amount in the morning...none of them ever even get to half unless we've been firing at them). Now, if my impression of your past posting history is any indication, this is where you chime in that this base completely won't work with 64 count zombie hordes in 5 player games on warrior difficulty at 200% zombie horde night damage or something similar, because I've noticed that your trend seems to ALWAYS be to make a comment to the effect of something not working once the game gets harder/you turn up the difficulty/you have 64 zombie count/etc. What this base DOES do, is allow us to absolutely steamroll 16 zombie count hordes on nomad difficulty at 100% block damage in a 2-4 player game. It very likely could handle more, but I haven't given it a try yet.
  5. Yes. And at this point you can take your constant elitist gatekeeping in every stupid thread you post in and shove it.
  6. Why wouldn't you wall off all sides but one so they come from a single direction? You know, like EVERY HISTORICAL DEFENSE EVER. Forcing your enemy to attack from a single front allows you to concentrate your defenses, and since you're defending, you have the positional advantage, so your power counts for more than their power. I do not understand the players that refuse to use directional bases in this game, and then complain that their defense is too hard/expensive. It's too hard/expensive because it's a stupid way to defend. Make them come from one direction only, then train 2 turrets on that direction, and use the electric fences and blade traps as well. You should have no trouble keeping up with that cost.
  7. Go up like 3-4 floors in the crack a book POI, and knock out the stairs (to be safe) and the zombies won't be able to get up at all. I'm not convinced they'd ever take the building down...I just don't think they'd target the very widely spaced blocks they need to target.
  8. There's another trick too with loot respawn:
  9. YES! I used to love the hub cities....you gear up, walk in, loot as much as you can before the zombies hear and close in, then fight a huge horde as they gather together, and zombies seemed to just trickle in from all the streets as fast as you could kill them. Early game it was a huge risk...sneak in, climb an apartment, get to the safe and loot it, and then try to get out alive. Mid game you could enter strategically for certain resources in much the same way, only you could hold your own a bit better. And end game, when you had all the ammo, you could just fight and have a blast, looting the cops (since there were no levels or skills, just different zombie types and the loot they carried).
  10. 1. It is utterly not worth it to carry, scrap, or collect anything made of brass anymore. Nothing you can loot or salvage or carry is as efficient as dukes for stacking and smelting, so just smelt those. 2. Items, especially high quality items at full repair sell for far more with a mod or two in them than they do unmodded. As in, they sell for a higher amount than selling the item and the mod separately. They often sell for enough higher that it's worth BUYING mods to put into items to sell them. (example, a Q6 magnum I had sold for 1760. I bought a 2x scope from the trader for 240 and put it in the magnum, which now sold for 2288). Use this to get a tidy profit from useless, extra, or unneeded mods. 3. loot respawn has a tricky trigger. It measures days from the last time that chunk was updated. If you walk past loot containers often, they'll never refill with loot. You can get around this by "seeding" the container. an opened container that has any item(s) in it will not reset it's countdown. You will need to manually keep track of the time, and when the loot respawn timer is done, removing the items in it will make it an "untouched" container again. For example: 3a)loot respawn is 15 days. Day 3, you loot a bookstore. You empty the whole place out, leaving each container empty. On day 12, whoops! you wander past the bookstore. Now it won't restock until day 27...lets hope you don't wander past it again before then! (or that someone else doesn't...if you're on a MP server). 3b)loot respawn is 15 days. Day 3, you loot a bookstore. You empty the whole place out, but this time, you leave behind a feather, or a piece of paper, or dirt, or a plant fiber...anything...in each bookshelf. Now the timer ticks down whether you wander by or not. You could even make that bookstore your base as long as you leave the bookshelves alone. On day 19 (just to be safe), you go to the bookshelves and take out the item. close the inventory, and presto! now the bookshelves are restocked with new schematics, magazines, and paper. When you're done looting them, you can put the item back in, and wait another 15 (+1 if you want to be safe...if you open it early, the timer probably resets) days for even more stuff. Just make sure you keep track of which day you're supposed to open them up!
  11. I liked gore blocks, and think they could possibly be added back in, but this thread is just another excuse to complain "OMG BRING BACK GUN PARTS PLZ" when there is already a gun parts thread on the first page of the forums...
  12. Reminds me of a comic I read once of someone "teaching" a new player of an MMO game how to get proper directions and answers to questions. The new player was asking over and over in chat for some help or guidance or anything...and getting completely ignored. Finally the experienced player comes over and tells the new player to ask again, which the new player does, and the experienced player gives rambling, terrible, nonsensical and convoluted directions. At which point the chat immediately lights up with tons of people "correcting" the experienced player and giving accurate concise directions. The experienced player looks at the confused new player and explains that no one wants to bother to help some random person, but no one can resist correcting someone else who they think is wrong to show how much better they are.
  13. I'm a college graduate and teacher for 8 years and I'd be hard pressed to make a functional STONE shovel, or a wood-and-plant-fiber bow with any notable power without a book telling me how to. I know the concepts of a forge, but actually building one would either take me a TON of tries...or detailed directions...like you might find in a book. But since you declined to bother to even say what recipe/item you were talking about, I can only conclude that you feel like whining about the game in a way that you deliberately made difficult to address, to either artificially give your point added weight (if anyone can figure out what the specific complaint IS) or to allow you to act superior as you shoot down any attempted counterargument.
  14. No idea at all why you grouped the WILDLY different shotguns and pistols, or rifles and automatic together....they play completely differently, and are significantly more different than most of the melee classes. You also skipped archery fwiw
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