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  1. Don't expect any kind of reasonable response from the Pimps on this topic. People have been complaining about the implementation from the day it went out, but for whatever reason (never articulated), they think it's not only good this way, but are unwilling to consider any tweak.
  2. You definitely need a dedicated graphics card at the minimum becuase integrated graphics are universally garbage. A whole new PC would give you some future proofing and let you play a lot of other games, but just the card should allow you to play 7dtd without problems. You should get one with at least 6 gigs of VRAM and make sure your cooling is up to snuff, cuz that sucker's gonna get hot. You probably want an nvidia to go with your intel cpu. I think 1060s are pretty cheap now and holiday sales are a good time to buy.
  3. It's very simple to understand...some just don't want to.
  4. And there's the ♥♥♥♥ty attitude. I dare to criticize, so I'm "crying". Is it so hard to just be respectful?
  5. I'm not deluded. I don't expect every suggestion I make to be followed, nor do I expect the developers to bow to my preferences. Again, this isn't just about my ideas. It's about a lot of well thought out ideas advanced by a lot of different posters intended to address major issues with the game. They get ignored or a flippant, one sentence reply. Questions go unanswered and threads fall into the waste bin. Meanwhile, some petulant child posts a thread titled "THIS GAEM SUXXORS" and the devs go back and forth for pages and pages defending against ridiculous, non-constructive criticism that was clearly going nowhere from the start. It doesn't make sense to me and clearly I'm not the only one who has noticed it.
  6. I'm not only talking about my ideas. It's a more general observation formed over the years. I don't care about being rejected, I care about being taken seriously. It seems like the devs choose to interact with overly emotional children too often and consequently end up treating everyone like that.
  7. It's the first floor hallway just before the cafeteria. The bathroom ceilings are loaded with sleepers that tend to wake up early if you go too close to the wall on your way to the shooting range. You then exit the range, turn left, and there are about 15-20 zombies coming at you down the hall. If you make enough noise dealing with those, you wake the next bunch that are able to run down from the collapsed roof in the cafeteria and you can have about 30-35 zeds coming down on you at once.
  8. I find this to be very true and very troubling. It seems like the devs show up to clap back at haters in the most ridiculous, histrionic, no-fact based threads, but if a poster who really cares aboutt he game takes the time to make a carefully detailed thread with constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement it is either ignored entirely or lightly dusted with snarky, sarcastic comments that ignore the substance of the thread or whitewash the issue completely. This may be the worst "direction of the game" issue for me. It feels like they don't care about thoughful, reasoned feedback and they are only reacting to the loudest, squeakiest, and stupidest wheels.
  9. Same here, only factories and hospital. SUPER bored of them already.
  10. Backpedaling speed has been nerfed, so you can't just run backward and melee everything to death. Maintain your distance at low levels and use a spear. Never be afraid to run away. Keep bandages on your toolbar.
  11. The OP would have to clarify what he meant, but I think he's talking about demolishing POIs...as in destroying them completely, not looting them and clearing out the zombies. If you're swimming in resources, nothing beats explosives. If not and the POI has no basement, digging out the dirt under it is probably the fastest. I've never perked the sledge, but unperked it's not as good for demolition as a pick.
  12. Yeah, it fixed itself when my gamestage went up. Maybe they just moved the bug to gamestage ending in 0?
  13. So at level 67, gamestage 160 I used the elixir to optimize my perks. Now despite my gamestage, 5/5 in Lucky Looter, and a +19 pair of Lucky Goggles, I ONLY find QL 1 items. Is this a known issue? Other people had this too? Any way to fix it? Stable build, BTW.
  14. A video game that has WAY bigger problems than having to click once every time you get in your vehicle. Perspective.
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