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  1. It seems like 99% of the good ideas pitched by the people have already been thought of years ago and or TFP has one that is far better. Goes to show you that TFP were born to make video games. Yah just cannot go wrong placing faith in TFP. Keep up the good work Madmole and the rest of the Pimps.
  2. Although an undo button would be cool. Maybe if you upgrade the wrong block you have 5 seconds to click some button on the nailgun that will revert it back. solves all those issues. Food for thought.
  3. The people will talk about what they feel is important and nothing wrong with that. Unless a dev cuts that topic off in that case no one should chat about it. Suggestions should go in Pimp Dreams not here lest Roland be given more work cleaning up this thread. I hope that helps you understand.
  4. That makes a lot of sense. +1 for that idea.
  5. My brother would be one of the 4 to buy a copy lol. Sorry Star, if u read this you know I have nothin' but love you bro.
  6. Q6 is not craftable. Those must be found while out looting.
  7. Yeah agreed. for the longest time after A18 first dropped I kept building like I always had, start with wood and upgrade after my base is built. I read a few posts and afterwards I just skip straight to flagstone or concrete since you can basically make concrete by day 5. no reason for wood anymore.
  8. Neebs said tonight "I'm glad they redid the animations because that's...that crawling guy is super creepy. When you see him....and the jumping, the jumping is a big....a big improvement" Appsro "yeah". Thought you would like to hear that comment MM.
  9. Darnit now that you pointed that out ima think of it every time I play lol. +1 UI update wanted lmao Sometimes ignorance is bliss.
  10. Preprogrammed drones that protect a military installation that do not depend on GPS is a thing. Could you imagine if all drones depended on GPS? That would be a major weak point that an enemy would in no doubt take advantage of. Just see the GPS blocking experiment that the military conducted off of Florida this month.
  11. I thought you might say that so I did adjust/edit my post before you posted this. Best to always give me like 5 minutes to review my post because I often edit them.
  12. Hmmm Drones at military bases actually makes sense. Drones roaming around though wouldn't make sense since GPS wouldn't work after a major nuclear apocalypse and IMO would not fit the theme. Home made drones that follow a player is a thing IRL and they do not need GPS to fuction. Just cameras and software that can interpret the environment and track the person. Heck even bandits could have drones but....I hope not because it...i dunno.. imo doesnt fit the theme.
  13. Oh thank god!!!!! Flying enemy drones just.....ewww
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