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  1. I was one of the first to analyze the cause of the poor performance and present the evidence to Faatal helping narrow down the cause for further investigation/solution back, if I remember correctly, in A18.0. Sure enough it was what I pointed out and Faatal included fixes/optimizations for those issues in A18.2 and then more optimizations were added in A18.3. I have a GeForce 960 and game runs smooth as butter now. Of course I cannot crank up the graphics to ultra but most are on high and some ultra with steady 50-60 fps. A18.3 saw the largest performance improvements IMO. Re-install my fri
  2. I felt the same exact way and my solution for that was to turn up roaming zombie count from 1 to 2 in every biome and to cut in half the respawn days of roaming zombies in XML file. this populates the world more with zombies and makes it feel a lot more like A16...so I've been told by everyone on my server and I feel the same. You could try that and see if it helps.
  3. [video=youtube;NKtsq-HxQKE] Our first time in a PVP server! See if you can count all the bad teammate moments! -Neebs Gaming
  4. You do know I agree with what you have been saying right? It's ok to give a compliment to people in order to make them feel better and possibly have a better day and still not be on there side. I never brown nose. I give credit where credit is due and I strongely voice my opinions, the good and the bad. I think TFP know I have no problem stating my mind on the stuff I disagree with.
  5. You are a smart man or woman. I totally agree. This was an intellectually stimulating conversation, thank you for that.
  6. I just woke up and still having my morning bowl while skimming through the comments. My bad man, I'm not dismissing anything you are saying. Here is a little secret though. 1 individual can have a profound affect on future sales of a game never forget the value 1 customer can have over a product. You have more value than you know. The Butterfly Effect Image if you mouthed off to a customer and that customer decided to never pick up the game again and play it. What if you could see the what if. What if that person was never disrespected and kept playing the game. telling friend after frie
  7. Sounds like your a bit defensive man. I was one of the people MM probably rolled his eyes at regarding cement comments...and thats cool. I'd rather know our voices are heard and eye rolling rather than our voices never being heard. It's all good baby, you cannot take rejection personally, it's only business. Note: The word baby, in this context is not meant as your a child crying, its just slang. Like come on baby you gots to chill. sucks I gotta point that out for other readers, I do not want them getting there panties in a bunch lol.
  8. Agreed. A18 is amazing and with the help from Youtubers traffic will keep coming to this game. I'm glad TFP figured out the value of what content creators can do for a product. They can destroy a product or there influence can help push it in popularity. Whoever at TFP had the wisdom to start bringing in content creators deserves a raise, that was one of the smartest things done to boost this games sales and popularity thats for sure.
  9. It seems like 99% of the good ideas pitched by the people have already been thought of years ago and or TFP has one that is far better. Goes to show you that TFP were born to make video games. Yah just cannot go wrong placing faith in TFP. Keep up the good work Madmole and the rest of the Pimps.
  10. You know me to well, I always need that proof lol. Thank you
  11. ahh ok cool cool. Thanks for that info. I must have missed the patch notes announcing electrical traps now give xp in whatever Alpha they updated the game with this.
  12. I want to make sure I'm hearing this correctly, so we now get xp from electrical traps? If so I'll start throwing points in on it thats for sure.
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