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(A21) bdubyah's modlets


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Yeah, the values for the side friction are the biggest changes I made. Upping the mass might help you drift more too. I found a post last night that got me to where it is now. I'm at work but when I get home tonight I'll try and find the link.


There seems to be multiple ways to accomplish the same things with these values. Mostly relies on the ratios of the numbers I guess.

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I have maybe one or two more that I really wanna do. Got a few melee weapon ideas I want to add at some point.


Really wanted to try a few guns next, but there isn't much left that hasn't been added already, and I don't wanna just keep adding separate gun modlets onto it.

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Updated the Rebar Club to fix an NRE with the repairTool being concretemix.


Also, updated the Banjo to tweak some settings.


Your willy jeep is gorgeous. I tested it and I liked it. The only headlights brighter to do.


Thanks! Glad you like it! Are you saying they should be brighter?

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