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  1. Disgusting patch! When turning and in motion, FPS drops to 0. Friezes, friezes, friezes, it became impossible to play.
  2. bdubyah Cruiser gorgeous. I did not like the helicopter, twitching and uncomfortable control. Work Truck good, I use to transport loot, he would have the sound of an engine like a dodge
  3. Claymore handsome man Can you add an increase in transport speed?
  4. Subquake It would be much easier if you start coding 7DTD v2, with full mod support.
  5. TARCH26

    Syth's QoL Modlets

    That would be a quick production on a mixer and alchemy table.
  6. TARCH26

    Valmars A18

    The revival of the legend, a good idea.
  7. stedman420 I look forward to the A18
  8. TARCH26

    Ravenhearst Mod

    My verdict, an unsuccessful mod. The version for the A16 was better. I hope in the next version there will not be so many bugs and shortcomings. By the way, 16 Gb of memory is not enough for this mod, it fast clogs it and starts to stutter.
  9. TARCH26

    Ravenhearst Mod

    With the latest updates, the skill of reducing the stamina when using tools has disappeared. The bug with overflow and zeroing hunger, thirst was not fixed. A bug with a decrease in experience if you hold an axe, pickaxe, shovel in your hands is not fixed.
  10. Disable anti cheat protection.
  11. madmole My wish. After eating a cooked dish, should remain empty dishes (jar or plate).
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