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Vehicle Climb


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yes but which parameter? i tired the upAngleMax and tiltAngleMax but didnt seem to do anything... i made a underground base with a garage thats a 45 degree slope and the vehicles just cant make it up... down below is the default xml what u suggest?


<property name="cameraDistance" value="5.5, 7"/>

<property name="cameraTurnRate" value=".2, .35"/>

<property name="motorTorqueMinQ" value="4000"/>

<property name="motorTorqueMaxQ" value="6000"/>

<property name="brakeTorque" value="5000"/>

<property name="upAngleMax" value="70"/>

<property name="upForce" value="1"/>

<property name="steerRate" value="130"/>

<property name="steerCenteringRate" value="90"/>

<property name="tiltAngleMax" value="80"/>

<property name="tiltThreshold" value="3"/>

<property name="tiltDampening" value=".22"/>

<property name="tiltDampenThreshold" value="8"/>

<property name="tiltUpForce" value="0"/>

<property name="hopForce" value="0"/>

<property name="unstickForce" value="1"/>

<property name="velocityMax" value="9, 18"/>

<property name="waterDrag_y_velScale_velMaxScale" value="1.8, .9, .1"/>

<property name="wheelPtlScale" value="1"/>

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Is this on all vehicles ?


I think Bicycles can go up steeper incline compared to cars ...... can you go up down ramp on a bike ?


<property name="tiltUpForce" value="5"/> is for a bicycle


maybe try that starting in value from 1 - 5 and see


For a bicycle these lines are different all others are same values as above

<property name="tiltAngleMax" value="20"/>
<property name="tiltUpForce" value="5"/>
<property name="hopForce" value="4"/>
<property name="unstickForce" value=".2"/>
<property name="wheelPtlScale" value=".6"/>

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I saw this somewhere have not tested this myself but basically in a mod somewhere out there there was a comment saying that it was doubling all engine torque values to help get up steep slopes.





The comment is at end of the mods descriptions before the download link , this is a xml mod not a modlet but theory is same.

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that it was doubling all engine torque values to help get up steep slopes.



I played around with this yesterday with my APC but its more than just torque.

The settings in unity also matter such as the mass of the vehicle as well as a few others.


The water settings in xml are self explanatory though. Setting it all to zero and you can power through like nothing.


Might take a little while to fully understand the vehicles and physics but once everything settles there should be some interesting things in the pipelines from people.

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I spent the day trying to understand the vehicle physics, making new "profiles" for each car so they handle how they should, with some individual character.


Ended up with the following comparison.

Both vehicles have the same mass, drag, xml and torque values. Doubling as per above.

MinQ = 8000

MaxQ = 16000

Brake = 10000


The only differences are the vehicle length, wheel size and wheel suspension/weight/friction/slip settings ( slight increases over vanilla ) on the new vehicle.


The result below:



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Im want to have more diversity between the vehicles, and wonder if anyone found out what setting, or combination of settings" impact hill climbing the most? I see some mentioning of suspension/weight/friction/slip, Im not sure where to find this settings.

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does anyone know what to change to make them travel up steep hills more efficiently and faster? without raising the base speed?


I have tried to find this out for several hours now and so far nothing, absolute nothing. I have tested many of the vehicle stats without any luck.

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I noticed on my first person view for vehicles that all vehicles go up very steep inclines with no real effort, which seems odd unless somehow vehicle physics are tied to the camera position but that seems too odd (or maybe not) , someone quoted somewhere that the player actually wears the vehicle so that might be a factor.


In my modlet the only things changed were camera position, steering rate which should not affect the climbing and hopforce for the 4x4 and all hopforce does is allow the player to press a key and the vehicle jumps. There are no other changes to torque or speeds on the default modlet.


Vehicles sure are strange in game to work out.


Although by accident I have created a gyrocopter with super fast turbo speed lol and whilst messing had a motorcycle using the gyrocopter engine but it did not fly ..

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