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  1. Hey all. Just back quick. There are a couple people updating my old mod. They all have rights to whatever they want to do, no questions. Seen a lot of cool things. Hope everyone is well and see you all during beta with a new mod based on farmlife
  2. Take a look at this. It increases Stam and food. https://github.com/stasis78/7dtd-mods/tree/master/MaxStamMod - - - Updated - - - Health here. https://github.com/stasis78/7dtd-mods/tree/master/MoreHealthMod
  3. Really amazing stuff Xyth. You are a hero to me and I love your contributions and art. You are crazy good!
  4. I have to pull my head out of my mod sometime and install these but amazing videos. Great work gup. Thank you
  5. Best server mod I ever used. Thanks cataclysm:)
  6. GitHub is free and has no strings attached. No one needs an account to download, only to contribute. Many other options are similar and the content authors get locked down version control for free. Those that do want to give feedback can post bug reports or star (like) the repo
  7. I was using the bc block command with xyz coordinates. I probably wasn’t using it correctly. It was the latest version I think. I used ping perfects mod listed for a17. I reset my map after some testing. When I start building my base today I’ll try it again
  8. Tested on a17 server, latest experimental, the blocks flash but don't seem to go away. I know its listed as not tested. Anyone know a good way to dig a giant hole with a mod? I can I can try Coppi and see if it still works.
  9. Hello, I need some help, can you please show me an example command of how to dig a pit down to bedrock that is a certain width and breadth? I see bc-wblocks swap and damage. Would these work? I don't want to destroy the bedrock, only the blocks between where I am and the bottom of the map.
  10. Wow. Thank you for this! I’ve been looking for all these mods. Agreed that TFP should add to base game. Maybe once steam workshop is up that will do
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