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  1. Hey all. Just back quick. There are a couple people updating my old mod. They all have rights to whatever they want to do, no questions. Seen a lot of cool things. Hope everyone is well and see you all during beta with a new mod based on farmlife
  2. stasis78


    It’s like a different game
  3. stasis78


    Weapon Mod Workbench seems to need a fix
  4. stasis78


    About time. What took you so long
  5. Take a look at this. It increases Stam and food. https://github.com/stasis78/7dtd-mods/tree/master/MaxStamMod - - - Updated - - - Health here. https://github.com/stasis78/7dtd-mods/tree/master/MoreHealthMod
  6. Really amazing stuff Xyth. You are a hero to me and I love your contributions and art. You are crazy good!
  7. I have to pull my head out of my mod sometime and install these but amazing videos. Great work gup. Thank you
  8. I noticed FarmLifeMod was on the old list, now it’s not on the google sheet. It’s ok if you don’t want to include it though.
  9. Appreciate the work on this list but the migration to google seems to have dropped some mods?
  10. Never use the same machine to game on that you host. You are better off getting a bare bones toaster and running a server on that locally. Yes that other box you have will work fine. But setting up ports and NAT can be a hassle if you aren’t so inclined
  11. Best server mod I ever used. Thanks cataclysm:)
  12. Yeah search is whack. If you put quotes around search terms, it just breaks it into 2 separate terms.
  13. Don’t apologize for posting. It’s great that people share their mods here - - - Updated - - - And I’ve asked Roland to fix the search to AND instead of OR many times. Not sure this forum even supports it or could handle the million posts..
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