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  1. Hey all. Just back quick. There are a couple people updating my old mod. They all have rights to whatever they want to do, no questions. Seen a lot of cool things. Hope everyone is well and see you all during beta with a new mod based on farmlife
  2. stasis78

    Farm Life v2

    Hey all thanks for the feedback. I have been on vacation but should be more active soon. I'll look into bugs very soon. I know there is an issue with block de-spawning. This is an issue with the a17.2 as far as I can tell. Hopefully a18 will bring some improvements to mod support (but don't hold your breath for TFP:) I have looked at adding 'Rain Barrels' that you can craft which periodically give water. It will come eventually! I honestly don't have time to test this mod with every other mod out there. I'm sure it probably works with most of them since I do not modify vanilla content
  3. stasis78

    Farm Life v2

    Planning a release next week. Have had a few things going on in real life and not much time for modding recently. Should be a fun release. I’ll post some updates tomorrow
  4. stasis78

    Farm Life v2

    Good call. I’ll add it in!
  5. stasis78

    Farm Life v2

    I definitely understand. There isn’t a good way currently to give back things like jars or buckets during crafting. However the system does take into account the loss of these items and the values for food and water should balance out losing a few empty jars. I guess personally I always make thousands of jars and water bottles so it’s not something that I am concerned over losing. I’ll try to keep it in mind for other folks though
  6. stasis78

    Farm Life v2

    I can add a recipe for using a bucket of water for the Briney Water recipe. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to return empty jars for those recipes. - - - Updated - - - I’ll take a look at the bbq sauce recipe again but in general those types of ingredients are measured out in tablespoons. So 15 tablespoons for 15 wings isn’t a lot
  7. stasis78

    Farm Life v2

    I see the problem. I'll make sure its fixed in the next release today, but you can edit the blocks.xml and change count from 1 to 2 here -> <drop event="Harvest" name="Halite" count="2" prob=".1" tag="oreWoodHarvest" /> I’ve noticed the game does not like count 1 when you have any probability for the drops that isn’t 100%. Not surprising since vanilla doesn’t use any percentages anymore :/
  8. stasis78

    Farm Life v2

    Definitely need to add rabbits
  9. stasis78

    Farm Life v2

    Asparagus too https://farmlifemod.net/?p=522 And my FAVORITE ever -> https://farmlifemod.net/?p=525
  10. stasis78

    Farm Life v2

    New Wasabi plant -> https://farmlifemod.net/?p=519
  11. Yes. It is compatible.
  12. stasis78

    Farm Life v2

    Release Notes for 1.3.1, hopefully fixes the upgrade issue on the new Salmon Pond. Also added a new quest chain, "The Way to Fish" https://farmlifemod.net/?p=514
  13. stasis78

    Farm Life v2

    Bees are on my list for sure! I want to continue making more fish and seafood, then redo all the existing pens to make them much more animated. Then I'll be adding in some fun things like Bee hives Glad you are enjoying the mod, I'm always open to feedback!
  14. Both the Elk and Pig pens give bones.
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