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  1. Hey all. Just back quick. There are a couple people updating my old mod. They all have rights to whatever they want to do, no questions. Seen a lot of cool things. Hope everyone is well and see you all during beta with a new mod based on farmlife
  2. Take a look at this. It increases Stam and food. https://github.com/stasis78/7dtd-mods/tree/master/MaxStamMod - - - Updated - - - Health here. https://github.com/stasis78/7dtd-mods/tree/master/MoreHealthMod
  3. Really amazing stuff Xyth. You are a hero to me and I love your contributions and art. You are crazy good!
  4. I have to pull my head out of my mod sometime and install these but amazing videos. Great work gup. Thank you
  5. Best server mod I ever used. Thanks cataclysm:)
  6. I was using the bc block command with xyz coordinates. I probably wasn’t using it correctly. It was the latest version I think. I used ping perfects mod listed for a17. I reset my map after some testing. When I start building my base today I’ll try it again
  7. Tested on a17 server, latest experimental, the blocks flash but don't seem to go away. I know its listed as not tested. Anyone know a good way to dig a giant hole with a mod? I can I can try Coppi and see if it still works.
  8. Hello, I need some help, can you please show me an example command of how to dig a pit down to bedrock that is a certain width and breadth? I see bc-wblocks swap and damage. Would these work? I don't want to destroy the bedrock, only the blocks between where I am and the bottom of the map.
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