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  1. can only craft level 1 armor for MagicPlateArmor and Bootsofhaste I have level 5 Adv Eng
  2. can u add gatestages to this its way hard for new players///maybe have them start at GS 200
  3. ok snufkin the raft is not showing correctly... its showing as the gyro but operating as the raft... so i have a floating gyro...lol i thot it may have been the prefab extention missing but that didnt work...can u please look in it... and also the raft works on land too...lol
  4. having issue with trees growing thru the prefabs causing some of them to collapse i made a new map and deleted dtm processed file before anyone logged into game but i still have trees and after server restart dtm splat3 and splat4 processed files are back... any help would be great TY
  5. maybe the ability to turn off some zombies not sure if.... enable=0 enable=1 or = true/false just cause some zombies may cause lag or just not needed ones...ty
  6. thank you need to add it to the no blood moon file also
  7. the Geist is not launching electric balls the meleehandgeits uses <property name="Magazine_items" value="ammoProjectileGeist"/> but ammoProjectileGeist is not in the code anywhere
  8. where can i fond how to change the amount of resource is given when scrapping... i want to increase the amount of brass u get from scrapping radiators
  9. anyone know how to increase the amount of copper and zinc to generate in the world?
  10. on the starter class loot items will they be at full health or damaged?
  11. ty also will this work with Robeloto zombie mod also?
  12. yes ty it worked can u do the same for the zombie mod u have also
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