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  1. thanks again. been playing it with no issues, for noobs, DO NOT put any other mods. lol got 1 question, for the skill/perk, is it like vanilla, to change skill use the forget elixir?, is there another way to advance say intellect after i full leveled and used books for say, luck and strength?
  2. i posted in nexus too, thanks for your updates and mod as always! love it. just 2 questions: - is there a way to put levels on weapons rather than just by color? i dont remember the colors and levels - and is there a way to lighten the ui a bit? at night, its too dark for me.
  3. thanks. its most likely my own noob fault. lol. i truly made new game with only quickstack and smx added with your mod and even skills now show as it should so ill keep playing and see.
  4. yeah before, i slowly added the other mods. i just removed it again and it's still doing it without those other "buffs". and the sleepiness was telric's mod.
  5. oddly though i used antibiotics so it shouldn't be the reason. new game is still happening. it has to be a buff but idk which, i do see like a lightning buff, maybe thats it? can you tell from image? Edit: oh wow, its radiation. i took rad pills and water shot up to 113 from this image. can i lower the rate of that, if so, how? (its like the water level drops every .2 sec so its massive.
  6. just curious. i'm running the wasteland (which i love a lot).. no worries, i literally just started new game to test which mod is causing it. the rate of dehydration was really ridicously sped up . new game now not too bad. ty spoke too soon, now its dropping again, its gotta be a buff i have but idk where it's coming from. would you be able to tell which mod it could be from images below? (its really ruining my game, wasteland is the latest mod i installed, i love the nuka and weapons so hopefully not that but i can't tell)
  7. just wondering, does sleeping update have any cause on dehydration? trying to figure out if its this mod or another thats affecting a continuous water drop. ive drank numerous water and yet it still drops saying im dehydrated making game unplayable.
  8. odd, maybe its infection plus that? or is infection affecting dehydration? i havent installed anything else, this is my 1st experience with that.
  9. is there a way to change dehydration or remove it? game became unplayable as i'm dehydrated to no end, drinking nuka and even the powerade looking blue drink and 10 bottle water didnt help remove it, pls let me know how i can get rid of that option, i love everything else about the mod, from nuka to mutant to the guns.
  10. im receiving a Progression.xml error , said not in dictionary, created new game and cant access the skills. is there a fix for that? thanks! edit: found out it was my other mod conflicting..smh
  11. thanks soooo much!!! (guess i have ocd so this was real awesome of you lol)
  12. yes, ah yeah good point, i just tried with war3uk mod along with yours and the lag is insane, haha.. i did add your mod to my current other playthrough (where i'm at level 43, still to discover wasteland so perfect time to use the mod)
  13. agree with responses. it does make game fun. i'm personally looking now for more zombies mod, seeing kinda empty area starting new game kinda boring to me and added with the mod for me made it too easy, hence my comment but i def like the mod since some items does take progression and time to make.
  14. thanks, ill wait with fingers crossed, lol
  15. is there any way to fix the off centerness when placing the ammo bench? the name of it is changed but that off center is still there.
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