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  1. Hello survivors, is it possible to make recipes so that, for example, a recipe is only unlocked when I have a certain level or a certain amount of XP. NOT perk or learnable things. That will not fit my target. My idea would be to make ammunition cheaper for an easier start on our server. The higher you go in the level, the more expensive it will be. Is that possible?
  2. Hello khzmusik, currently, this is already possible in some places. For example, in the XUi, where I can also integrate logos from external URLs. Also, it is possible to load the crafting and login screens externally. They're even only so. It must be an external URL. Therefore, the thought that this could work also with the items or other things. Maybe I'm also completely wrong in these cases.
  3. Oh, ehm sorry for that ... I will switch to the right place then.
  4. Hi survivors, we want to bring a little more color and variety into the game for our server and are currently adjusting a few things. This includes of course new items, recipes and blocks. But we want to make it as easy as possible to get started, and many players are often discouraged from having to install mods. That's why we want to do everything with server-side mods. But here's the rub. The display options are often limited, although it would be cool if you could use your own item icons or paintings. So the question is whether it is possible to do this in an XML definition. Example: <configs> <append xpath="/items"> <item name="MultiMegaAxtThingi"> <property name="DescriptionKey" value="MultiMegaAxtThingi"/> <property name="CustomIcon" value="@http://our-web-server/item-icons/MultiMegaAxtThingi.png"/> ... ... ... Does this make sense or is it possible to do something like this, or is the only way through a client mod? I am really looking forward to an answer.
  5. Hello survivors, new players are always registering on my server. Of course, this is also perfectly ok. It's just that many then play a few rounds and when they have all through they disappear again. That is also still ok. But now my real question. The players build of course bases and set claims, etc.. The server rules say that after 30 days of inactivity, these bases are deleted or the claims expire. How can I delete these bases automatically by script or command? Is that possible somehow, or do I still have to do it manually? Would be great if this could be done with a garbage script, that would save a lot of time.
  6. After several hours of intensive research and many cups of coffee and cigarettes, i found the error. It was not a mod and not the 'Prefabs' or anything in the 'Saves' directory. It was simply a rather stupid and not immediately recognizable configuration in the serverconfig.xml. <property name="ZombieBMMove" value="5"/> Anyone who has ever set up a 7D2D server will recognize the problem immediately. 5 simply does not exist; only values from 0 to 4 are permissible. I feel very very small and stupid right now, but thank you to all who have helped to find the error.
  7. So. What I've done. * Deleted prefabs * Saves deleted * Changed map to Navezgane * deleted all mods * Steam validate done * restarted about 200 times ... Error still occurs. This is despite the fact that not a single customized file exists anymore ... except the serveradmin.xml so that I can debug. Only the server throws errors. Not a single error message in the client. What am I missing? I'm going to set up a completely naked new server and see what happens.
  8. OK... I deleted the mod and also the ConfigDumps folder in the saves. Error still happens. I then searched for 'Aggro' in all mods and removed them as well ... same result. The error still occurs. Any other ideas? I myself am absolutely at a loss and on the verge of madness.
  9. Hi @Jugginator, here is the full log: https://pastebin.com/Mbpnr8yM What I do >> Jumped on the Server - look around - see a zombie - exit the Game. As you can see ... there are a lot of repeating errors. If you can see something, that I do not see you are very, very welcome
  10. OK ... I have now replaced or validated all the files that could be responsible for this ... but it still happens. Is there perhaps a debug mode with which one can start the server to determine which mod, file, item, entity is missing? The log with this number doesn't really help with troubleshooting.
  11. Thank you for the super fast answer. You mean by "new" that I should check if there is an error somewhere in these XMLs?
  12. Hi @Vincenzo, Thanks for your answer! Of course, it would be great if I knew what that would look like: A small example would be super helpful. Again, a small example would really help me.🙂 No. Only one block of cement and one block on top of it. Dimension can then be 1,2,1. But I don't want to create any new unitity models, because I want to run the server in question without an additional mod installation. Do you mean the folder that contains PNG files that represent the images of the individual items and blocks? Or are you talking about a different directory. I am looking forward to your answer
  13. Hello survivors, I've been trying to figure out for a few days now why the following error appears on the server whenever Bloodmoon is and a zombie is nearby. Here is an excerpt from the log. Log-Entry This entry floods the entire server in the situation described above. It repeats itself until either the Bloodmoon is over or there is no zombie left in the vicinity (killing is also possible). Then everything is normal again. The consequence, however, is that all other zombies everywhere freeze for everyone or stop moving. This is of course quite unfortunate and not really fun. When the Bloodmoon is over, everything runs wonderfully, because the hardware behind it is really good and is certainly not the reason for this behaviour. Here is the hardware description from LinuxGSM ( some points hidden or masked of course 😉 ) Hardware-Config What I've done so far is to iteratively deactivate all mods, but that hasn't helped. The error still occurs. What is also strange is the fact that this problem does not occur on the fallback server. This has Windows as its operating system, which could possibly be a reason. I am very grateful for any information! Please feel free to write to me for further information.
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