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  1. As far as I can tell, putting the muffled connectors in padded armor doesn't do anything. They don't have any sound penalty to begin with. The stealth boots are kind of a joke. You can only get them in t5 because you have to make them, and all they are is military boots with no sound penalty. Again, pointless to put muffled connectors in and not going to be as good of armor as t6 military boots with the muffled mod. The reason that most of you are having mixed results comes down to a few things. 1. There are several POIs with what are called volume triggers. It doesn't matter if you have max sneak or not, you will trigger the zombies when you cross into the zone. 2. Light level makes a huge difference in how close you can get to the zombies before they wake up. Also if they are facing you or not seems to matter. 3. Sneak sprinting raises your noise level some. Try to make sure you are not holding the sprint key when you creep up on a sleeping zombie. 4. Walking over any sort of trash pile will make a lot of noise. At least until you get the book that makes that silent. As will jumping and falling until you get that book. 5. Shooting rapidly makes more noise. Try to avoid it. 6. Even silenced weapons are not totally silent. The pistols with a suppressor are pretty quiet. Not quiet enough that you can be standing next to a zombie and wake one up while shooting another. Choose which zombies you will shoot first more carefully if you can. Preferably closest first and try to be as far away as you can realistically get. I have no problems clearing most POIs when I take that into consideration. Like I said though, some POIs will trigger the zombies no matter what. There is one of the fire stations that you cannot sneak in at all. There are a few other POIs that trigger zombies automatically if you step into the loot room. I only wear padded armor BTW. I have crawled all the t5 POIs so far in A19 and I have not found one yet that I can't sneak kill every single enemy with a little luck depending on where they spawn. I wake one up occasionally but it has not been a real issue so far.
  2. Makes me think of the Annihilator 2000.
  3. I would hope that is idea anyway. They feel pretty balanced to me. I only ever get SexyT level one. It is all the class needs. Other melee weapons require more points into it than that. It's just a play style change. If you take advantage of all the class attributes when you can, there are distinct advantages to perking into any of them. Knives are fine. I will say that if you think a full length shotgun with a choke only has a range of six meters, you need to actually shoot a shotgun. I know you want to keep the range down for balance reasons. However, six meters is laughable. My positively ancient Browning A12 patterns 13-16 inches with 00 high brass at twenty meters. Granted I had to pay a gunsmith to fit a proper choke. It was still way better than six meters even with the horrible adjustable thing they called a choke that came on the gun. I would say that there is no problem for them to go out to ten or eleven meters and they still won't be a rifle. Slugs being so short range in this game is a travesty. They wont replace rifles for long range because people that perk into rifles will still use rifles. It would just give strength characters the ability to switch to longer range round if they want to hit something farther away. Keep in mind that it will still cost an inventory slot to carry them and they are way too expensive to use them exclusively. Polymer is far more expensive than brass and paper. Keeping shotguns at such a low range for balance is not any different than making the rifles useless at close range for "balance". It is currently pointless to shoot at a circling vulture with a shotgun. Considering that the shotgun is the go to fouling weapon of choice, it seems kinda contrived. Back when you didn't have a perk system supporting the use of specific weapons, maybe it made sense. I don't feel like the range penalty is warranted.
  4. I have tested the bleed thoroughly. I use it. Also the machete in your example is a low roll. Mine does 42 damage maxed out. You really need to be perked into Deep Cuts for it to matter. Have you actually tried it with maxed deep cuts? When you get 7 consecutive bleeds going on an enemy, and just switch to killing anther enemy all together, that is going to change your TTK more than you think. I also don't melee radiated zombies. They are dead before they ever wake up.
  5. I use a Vulture when I am doing T5 Dungeon Crawls. The magnum does do more damage, however, it cannot be silenced. The magazine also cannot be expanded. I use a magnum with AP rounds on horde nights to kill demolishers. Fully maxed out with a 2x scope, it works really well for that one thing alone. Though I feel a sniper or a marksman rifle would probably be better for that with the larger magazines and faster fire rate. Certainly if you are perked into it. I don't even know what the marksman rifle is supposed to do now otherwise. Did you forget that when you are perked into deep cuts, your enemy is slowed? There is no running away. There is only attacking another target while the previous one dies. Not to mention, you can't harvest an animal with a club. Your system puts so much weight in inventory slots, that even saving one matters. It's another reason why the candies are not OP. They take up yet another inventory slot. Once you have a steel pic, carting around lock picks and candy just to open a safe is a complete waste of time and inventory space.
  6. Here is the thing. You can spend all the extra points and put the mobility mods in, and you are still losing stamina and slower. You act like you can't wear a college jacket with padded armor, but you can. For PVP though, there are certain considerations. You would want to be able to take at least one hit before you die. In the single player though, I just don't think it is worth it. I'm not the kinda person that is going to let the zombies just wail on me. I eat less, I run faster and farther and my stamina regens way faster. I was able to do four level two quests between two traders today and dig up a treasure map and made 17000 dukes to buy a motorcycle because I didn't see it in his stash until the last day before he changed. We are talking day six. I did all of that on foot and started with almost zero dukes because I have been spending it on stupid stuff like books that aren't even a major benefit to my class.😆 I also bought a grey pistol. Probably wouldn't have been able to do it without that. I was kickin in doors and blasting like it was COD. Managed to only get hit a few times and never got injured.
  7. I've been watching all the streamers trying to sneak and run in heavy armor for 4 days. I am almost ready to jump off the roof of Ostrich Hotel. Cons. Less armor obviously. Less effect mitigation. Pros. Doesn't make you louder. Doesn't destroy your stamina regen. Doesn't slow you down. Holds more mods because it doesn't require fittings or stealth mods.
  8. How long until he realizes? Taking bets. If you apologize to Sarah, I might even tell you.
  9. Have you guys even looked at the perks you get from finding all of the books in a volume? You would be crazy to throw that away just to re-roll some points. If your points are actually so misplaced that you are entertaining the idea, then you might as well just start the game over. Losing everything in this context is absurd. A better system would be to have the elixir explicitly allow you to re-roll say one or two points by giving you a remove point option in the perk menu. Then, the more jacked up your character is the more you have to pay to fix it.
  10. It's not cheesy at all. If you lost all found recipes, then any player that achieves later stages of the game would have far more to lose than to gain. I have far more invested in found schematics and even perks with the Volume perk books than I do in any skill points I spent early for QOL issues. You will have to convince me that re-rolling my stats is more important that being able to walk over land mines and bulk craft ammo. It just isn't going to happen. Seriously, taking all the time the player invested to find all of those schematics and dumping them is far too harsh a price to pay to re-roll some stats. You would have to be out of your mind to consider it.
  11. I have to say I agree. It just isn't something that concerns me. I know my character is hungry when my stamina bar is reduced. How hungry equates to just how much of a reduction I am willing to put up with based on my current task or disposition. What I see when I see streamers and VOD guys complain about this, almost always involves hydration and not hunger and then the problem is they are banging down pain pills and they either don't drink water or they drink just one plain water jar and can't understand that they are taking out more than they are putting in. They also seem to refuse to drink water until they are fully hydrated. It is as if the buffer does not exist in their world. Yet they complain about it still.
  12. Here is the thing you fail to understand. I don't give a crap about anyone's feelings. I am not participating in this thread with the agenda to disparage the fun pimps or to ingratiate them. My motive is to provide my opinion based on my experience and knowledge in order to point out a flaw to the fun pimps. One which they are already well aware of. Influence based on position in the list. Also, two more that they may not be aware of. One based on the item being loaded into memory, and the very real effects of having such long lists when we already know that the list position affects loot probability. This is not in question. The thread exists in this forum with conclusive evidence. It also not in any way a damning accusation to say that these things exist. Since they exist also in similar games and they are not that big of a problem when managed correctly. I really don't care one way or another whether you believe me or not. I care that the fun pimps look into it. Because there are changes that can be made to compensate for this type of problem. One of which is to make the lists shorter and more contextual.
  13. The thing is, I kinda like that the map is occluded until you actually uncover it. Also, The first trader you visit in the starter quest should have a quest for you to deliver something to another trader on the map. Maybe you do enough jobs for the new trader and they trust you to deliver something to another one. Could even be a steam achievement for completing the whole quest line and finding them all. These are opportunities to further engage the player and give them a sense of accomplishment when completed. They also give the player more decisions to make. Is it more important for me to stay in my local area and establish a foothold? Or is this place crappy and I would be better off walking across the map early to deliver this item to a new trader in a new area that is better suited to my tastes?
  14. If that were even remotely true you would have stated such in your original posting and asked for statistical evidence at that time. I am also the president of Morocco and I win the office bridge tournament every year. You just went and googled it, found out I wasn't just making things up and then provided some five minute rebuttal you read about. And yes, I have done it enough times over the past several years in this game to recognize the trend. Statistical box openings have also been done and posted to this very forum showing bias based on the position in the loot list. You kids really need to stop pretending that you know everything because you have a freaking computer that can tell you. It's too late. You already ran off at the mouth and gave yourself away.
  15. I certainly am not one of those that think that knife perks are weak. I can tell you from experience with my current character. The only zombies in the game I can't one hit are radiated bikers and such. I had a wandering horde come by the base yesterday when I was doing some repairs, With a purple machete, level4 of the knives perk, and the fire mod, I went down the line just slashing and going for the next one. If the heads didn't instantly explode, they died soon after from DOT damage. I got pinned in a corner by a radiated wight on a quest and I panicked and instead of pulling out my AK I switched to the machete by accident and I gave him two slashes to the face and a final power attack because, I just knew I was dead anyway. So screw it right? Well, it died! LOL. Never even hit me. There might be a case to be made if you are playing the game on a higher difficulty setting than default, but I don't see that info being very useful currently. I mean, you asked for more difficulty did you not? I am sure there are some things that will need to scale in a minor way with increased difficulty. I am not so sure that is what this thread is for though.
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