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  1. 7DtD version A20 experimental with DF V4-Dev-B30 player level 177. I finally got the tenth purple paper to open the last tech tree. I bought all 5 levels of technology crafting and used nanites to make 5 Physical Conditioning shots and 5 Gotta Go Fast shots. I used all of the shots but when I looked at my skills they were messed up as seen in the screenshots below. I am not sure if I messed up or the game is messed up. I meet all the level requirements so that is not the problem. My max health is now 400 so that part worked. Gotta Go Fast is locked and is under Technological Boosts. Holding the mouse over it says you can't have any tech boosts when I think it should say that you cant have any bio boosts. I never crafted or used any bio boost shots. Any suggestions? My second problem is that I have never seen a single energy cell in 177 levels. Not as loot or for sale by a vendor. I have the uranium and the plutonium but can't build a fusion forge as that requires energy cells. To make energy cells you need enriched uranium but you need a fusion forge for that. Catch 22. I was able to buy a laser workbench and single laser multi-tool from a trader. The laser multi-tool only scraps to iron not energy cells. I am playing solo on a custom map not a pre gen map. I have yet to find the trader that sends you to the underground bunker if that even exists on my custom map. Any suggestions as how to get some energy cells?
  2. Yes it most definitely was a behemoth and I certainly had no other mods running. One possibility is that the Mithixdino glasses I found early might have been messing up the loot stage. They added 45 to the loot stage and I wore them constantly for days until I found some +10% experience goggles. Now I only wear the Nithixdino for looting or turning in a quest. The other change I made was I downloaded your Wandering Horde Frequency mod, unzipped it and installed it in the mod file. I am not sure which change made the difference but the end result is that the wandering hordes are back to normal. Assuming around 30 mobs with a few nasties mixed in at day 24 is normal. Great mod by the way and the mutant spiders were a surprise. Posted the above and then had 3 zombie titans (5k HP) spawn in the next wandering horde. The horde looked to be about 30ish in number. There were more regular mobs coming on the right not included in the picture. Not complaining just not sure how to deal with zombie titans with my gear and skills.
  3. Just had another enormous wandering horde spawn and come at me and I was not in a POI. I have defeated a couple of these hordes and gotten some good loot from red loot bags. However this one was impossible to beat with my gear and skills on Day 17. Behemoths don't die easily when you don't have the mod to stop their regen. Does your modlet "Wandering horde frequency" work with vanilla DF? Will I need to start a new game or can I use my current game save and continue with the added mod working?
  4. It sure seemed like a lot more wandering zombies than 40. No modlets installed just the base game mod unzipped and installed. Do you think if I installed the modlet in my ongoing game I could control the horde size?
  5. I am also experiencing the massive horde spawning problem. I am playing A20 b238 with V4-Dev-B30 version of DF downloaded from the link you provided a few days ago. I am in the starting town at early afternoon on Day 8 and this huge horde spawns. I think it was at or close to the 75 zombie spawn limit that I had on first page of the general settings. I am playing survivalist difficulty and was doing only melee damage inside a building. Zombies starting making a lot of sound and coming down the hallway. I ran outside and there was just a wall of them surrounding me. Death followed before I could get a count but it was a lot more zombies than I have ever seen in one place before. Unlike vanilla there is no choices in my settings for wandering horde frequency or size. Suggestions?
  6. I installed the latest stable version using the mod launcher. The game plays without errors. However I have run into 4 weird items. 1) the open land in the forest zone (the only zone I have been to) is covered with goldenrod and chrysanthemum plants with some aloe and potato mixed in. There is roughly 20 times as much of this as usual. 2) there are occasionally wooden totem pole like structures in the forest surrounded by wooden log spikes. Atop these are crates of ammo or food that have a ton of stuff inside. 3) I killed a giant santa claus like mob that was big and red and playing christmas music. He dropped a giant white gift box with a bow. Inside the box was some very good stuff. 4) When searching vehicles I often find wrapped presents. One school bus had 3 of them. When opened these contain things like 5k fuel or 5k coal or 50 silver or 50 diamonds. The 50 diamonds sold at the trader for 15k coins which is a huge sum on day 3 of a game. This enabled me to buy some very good gear and recipes. I play at insane difficulty and the effect of these 4 above items turned the game into super easy by day 3. Is this normal or is there something wrong with my game?
  7. At the time that I posted the above it was Day 103 and I assumed that I was seeing max level horde nights. I was wrong. A later horde night had a total of 8 or so time bomb carrying zombies that were extremely hard to kill. A full clip of 119 rounds from an M60 was only about 50% effective in killing one. After 3 or 4 of those beeping timer bombs went off I definitely had some base damage. They peeled off a lot of the reinforced concrete skins that I had on my 2x2 reinforced concrete support columns and even took out some column blocks. That is more damage then I have had in many months playing other mods. Time to upgrade to steel I guess. I will also have to make AP bullets for my M60 to take out the bomb carriers more effectively. Please ignore my earlier naive comment that insane difficulty was too easy.
  8. The weapon upgrade system sounds great. I took a look at your road map. I wouldn't spend too much time on more vehicles as I think there are plenty of choices in game already. I also don't like the trader hub with multiple traders to visit each time - could get tedious fast. All in one shopping made Amazon and Walmart what they are today. However I am eagerly looking forward to portals, loot overhaul and the custom story map. They sound great.
  9. WARNING long with spoilers I have been playing Undead Legacy 2.4.28 for a few weeks and have some comments and suggestions. I am playing solo at insane, 90 minute days with no loot respawn. It is now day 103, I am level 77 and I am still in mid game level. My base is good but not complete, my skills and gear are getting there and I have just managed to get all 133 collectibles. Six ore and two oil extractors ensure a steady supply of materials but I will need to continue mining off and on for a couple of weeks. Missions skill has just reached 80 (3 rewards) so you can tell that I have been doing a lot of missions. The mod is very good. A weight system, slow progression, equipment tiers and a research system all combine to make a fun balanced mod. It has been one of the best 7DtD mods that I have played so far and I have played a lot of them as you might guess from my hours played. No glitches or crashes. I did see some red text a couple of times but it never messed up my game. Numbered for convenience, not in order of importance: 1) One issue that I have is that the mod is a bit on the easy side. Insane difficulty should be at least a little bit insane. I have played a lot of Darkness Falls and there insane difficulty is almost impossible. In UL an insane horde night can be defeated by one perched sniper with an okay rifle, no skills and a lot of ammo. The zombies simply do not do enough damage to reinforced concrete to threaten my base. Maybe they need titanium fingernails. 2) I do like the weight system but it can be too easily avoided. If you are overweight with iron ore (very common) just scrap it and the weight disappears. Run or drive to your furnace and stop the scrap process. 3) I don't like that the missions skill loses the overage when you level up the skill. When I am at say 400/410 i don't want to turn in a level 4 mission and only get 10 points reward. 4) Food and water was never a problem. Yes I ate a lot of bacon and eggs and drank regular water (dysentery can be ignored) and never once felt the need to farm or spend points in animal tracker or iron gut. A survival game should be tougher to survive. 5) Salvage skills could also be ignored as I was never truly short of vehicle or other components. A few minutes of gathering would solve any shortage. 6) Lock picking was also too easy. I lock picked all chests and safes and bashed all doors and never spent a point in lock picking or made any lock picks. At day 103 I have 427 lock picks in my possession. 7) Blade users have a few high end choices of weapons but club users don't. There is Brinx's Fury but that is a sledge hammer. Sledge hammers don't benefit from the Batter Up ultimate skill which is probably the single best skill in the game. First I was using a B quality long pipe and after that I have been using steel clubs for weeks. It would be nice to have some variety. 8 All tier 5 missions are clear missions and are very long for a solo player. I found that I had to check for tornado warnings in my area before starting a tier 5 mission. I did some tier 5 missions and the reward choices were lame given the time invested. Also the mission choices when starting a mission are 3/5 or 4/5 tier 5 which severely limits your choice if you don't have 2+ hours to do a tier 5. Any chance of getting tier 4.5 missions? 9) Scrapping 1 cobblestone yields 25 stone which must be a typo. You can buy cobblestone for $2 so you can get all the stone you want for peanuts. Speaking of scrapping, would it be possible to scrap everything at say the disassembly table? Right now scrapping stuff on your person is distracting and potentially a problem with suddenly overweight in the middle of combat. 10) Plastic for shotgun shells is a great idea but there is not enough plastic available in the game (at least that I found). Plastic at the trader costs $17 each which is silly expensive for a shotgun shell. Maybe $17 for 10 plastic. Special shout out for recipe pinning - thank you, my poor memory thanks you. I did like the slow progression and the need to upgrade an existing building for the first few horde nights instead of just building a fort from scratch. Most mods slow down the progression but UL really slows down progression which is a good thing. I did read that you are planning to redo the research system which is good. I have 23,000 research notes in stock and nothing to spend them on. I am acquiring A and S quality gear now so there is no need to fight through the huge material cost of improving crafting skills. I would say "job well done Subquake" but hopefully this is not a job to you. So "hobby well done Subquake". Donation sent.
  10. I am playing 19.3 on a totally clean and fresh install and I noticed four bugs: 1) Radiation zone does no damage even without any radiation protection (gear or pills). When I travel into the radiation zone the screen turns yellow green, the red icon flashes and there is a scripted warning. However even if I stay in the rad zone for an hour there is no damage to my health or stats. 2) Taking the first point of the skill Health Nut boosts maximum health to 300. I am not sure about this as it was a while ago and I was not at 200 HP max when I did it but I am pretty sure. 3) I just bought the first two points of Physical Conditioning under technology and my max health went from 300 to 400. It took a few minutes to kick in but it clearly happened. 4) After dumping 5 points in Quicker Crafting my crafting speed went up by far more than the specified 25% Great game keep up the good work. Thanks
  11. The basic problem is that you need a laser workbench to make another laser workbench. This is a design feature not a bug. You really have two choices - bring the ingredients (plus multitool) to a bunker and make a laser workbench inside the bunker and take it home with you - buy a laser workbench from Caitlin - very rare and very expensive
  12. A19 DF 3 and there is a severe shortage of brass radiators. They used to drop about 10-15% of the time from cars but I have scavenged 100 cars with a socket wrench and gotten no brass radiators. This was a good source of brass for casings and is essential for making the advanced forge. Also I have gotten no headlights from the 100 cars but I did get a single headlight from a short bus.
  13. Playing A19 with version 3 DF and enjoying it thank you very much. Food seems to be much more of a problem then in previous versions. Is this intended? I am playing solo at insane difficulty and no loot respawns. If I eat a food with 20 value my food level only goes up by 10. The same seems to be true for water. It really does make the survival aspect of the game very tough. I am constantly looking for food and drinking a lot of water. My food level hasn't been at 100 since game start. I am even searching for and eating honey for the food value. Most of my coins are spent with the trader and machines for food. It is Day 16 but I see no end in sight unless I get seriously into farming.
  14. Build a big forge with a crucible and you will be able to create forged steel.
  15. I would also like to know where the bunkers are on Small3 map as I also have been unable to find them, Uranium can only be found in the radiation zone. Just whack the rare boulders on the surface and when you find what you want dig down. Usually shallow (6-10 blocks) but sometimes deep. The uranium (and plutonium and titanium) blocks look like the top surface but are hit with a metal sound and have 5000 hp.
  16. I normally play with "drop toolbelt on death" but I assume it is the same problem. This is a vanilla issue. Sometimes backpacks or tool belts can be found in a higher or lower floor of a multistory building if that is where you died. I have found my tool belt up in a tree and buried down at bedrock. Sadly sometimes they simply cant be found. It hurts but just role play it as another obstacle in your progress. The ultimate secret is to simply not die. If you are going to die then die in a flat open outdoor space. As in the movie Zombieland "know your way out".
  17. Could someone please explain the current death penalty in DF? I died and I saw - 10 wellness flash by on the screen. Is that permanent or recoverable? The tool tip on death sickness said something about an experience deficit but I don't see any in game effect like that.
  18. I am wondering if my current game is "winnable"? I started a 18.1 game with DF experimental about 3 weeks ago. It is day 66 and I finally got around to exploring the map in my new gyrocopter. It seems that I am on an island on a 8k by 8k map. There are only 3 zones- a huge 2/3 of the island plains with a desert to the north and a wasteland to the far north.. I can't find a radiation zone (colored red on the map I believe) anywhere. Suggestions?
  19. I believe that the video you were watching was probably Darkness Falls mod not Ravenhearst. I have never seen zombie health bars in Ravenhearst.
  20. I loaded hotfixes 11-13 and my 4x4 truck disappeared. I am not sure if the two are related. It was parked on a solid paved road but may still have glitched deep underground as that used to happen in vanilla a while back to minibikes.
  21. I am over level 160 and have yet to find the recipe for military armor. Any suggestions on where to look for it? Also what controls the level of the military armor that you craft? 60 animal feed is a lot for the class quest. I am growing wheat but 9 wheat plants gives 18 wheat which is only 6 animal feed so it is taking a long time even with fertilizer. What am I doing wrong or working as intended?
  22. Titanium is easy to spot in the wasteland as it bright and almost white. There is a lot of titanium in one above ground deposit. Beware of the very tall kill you in one shot long limbed demon. You can't sprint past this one, you need to run away from it and it follows you a long ways.
  23. I found a locked military scout car sitting on the road. I can't seem to do anything with it. Is it usable? How do you unlock it? Also I read something in this thread about an update to this mod getting rid of corpse blocks (whatever a dead zombie turns into) because they mess up the block. Has that happened yet? I still have corpse blocks messing things up. If the mod is patched do I lose my progress and have to start over?
  24. How do you repair a titanium reinforced club? I have tried almost everything but it always says I am missing the item needed for repair. It flashes an outline of iron but I have that in my inventory and still repair is greyed out.
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