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  1. Thanks for the info. I also found out that mining the large stone formations above ground gets you limestone. That's too bad about the traders because they are so rare and expensive now anyways. Mobs break in and kill the trader eventually
  2. Thanks JaxTeller318. I am playing casual and its a great mod. Couple of questions - where to find/make limestone? For concrete. - is the trader station no longer invulnerable on purpose or is my game bugged?
  3. Just encountered the need for a "bullet casting kit". Where do I craft or find this? Day 59 I have not seen or heard of this one before.
  4. Forget 5k plant fibers. Even 1k is too much. I detest games with useless time sinks and tread mills. Maybe 5k wood and 5k stone is okay as they will ultimately be used. There is no use for plant fibers so the quest is silly. As I understand it I need Building Mastery to unlock concrete. What is needed for Building Mastery?
  5. Where can I find diamonds? I have very rarely found some from treasure chests, traders and aliens but I need about 50 of them for a diamond armor suit. I have mined 100's of blocks near the bedrock in both desert and wasteland but never found a single diamond by mining. Any suggestions?
  6. I am on day 63 and enjoying the mod thank you very much. One issue is that I can't unlock the recipe for corn meal. Is it in the game? I have skill books to unlock farmer but it doesn't look like the recipe is inside farmer.
  7. I don't think that distance to the water is an issue. If you have built the same structure in three different locations and all had the same problem then it must be the structure. Maybe try building the structure in vanilla 7DtD using creative and see if it is stable. I don't think that this mod changes the structural side of the game but I don't know for sure.
  8. It is probably not the mod but rather the location of your building. If there is a cave system that reaches under your building site then the building will always fall down. You can test this by duplicating the building in a new location that is a ways from the first building. I remember the frustration a while back of trying to build on unstable ground and even iron bars would come down.
  9. I am the one with the red NullReferenceError problem. I just assumed that I was playing the latest version of War of the Walkers. I checked and I am getting the error on Version 4.4.2 stable. The7DtD game is on Alpha 15.2 experimental. Would it do any good to update to Version 4.4.3? How would I do that by using ModLauncher?
  10. Done under the name of Akrux Thanks for taking the time to look at this.
  11. I am on day 16 of a good tough game of War of the Walkers and doing well with no deaths. Suddenly I am hit with red NullReferenceException error popping up on my screen while exploring. I deleted everything except my save file including using regedit.exe and reinstalled from scratch and verified files. I am using 7DtD mod launcher. I have played 1000's of hours of 7DtD on this computer and never had this problem before. Still the red error code pops up within seconds of starting the game from my save. If I start a new game there is no red error code at least not within the first few minutes of play. I was playing in version 15.2 but the error is still there when I reload in 15.2 or even latest experimental build. Any suggestions?
  12. Not sure if these are bugs but they do affect the game significantly: - overalls have much better stats than anything else that can be equipped in that slot. - bandit face masks also have much better stats than anything else for that slot Also the game is pretty easy even at insane with max zombie spawn, no airdrops and defeating every 7th day horde. The first week can be tough but after that it opens up fast. In my current game I got a complete quality 600 M25 sniper rifle on day 10 from a weapon crate in the middle of nowhere (if memory serves). Two days later I got the schematic for M25 from a bookshelf so no problem repairing it. Craft 300 7.62 bullets and the day 14 horde was wasted. I would recommend doing away with the crates spawning in the wilderness or at least have them spawn only weapon parts not complete weapons. Max quality should be say 300. These crates in the wilderness are undefended so the loot should be mediocre at best. Once you get gunsmith to 100 and the schematics the cost of weapon parts at 500 quality is trivial iron and clay. Make 5 barreta barrels and combine them for a 600 barrel. The cost should be steel/tungsten and lots of it with maybe some other rare items required for play balance. Maybe 100 skill in gunsmith only results in 300 quality weapon parts. After all your forge and workbench are not a state of the art weapons factory. A player could still combine parts but the cost for quality 500+ would be more significant. A quality 500+ advanced weapon should be a rare and wonderful beast that the player spent a significant effort of time and resources in acquiring.
  13. Some bugs: - crafting shotgun shells yield gunsmith points not ammo crafting like all other ammunition -Dwalls quest 1 part 5 of 5 base defense requires you to craft 4 log spikes 10 wood spikes and some scrap iron mines but there is no such thing as a scrap iron mine. The quest list is all green but it does not complete. - far too many skill points received from leveling up. I am at level 141 and have 585 skill points banked even after manually buying some skills like heavy armor crafting to 100. Doing quests are a waste of time as you can just kill 20 or so zombies and get a dozen or more skill points from the level up. First step to fix this would be to remove the progression and keep a constant 5 skill points per level up from level 2 to 200.
  14. Before you read the skill paper it says what the skill changes will be. The impact is minimal as there are no major skills involved. Builder gets things like claw hammer, wrench and miner 69er. Survivor gets pistol and 9mm ammo and run and health buffs. I am not sure what scholar gets but probably science and medicine. I have only ever found diamonds in a named treasure chest.
  15. I am enjoying your mod very much. Thank you. What is the max player level? How many skill points do you get per level up? It seems to vary. Some problems that I have noticed: - can't make a shirt even with all the schematics and workstations etc. I am level 107 and still wearing a plant fiber shirt. - when you try to take iron out of the builders forge you only get 1/5 the iron. Regular forge works fine.
  16. Me too. I am having the same problem with many missing icons. It appears that the old icons are working but the new icons are blank but quantity shows. I did a manual install so maybe I missed something. I will try again. I tried the 7DtD mod launcher again and it corrected my missing icon problem.
  17. Akrux

    True Survival

    Any suggestions on how to find or make an augerengine?
  18. Akrux

    True Survival

    There are also barking rabbits. They both only do 1 damage per hit however once in a while it is a real dog chasing you.......
  19. Akrux

    True Survival

    I am doing okay but can't find an augerengine. Where can they be found? Can they be crafted? I can't build a metal crafting table yet as I also can't find hubcaps. If hubcaps are a rare drop from cars then I have been unlucky as I have demolished dozens of cars without finding a single hubcap.
  20. Akrux

    True Survival

    Great mod thanks. I can't find the iron bars recipe. I can't make them in the forge without the recipe. I haven't built a metal workstation yet. If they are made in the metal workstation that is fine but the reference to iron bars should then be removed from the forge.
  21. Akrux

    True Survival

    I have only played about 1/2 a day so far but haven't really seen much differences from vanilla. There was no profession choice on my toolbar so I wonder if the mod loaded properly. I did get the greeting for survival mod at start and no vanilla quest to make a stone axe but nothing much after that. It was a clean 7DtD 14.6 install with your mod 44 installed on top as per your instructions. Playing single person. Do I need to install some additional server files for single person?
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