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  1. @c0verfire I never heard of SFTPing - sry and overall Iam not a pro with setting up servers (havent done that since A12) - I really dont know what all maybe have changed now in A18 I know there is something called "xpath" and also the modlet-stuff out there, but COMPOPACK doesnt care at all (esp in the Alpha-phase). back in the days I just rented a server and uploaded the CP-files via ftptool (e.g. filezilla) into the server`s gamedirectories(prefabfiles into %/prefabs/ and rwgmixer.xml into %/config/ ) - then I started the server, joined the server and played the game. Iam pretty sure this method still works today (dont forget to take a look into the games config-textfile and admin-textfile to edit the worldrules and settings) thats all i know about
  2. about 40% of the COMPO-prefabs have quests enabled about 70% of the COMPO-prefabs have Sleepers enabled here is an outdated (but still 90% correct) detailed list from COMPOPACK34 https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?28057-Compo-Pack-for-Random-Gen&p=907670&viewfull=1#post907670 my plan for further CP's is to get more quests-POI's enabled and I need to do a big overhaul on most of the Sleeper-Volumes to make the prefabs more exiting and balanced again Iam sorry to hear u have collapsing POI's and trees growing inside of prefabs just FYI: a few prefabs have indeed trees inside the buildings (for decoration-purpose) but u can devide them from misplaced (randomly) placed trees, because they are rest in kinda pots and looks right on their places (offtopic: another topic is the branches of trees glitching throw blocks and walls) I really would like to see these Issues with my own eyes, to check where's the problem but I never had those Issues during my gameplays, and never saw a pic or vid from it. The 2nd question is: Was the map generated with Nitrogen or ingame-rwg-generation ? (but however - IMO these Issues belongs to a game/rwg-bug !!!)
  3. just destroy them in ingame-editor (I always use the devhammer) - then click on "SAVE"
  4. I Recommend to install the whole COMPOPACK (when I say "install" I mean just copy/paste the prefabfiles into the prefabsfolder and rwgmixer.xml into the configfolder) Then u have to edit the rwgmixer.xml and remove every line u dont want Dont just remove the prefabfiles only - this will bring erros !!!
  5. a very good idea (I also had myself), but Its not possible by using a automated process atm - not in Nitrogen and also not with rwgmixer.xml ! U could exchange prefabs from the generated prefabs.xml to fill in manually, but thats a hack of work. (U have to know the prefabnames, the coords and the right sizes of the prefabs u want to be exchanged)
  6. thx for the feedback guys I will throw an eye on these 2 prefabs u mentioned and will fix the Issue in the next Release
  7. I didnt see the Issue on the pics - anyway I believe U There is something wierd with textures !!! I noticed that during all my plays esp since A18.2 I saw glitching textures and blocks - pillars of dirt inside prefabs where should be air - "can see throw the world"-textureglitches when mining underground with Auger - appearing and disappearing trees and other blocks of all kind - etc. etc. etc. But all these bugs have nothing to do with the COMPOPACK (or Nitrogen) !!! All prefabs are working fine (even better then the vanilla Ones because of the repaired WATERBUG) I dont play vanilla - but iam sure all these Issues should be addressed to the devs And Iam also pretty sure TFP already aware of these bugs maybe it will be fixed soon (maybe not) IMO it has something to do with the new unity-engine and/or openGL/directx - however - not my problem
  8. u are talking about the rwgmixer.xml - right ??? if yes - the answere is this: from line 755 to line 842 in the rwgmixer.xml (COMPOPACK43-version) is the part that belongs to wilderness-POI-spawning. U can add any prefab u like there - just add new lines and fill in the prefabnames u want to be spawned at the differnt wildernessparts (Common, Rare, SuperRare)
  9. use the prefablist from COMPOPACK43 and copy it into the Nitrogen-Resource-folder (REPLACE THE DEFAULT PREFABLIST !!!) then choose "vanilla" in the box for "prefab list" in Nitrogen !!! COMPOPACK-prefablist will just work when it act as the default and one and only "prefablist.txt" !!! edit: SRY FOR DOUBLEPOST - Its my internet-connection ! Its wierd and lame somehow
  10. use the prefablist from COMPOPACK43 and copy it into the Nitrogen-Resource-folder (REPLACE THE DEFAULT PREFABLIST !!!) then choose "vanilla" in the box for "prefab list" in Nitrogen !!! COMPOPACK-prefablist will just work when it act as the default and one and only "prefablist.txt" !!!
  11. yes - The Village was removed in COMPOPACK38 - a number of people ask me to do it because of its unbalanceness and other Reasons. I have it here in my backyardfolder on my PC and I surly will add it back in the future (this and a big bunch of other forgotten POI's) But as long as I only deliver just ONE version of the COMPOPACK during the Alpha-phase, I prefer to deliver a "as Common as possible"-version of the CP (what ever that means ) At Least when the game is on version 1.0 maybe I will produce a bunch of variations of the COMPOPACK(85 ) But as Stalli said feel free to add anything u want ask for help if u have any trouble when adding
  12. yes - there are indeed prefabs inside COMPOPACK that need a ton of love. I collect prefabs since Alpha9 and some of them are 6 years or older. Some of them will be removed and some of them will be renovated in future. atm Iam mostly do repairings and try to get the COMPOPACK from Alpha to Alpha. When the nasty blockchanges from Alpha to Alpha will be gone, and if the ingameeditor works without Issues then I will go deeper into renovations again.
  13. no - i dont have any Issues with collapsing buildings at all was the map generated with Nitrogen or ingame-rwg-generator ? where u found this curious house with 3 triangles roof, and glass front/back ?? in a town or city or in wilderness standing alone ?? It would be nice to have a screenshot of it to check whats going on there just FYI u can browse very comfortable trough the complete prefabs-folder with the INGAME-PREFAB(Level)-EDITOR !!! U can also use the explorer to display all the prefab-thumbnails in the prefabs-folder itself !!! Iam sure u can nail the prefab down and than tell what it is !
  14. thats not quite right Sir COMPOPACK43_(for Alpha18.3_built3) was Released when the game was 18.3 (b3) - thats right but in the 3rd line in the COMPOPACK openingpost it says: (also compatible with all previous Alpha18-versions) because there was NO block-changes since Alpha18.0 at all (also no prefabchanges, no texturechanges, no rotation or angle-changes, no changes on the vanilla rwgmixer.xml and as far as I know also no changes on RWG or the rwg-generation-engine or anything else that could belong to the CP) So none of the gamechanges from A18.0 to A18.3(b4) had any impact to the CP !!! but u are right in this point: Alpha18.3 is more bugged than Alpha18.2(5) I encountered a few new gfx-glitches and mesh-texture-failures since A18.3, but again: this has nothing to do with the COMPOPACK What belongs to Nitrogen v0.474 I cant say much, because Iam still using v0.473 and have no problems or Issues (as u can see on the COMPOPACK43-Examplemap - because this was made with v0.473)
  15. Its not there where it should be - thats a fact thx for the headsup mate - I will fix it in the next update (which will come soon - it will be mainly a hotfix-update-version i guess)
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