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  1. Why does the sniper rifle now show a huge smoke animation over the crosshair when firing with scope? It's so jarring and distracting. Is there a way I can manually remove this?
  2. Are you wanting to change the orange lines to teal? <style_entry name="mainLineColor" value="255,128,0,255" /> This is the line in styles.xml that dictates the color for the lines around the screen. Just change the value to a color you prefer.
  3. You are a gentleman and a scholar.
  4. I see. Thank you. Do you have to restart the game each time you make changes in xml to see the changes?
  5. Hey, I made a forum account just to post on this thread. I really like the style of this hud you created Sirillion. I just installed it onto my server and I think it looks nice. Would it be possible to remove the long orange lines on the right and left side of the screen? I find them a bit distracting. Is this something I can just do myself?
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