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  1. Hello, the armor ratings for various pieces of armor in the game are defined by a number with precision up to the hundredths place, however the UI only shows up to the ones place. This makes it annoying to determine whether an armor piece is superior to another without doing trial and error with several pieces. I find this process a little ridiculous, so I was interested if anyone else ran into this issue and had a solution.
  2. wait, how do you do that??? I figured it out, thanks!!
  3. Dude I accidentally had two mods with the same name!! I feel so silly. Thanks for your help it caused me to figure it out! Thank you so much man, this is so helpful for me ❤️❤️❤️
  4. Hello beautiful people, Any chance the author of this mod is still active? I'd love more storage container labels in my life. 😄
  5. Hi friends. I'm trying to use a conditional to set the value of "SpreadMultiplierAiming" (which is nested within an effect_group) to 0 for all guns. I've tried a couple variations of this: <set xpath="/items/item[contains(@name, 'gun')]/effect_group/passive_effect[contains(@name, 'SpreadMultiplierAiming')]/@value">0</set> But none work. Can I use a conditional statement to navigate into an effect_group like this? Or am I way off?
  6. Its not easy to use or practical though, its clunky and bad user interface. If some people like it, fine. If they want to leave it as an option or the default, fine. Just add the standard input method used by every other game, which feels much better. Please. I'm just asking for the option. I'm sure it is not very difficult and it would make many people happy. Thanks.
  7. Hi all. I'm trying to create a simple mod to set the value of SpreadMultiplierAiming to 0 for all guns. Instead of doing this by hardcoding each of the values for every weapon, I would like to use one of these "contains" functions to do it programmatically, and thus support any guns added from mods as well. I know that this line will work for disabling crosshair on aiming for all guns: <set xpath="/items/item[contains(@name, 'gun')]/property[contains(@name, 'CrosshairOnAim')]/@value">true</set> I am trying to get the same functionality for work for "SpreadMultiplierAiming". The issue I'm having is that this value is nested within an effect_group, and I'm not sure what the syntax would look like here. I have tried the following: <set xpath="/items/item[contains(@name, 'gun')]/effect_group/passive_effect[contains(@name, 'SpreadMultiplierAiming')]/@value">0</set> <set xpath="/items/item[contains(@name, 'gun')]/effect_group[contains(@name, 'gun')]/passive_effect[contains(@name, 'SpreadMultiplierAiming')]/@value">0</set> But neither seem to work. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks😁
  8. deleted the xui menu folder solved this
  9. Hi for some reason the TacticalAction image is covering my main menu and i cant see the buttons. Any ideas?
  10. Please provide a setting to allow for strictly HOLD TO ADS or strictly TOGGLE ADS. The current implementation of hold/toggle ADS in this game is terrible. There is a reason basically no other FPS games have this incredibly clunky hybrid system. Please at least give an option/setting to allow for an explicit hold to ADS, or toggle ADS. Please. I love this game but this specific function, that one has to perform thousands of times is not user friendly. It physically pains me every time I press the right mouse button for the wrong amount of time and get the wrong behavior. I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. Thank you for your time. ❤️
  11. Hi, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. My game version is 19.5. When I put the extracted directory "Bdubs Vehicles" into my "Mods" folder, I get infinite:NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an objectThis is the only mod I have installed, and I get this error when trying to generate a new world. Thanks.
  12. Are you wanting to change the orange lines to teal? <style_entry name="mainLineColor" value="255,128,0,255" /> This is the line in styles.xml that dictates the color for the lines around the screen. Just change the value to a color you prefer.
  13. You are a gentleman and a scholar.
  14. I see. Thank you. Do you have to restart the game each time you make changes in xml to see the changes?
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