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  1. Ah yes, but in any case, your mods are wonderful! 😊
  2. I know, but you've made tons of mods along with the mod launcher, etc. that really helps this community. Thank you for everything you've done! I found the link thanks!
  3. THAT WORKED!!! Thank you so much!! Can you DM me a link to donate? I love this mod so much and everything you create ❤️
  4. I'm getting the same error as huannan5300 was getting, where it returns the error under console indefinitely for me. It was happening at random for me, sometimes almost within a minute of booting into the game or just leaving it alone. Now, I am running a lot of mods, so compatibility is probably the issue there. I was running War3zuk's AIO Overhaul and also under Darkness Falls. Very nice design, thank you for creating this mod!
  5. Downloading now can't wait to play it! Thank you so much!!
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